Bid Training

Learn the Bidding Process

In our bid training program, you will learn the ins and outs of government contracting from preparing your business for government work to crafting a winning proposal that will attract a federal buyer's attention.

Our Director of Federal Bid Training, John Wayne II, allows you to tap into his years of contracting experience.

Training Schedule

John offers group training on:

  • Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's at 1PM
  • Tuesday's and Thursday's at 4PM

This schedule was set to offer favorable times for Eastern and Western US businesses.

Every week, John will cover a new topic in government contracting. At the end of every session, John opens a Q and A where you can ask questions or mention an opportunity you are interested in, and John will walk you through identifying any specific requirements for your proposal.

Benefits of Bid Training

During these phone calls, John goes over an important subject in government contracting and works through solicitations that clients send him. He reviews each solicitation and outlines where to locate the critical information. Most importantly, he educates you on what to look for when navigating a synopsis. In most cases, bids are lost because the submitted proposal did not follow the specific directions listed in the solicitation. Attendees are strongly encouraged to join the session with a specific solicitation for John to discuss.

  • Learn how other clients are approaching government contracting
  • Access to a bid trainer with over 10 years' experience
  • Get answers to contracting questions you are stuck on

What People Are Saying

John, I want you thank you for your outstanding services, teaching us all the good stuff to win federal and DoD contracts. We are also working with law enforcement on tactical initiatives for UAV services. It's been crazy busy.
- Steven Boodhoo, Sky Hawk Drone Services

John Wayne is totally awesome, and we would not have won our contract without him.
- Letha Beaty, Ceroglass

John Wayne is a great mentor, he has had been with us since the beginning of our company teaching us the basic and taking away our fears that every startup company may have. He’s full of knowledge! Now that we have won some government contracts, John Wayne and his team are still there encouraging us to take even bigger steps!
- Isabella Cordova, Texas Electrical and Testing Services

John is a godsend. He possesses a great deal of knowledge and is willing to share and teach – and he has the patience of Job. John is just a wealth of knowledge, and if you don’t understand how it all works together, then you can easily be overwhelmed. He helps put things in perspective and can save you a lot of time just by helping you focus on the parts of the bid notification that are the most important.
- Herb Jones, Pyramid Technologies

Get Registered

USFCR is more than just the world’s largest third-party government registration firm. We are a full-service firm that registers companies in the System for Award Management, supports their efforts to bid on and receive all types of contracts (including Simplified Acquisition), gets them on one or more GSA Schedules, and puts in place a surefire and government-friendly way to market their companies.

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