Bid Training

Man attending government bid training session.USFCR is more than just the world’s largest third-party government registration firm. We are a full-service firm that registers companies in the System for Award Management, supports their efforts to bid on and receive all types of contracts (including Simplified Acquisition), gets them on one or more GSA Schedules, and puts in place a surefire and government-friendly way to market their companies.

Our Director of Federal Bid Training, John Wayne II, makes available a limited number of opportunities for clients to tap into his years of experience, learn how to locate opportunities and put together bids, and how to craft a proposal that will attract a federal buyer’s attention.

John Wayne makes phone training available everyday. You and your team will log in to a Screen Share meeting, and John will work with you like that. Using Screen Share lets you and your team see John’s computer screen, where he will demonstrate the steps to take to find and research opportunities, and how to put together a compelling proposal.

John Wayne is totally awesome, and we would not have won our contract without him.
- Letha Beaty, Ceroglass

Young businesswoman holding a telephone working in office.John offers group training Monday through Friday at 1PM and 4PM EST. During group training sessions, clients tell John about an opportunity in which they’re interested, and John then walks them through identifying any specific requirements and also through proposal writing. John makes this group training available on a monthly basis – which means you can get 20 hours a week of training help each month. During these phone calls, John works through solicitations that clients bring him. He reviews the solicitation, outlines where to locate the critical information, and describes how the solicitation itself often includes information to keep in mind when writing your bid proposal. Because of how these group training sessions go, clients are strongly encouraged to come to the session with a specific solicitation for John to discuss.

One benefit to Group Training is you hear how other clients are approaching government contracting, and, by doing so, may learn about other approaches you haven’t yet considered or attempted.

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