Advanced Federal Procurement Data Search (AFPDS)


Our Cutting-Edge Government Bid Intelligence System

Government research made easy

We know your business means everything to you, so that’s why your business means everything to us. We’ve developed a search tool unlike any other you’ll find today. Our Advanced Federal Procurement Data Search (AFPDS) gives you in one place instant bid notifications, bid proposal prospecting, and information about government procurement officers. We make this search tool available to clients, as part of our commitment to helping each and every USFCR client succeed and thrive as a government contractor.


Instant Bid Notifications makes information about bid notifications available every day, which means a contract submitted to at 11 a.m. on Monday won’t be available to you for review until Tuesday morning. AFPDS sends you bid notifications the very moment they are submitted to, which means that while your competition is waiting for their daily email, you’re getting emailed updates on each contract as it becomes available. In other words, you’ll learn about opportunities upward of 24 hours before your competition, giving you a leg up when it comes time to submit your bid.


Bid Proposal Prospecting

The AFPDS contract search tool includes information about available and awarded contracts going back to 2004. Interested on bidding on a contract, but want to know how much the agency paid for the services in the past? AFPDS gives you this information, as well as information about winning bidders and their bids, period of performance, how often the contract has been awarded, and much more. The government only archives information as long as a contract is active — USFCR goes the extra step and makes available for our clients information going back 12 years. You won’t get that kind of information anywhere else.


Government Contracting Agents

USFCR clients get contact information for active procurement officers and agencies across the country. You also get information about how to best contact and introduce yourself to procurement officers, from what to say when you get one on the phone to samples of emails to send when you’re introducing yourself, after you’ve talked or met in person, and when following up on a bid proposal or contract offer.


Built to Inform

And we’re not done. We’re constantly updating the search tool to make it more user-friendly and useful for our clients. We’re also interested in hearing about the type of information you’d most like to see available via our Advanced Federal Procurement Data Search tool. If there’s information you need, we likely have it — and if we don’t, then we know where to look to find it for you.


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