Hurricane Season 2018 Notice: Get Registered Now

Today is May 21, 2018. In 11 days, the Atlantic Hurricane Season will begin, just as it always has, on June 1st. As you know all too well, last year’s hurricane season was one of the most destructive and active seasons in recent history. Currently, there are many people in Puerto Rico who are still without power.

Some have predicted a slightly higher than average season this year. However, all it takes is just one bad storm to completely flip a community on its back. For many of those who faced Irma, Harvey, and Maria, the incoming start of the hurricane season can feel all too soon. That’s why it’s important that as a contractor who wants to help through FEMA, you get your registration started today.

Don’t Wait, Do It Now

This past spring, new regulations were put in place for government contractors. If one wants to register their entity in SAM, renew their registration, or amend it, they need to send a notarized letter to the Federal Service Desk. This new policy has caused a major back-up in new registrations. At one point, it caused as much as a 74% decline in newly activated registrations.

Last year, at US Federal Contractor Registration, we had a lot of last-minute registrations. Although it’s a great thing to see so many wanting to help, doing this won’t work again. If you’re trying to register because you see a big storm in the news, you’re already too late. With the GSA’s new regulations, you might get registered in about a month after the hurricane…if you’re lucky.

Qualify your Business for Government Contracting

Another important aspect to not glance over is your own capabilities. As a contractor, you need to know that at the very core, you’re doing your job to help people. In general, you should never take on any contract that’s beyond your range of completing. When it comes to disaster situations, this couldn’t be more important.

It wasn’t just the destruction of the hurricanes that made headlines last year. There were several contractors who fell short on their promises and many suffered because of it. One example of this is a company awarded a $156 million contract to supply 30 million meals for Puerto Rico. Only 50,000 were delivered.

Be There to Answer the Call

If you are serious about helping out during this hurricane season, get your registration started now. With how terribly the GSA’s regulations have backfired, there’s no exact time frame in which your SAM registration will get activated. At US Federal Contractor Registration, we’re here to provide support you at every step of the contracting process.