Do you want to seriously boost your business’s revenue?

Are you trying to break down the federal castle wall and win that first contract?

Perhaps you’ve got a few contracts under your belt and you’re looking to scale up even further.

Well, in the federal marketplace, some of your most valuable assets are going to be:

  1. Your Network 
  2. Your Knowledge

That’s why US Federal Contractor Registration put together our MasterMinds community. It’s your one, easy-to-access, virtual space for creating valuable business connections and learning what your competition doesn’t know.

Plus, membership is complementary to ALL US Federal Contractor Registration clients and ONLY US Federal Contractor Registration clients. So whatever USFCR program you’re enrolled in (even if it’s just maintaining your SAM registration)  you’ve got a spot in this exclusive group.

And we’re talking about networking opportunities and federal sector information that people have shelled out thousands of dollars to obtain.

We’re not kidding. Look it up and you will see.

You, on the other hand, can (or will) get these things at no extra cost. 

We’re talking about our MasterMinds group and in this blog post we’re going to give you the rundown of:

  • What is MasterMinds?
  • How to Network with MasterMinds
  • The MasterMinds Calls (aka the live webinars)
  • How to Join MasterMinds

Let’s jump right in.

What is MasterMinds?

Here’s an honest question.

Can you think of anyone you know who is NOT on Facebook?


Took you a minute. Right?

Facebook is by far the largest social media platform in the world and it’s for practically two simple reasons:

  1. Humans are social creatures that need to connect, reconnect, and socialize.

Any expert in federal contracting will tell you that if you’re not networking with other businesses, you’re missing out. What most newcomers in federal contracting fail to realize is this — prime contracts are just one piece of the puzzle. 

There’s TONS of money to be made through subcontracts, teaming, and partnering.

So basically…

Facebook is an easy-to-use and popular platform for getting people to connect.

Networking is key to getting a cut of making money in the federal contracting sector.

Put them together and you have USFCR’s MasterMinds group. Essentially, it’s a private Facebook group where you can connect with prime contractors or pick up subcontractors and attend private live webinars to get your contracting questions answered (and even win a prize).

How to Network in MasterMinds

Seriously, there’s no point in writing instructions on how to do this. Since the group started, MasterMinds members have been making posts, introducing themselves, and picking up opportunities.

Again, if you can use and communicate with Facebook, you can just as easily find connections with MasterMinds. It’s all about being surrounded by the right people.

The MasterMinds Calls

As a member of the MasterMinds network, you will always have access to the MasterMinds calls which are held every Wednesday at 2:00 pm EST/EDT.

Typically, these calls are hosted by USFCR Training Coordinator Anna Rose. She covers a variety of contracting subjects and they answer questions from viewers over the phone.

If you want a good idea of what a MasterMind’s call is like, why just watch one?

Check out this YouTube clip of a MasterMinds session from April 17, 2019. This is actually a very special episode as it features Ellene Beebe, who worked as the Director of Pricing and Estimating at Raytheon (aka the 4th top contractor in the entire sector).

How to Join MasterMinds

To join MasterMinds you must be a US Federal Contractor Registration client. 

There are no exceptions around this.

Here’s how you will gain access:

  1. Visit the MasterMinds page and request membership.
  2. You will be asked to provide three pieces of information:
    1. The email you use with USFCR.
    2. Your biggest obstacle in federal contracting (so we can help you tackle it).
    3. If you have been awarded a contract.

That’s it.

And, if you’re not yet a USFCR client, we’d love to have you as part of our family!

Anyone who wants to do buisness with the federal government must get registered in the System for Award Managment (SAM). However, getting registered can be a hassle (like all other gov’t paperwork) and errors can cost you fines.

So why not just hand it off to an expert to get it done quickly and correctly?

And why not gain access to these other benefits (on top of MasterMind):

  • Having a team that stays on top of changes.
  • Access to a video learning center.
  • Backed by a $1 million insurance policy.
  • Saving time.
  • The most advanced bid and search technology on the market.

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