February 2019 Newsletter

Calling All VOSBs: Join Us At the St. Petersburg Yacht Club on March 30th

As a veteran-owned small business in government contracting, you have exclusive access to different types of SBA programs for veterans. This event will teach you how to access these programs and dive straight into the federal marketplace, providing a new stream of income. At this event, you will learn:

  • How to find Contracts
  • How to Subcontract
  • How to Network with Prime Vendors
  • How to Build your knowledge of the Federal Contracting Industry

This seminar will run from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, 3/30/19 at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club. Tickets are buy one get one free. Not only will this be a great learning experience, but you will also get the chance to network with other veterans and meet the USFCR team in person.

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USFCR Masterminds Group

Are you a member of the USFCR Family? If so, join our private Masterminds Facebook Group. It’s a great place to connect with other vendors for federal opportunities.

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New Video Releases

How to Write an Effective Capabilities Statement for Your Business

Capabilities statements are super important for government contractors. In this video, USFCR Senior Web Developer Jimi Diaz shares some insight from his 15 years of experience working on capabilities statements.

USFCR’s Video Capabilities Statement

Speaking of capabilities statements, check out ours! To make an even more memorable impression, consider putting together a capabilities statement in a video format. Always strive to be one step ahead when it comes to federal marketing.


GSA Schedules – The Contractor’s Guide to the GSA in 2019

We’ve released a complete guide on GSA schedules where we answer the most common GSA questions. Bookmark the page and use it as a resource when you are ready to get on a GSA Schedule!

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Presidential Wisdom for Federal Contractors

Presidents’ Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February. In this blog post, we take some quotes from Washington and Lincoln and examine how their wisdom can help you succeed in the federal marketplace.

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Economically Disadvantaged

 economically disadvantaged

In government contracting, you’ve probably seen the term economically disadvantaged pop-up here and there. In this blog post, we explore what “economically disadvantaged” means for different set-asides.

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DARPA is probably the coolest federal agency out there (maybe next to NASA). From parkour robots to the predecessor of SIRI, plenty of interesting projects have come out of this agency. Learn about how to find business opportunities with DARPA.

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

A little bit of self-skepticism can be healthy. Too much of it, however, can keep us from reaching our true potential and sometimes we make excuses for not pushing ourselves even further. In this blog post, we break down the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from finding success in the federal sector.

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Where can gov’t contracting take you? Perhaps the Virgin Islands…

If you’ve read our last newsletter, then you know the success story of Strategic Centric Solutions, LLC winning a $39,546.10 contract with the Department of State. Recently, CEO Jason Tautfest went on a vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Never forget that if you’re working hard for those big opportunities, you gotta take time to play hard too.

Check out the story of how this SDVOSB got registered, got coached, and got all the right training to win their first contract in the link below.

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Have a Success Story? We’ll Spread the Word

Winning your first government contract is exciting and we want to hear about it. In fact, we want everyone to hear about it. That’s why at USFCR, we write and publish press releases for our clients. People will know the story behind your business, what you offer, and the contract you have just won. This is a great promotion opportunity for your business as it can lead to professional partnerships, and most importantly, subcontracting opportunities. We will include links to your main website and your government-formatted website if you are in our Simplified Acquisition Program. The press release service we use will then distribute the story to news outlets across the web. This, in turn, gives your company great exposure and can even boost your visibility on Google.
We will also publish the story on our own blog and share it across our three social media channels:

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USFCR Scholarship Program

The Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Video Opportunity

Scholarships can be a lifesaver. From boarding to books and just plain tuition, pursuing a higher education can burn a hole in your wallet. That’s why USFCR has been awarding the Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship for $1,000 every year. We don’t just want to help lift a burden from today’s youth, but to also open the door…

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