May 2018 Newsletter

Contractor News

GSA’s Plan Fails, Causing a 74% Reduction in New SAM Registrations

Based on new GSA regulations for SAM, contractors have been required to take an extra step to complete registration. As a result, thousands of notarized letters have been sent to the Federal Service Desk. Many of them are sitting in boxes waiting to be sorted by hand. For those looking to work as federal contractors, the door seems to be closed. USFCR has been on the forefront of helping businesses who are facing the brunt of these new regulations.

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What is the SAM Notarized Letter?

Executive Bid Trainer John Wayne II gives a rundown on the mandatory SAM notarized Letter and how USFCR case managers are handling the situation for their clients.

Volcanic Eruption Causes Evacuations in Hawaii

Natural disasters such as this are difficult to predict. That’s why it’s crucial to be able to take action at a moment’s notice. A lot of the rebuilding, cleaning up, and basic human necessities in these situations come from government contractors. In order to provide a helping hand, you need to be a registered on

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USFCR in the Community

John Wayne of USFCR Speaks at Southeastern Regional Black Chamber of Commerce Conference 2018

US Federal Contractor Registration’s Senior Bid Trainer John Wayne II spoke on a panel at the Southeastern Regional Black Chamber of Commerce Conference (SERBCCC) to give his advice on government contracting from experience as a business mentor and coach.

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USFCR Volunteers at Kind Mouse Productions Inc.

The USFCR team donated time, people, supplies and good spirits to Kind Mouse Productions Inc., a charity aimed at helping families in transition by supplying nutritional hand-packed lunches to the chronically hungry children of those families.

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Contractor Successes

Verified Vendor Outdoor Systems Management LLC Wins Two Federal Contracts

Verified Vendor Outdoor Systems Management LLC recently won two federal contracts in late March and early April 2018. On both contracts the company will supply government agencies with industry materials.

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A Wave of Storm Season Sub-Contracting Builds the Foundation for a Future of Prime Contracting

In just the last year, Universal Constructions LLC has performed on five separate contracts as a sub-contractor. The company’s story is the perfect example of how to build your past performance with sub-contracting opportunities.

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Tips for Contractors

Top 5 Government Construction NAICS Codes

As a contractor, you’re probably all too familiar with the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). No matter what you do, there’s a NAICS code that describes the services or products you offer. So what are the top NAICS codes for construction work with the government?

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Top 5 IT NAICS Codes in Government Contracting

Computers have become integrated into almost every facet of modern living. From your car, your living room, kitchen, and workplace, information technology plays some sort of role. See what IT NAICS codes the government is spending the most money on.

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