Getting Certified to Sell Machine Parts to the DLA

Selling Machine Parts to Government

DLA Procures Critical Machine Parts The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is a heavy hitter on the federal business opportunity circuit. In the last thirty days alone (January 17-February 16 2018) the agency has issued 5,446 Combined Synopsis/Solicitations. In charge of...

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Understanding the Government’s 2019 Budget

Expiration Protection – The Stress Free Way to Renew SAM

US Federal Contractor Registration has created Expiration Protection as a stress-free solution for businesses to renew their annual SAM registrations. Why does SAM expire? The government requires renewal in their System for Award Management (SAM) database for a few reasons. Something...

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10 Year, $90 Million IDIQ Set-Aside Contract for 8(a) Paving Contractors

Tinker Air Force Base Seeking Information for a potential 10-year, $90million contract Contractor uses a vibrating roller to pack and flatten a lean mix concrete base for an airfield pavement repair. May 5, 2011 (U.S. Air...

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Verified Vendor Plan B Landscaping Wins a Federal Contract

USFCR Client Plan B Landscaping

Verified Vendor Plan B Landscaping (DUNS #079840434) won a federal contract valued at $19,200. Plan B Landscaping will perform on the contract for at least one year, but have options to extend the contract up to four years if they...

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