Advanced Procurement Portal (APP)

Our Cutting-Edge Government Bid Intelligence System

*AFPDS has evolved into the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP) – a feature-rich government contracting gateway.

Your Experience With Government Contracting can be very overwhelming.

There are too many government websites to balance when researching contracting opportunities. Most are archaic and difficult to navigate. We solve this issue with our Advanced Procurement Portal (APP). APP is a search tool to simplify your hunt for researching and bidding on government contracting opportunities. APP gives you a ton of features including a live feed of your opportunities, the ability to search for government agents, awarded contract data, and more. We built this tool with simplicity in mind. It is a one-stop-shop to assist you with finding and winning government contracts.

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APP Feed Screenshot

Live Opportunity Feed

Government websites notify you only once a day for available opportunities. The Advanced Procurement Portal has changed this process by giving you a feed, a ‘social feed’, updating you throughout the day as new opportunities become available. You’ll get a head start on your bids before your competition, giving you a leg up when your proposal is reviewed by the contracting agent.

APP CRM Example

Government Agent & Registered Vendor Organization + Tracking

APP includes a growing list of contracting agents and registered vendors. Keeping track of who you’ve reached out to can be grievous. APP has a built-in CRM to manage who you have contacted and the ability to leave notes. ‘Watching’ will add a post to your feed any time the agent or vendor is active.

APP Contract Search Example

Awarded Contract Prospecting

The APP contract catalog includes contract history dating back to 2007*. Interested on bidding on a contract, but want to know how much the agency paid for the services in the past? APP gives you this information, as well as information about winning vendors, period of performance, how often the contract has been awarded, and much more.

*For advanced users, we offer contract data dating back to 1977.
Please contact an acquisition specialist at 877-252-2700 ext. 1 for more information.

APP Watch Setting

Built to Automate & Inform

We’re constantly updating the search tool to make it easier for vendors and agents to navigate and track contracting data. We’re also interested in hearing about what you’d like to see implemented into the Advanced Procurement Portal. If there’s information you need, we likely have it — and if we don’t, then we know where to look to find it for you.

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Or Call: 877-252-2700 ext 1. to speak with an Acquisition Specialist.