Top 5 Government Construction NAICS Codes

From administrative buildings to roads, and everything in between, it’s safe to say the government will always be in need of construction work. In fact, construction, architecture, and civil engineering together compose the fifth biggest industry in government contracting.

As a contractor, you’re probably all too familiar with the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). No matter what you do, there’s a NAICS code that describes the services or products you offer. So what are the top NAICS codes for construction work with the government?

This type of work generally falls under Sector 23 of the NAICS code manual. The three main subgroups are 236 for the construction of buildings, 237 for heavy and civil engineering construction, and 238 for specialty trade contractors. However, there might be construction-related NAICS codes that do not fall into these main categories. So with that in consideration, here are the top five NAICS codes in government construction.

1. 541330: Engineering Services*

Total Obligations in 2017: $29.9 billion

Description: This industry encompasses different types of services including mechanical engineering.* In general, it’s comprised of establishments that design or develop systems, materials, and structures.

Examples in Construction: Construction engineering services, civil engineering services, environmental engineering services

SBA Size Standard ≤ $15.0 million

2. 236220: Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

Total Obligations in 2017: $18.2 billion

Description: Works on-site to build structures with a variety of uses for both commercial and public sectors

Examples: Airport building construction, barrack construction, school building construction, fire station construction, office building construction

SBA Size Standard ≤ $36.5 million

3. 237990: Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

Total Obligations in 2017: $4.5 million

Description: New work, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and repairs for large scale and specialty projects

Examples: Channel construction, nuclear waste disposal site construction, marine construction, horizontal drilling, subway construction

SBA Size Standard ≤ $36.5 million

4. 237310: Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

Total Obligations in 2017: $1.6 billion

Description: Construction, maintenance, and repairs of road infrastructure

Examples: Guardrail construction, resurfacing roads, pothole filling, causeway construction

SBA Size Standard ≤ $36.5 million

5. 237130: Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction

Total Obligations in 2017: $561.9 million

Description: This industry involves building power lines, power plants, and receiving towers

Examples: Telephone line stringing, alternative energy structure construction, nuclear power plant construction, underground cable laying

SBA Size Standard ≤ $36.5 million

Getting Assistance

As your entity grows, there might be more NAICS codes that apply to your services. Staying up-to-date on your capabilities can open many doors when working with the federal government. For assistance updating your NAICS codes on SAM, or SAM registration contact US Federal Contractor Registration.

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