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At US Federal Contractor Registration, we’re always refining our services and what we have to offer. To us, it’s not enough to be the largest and most trusted in our industry. It’s about knowing the needs of government contractors like you.

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Our 5-Part Must Watch Series

We have broadcasted 4 of our 5 videos and have had such a great response from our viewers. Be sure to continue to log the broadcast dates on your calendar and take advantage of the benefits of being a USFCR client.

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Managing Finances as a Government Contractor
December 5th 2018: 2:00PM EST.

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Managing Finances as a Government Contractor – Part 5 of 5 – How to Sell to the Government

New Video Releases

*NEW Guide*

image of FPDS guide

FPDS: Federal Market Research for Contractors

If you’re looking to find your buyers and get an edge on your competition, then it’s time to get familiar with the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS). This guide will teach you a few tricks on how to navigate without being overwhelemd.

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Image of John Wayne and John Conway

The John Wayne Show Featuring Former Contracting Officer Representative John Conway

Learn how the government evaluates bids for federal contracts so you can submit less bids before winning your government contract. John Conway is a former contracting officer representative who has helped evaluate aviation contracts with the state department.

Watch Here

Client Success Stories

NS Noftware Services

NS Software Services Wins Research and Development Contract with U.S. Navy

Recently, NS Software Services won a major contract with the federal government. In fact, they have five years of research and development for…

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Have a Success Story? We’ll Spread the Word

Winning your first government contract is exciting and we want to hear about it. In fact, we want everyone to hear about it. That’s why at USFCR, we write and publish press releases for our clients. People will know the story behind your business, what you offer, and the contract you have just won. This is a great promotion opportunity for your business as it can lead to professional partnerships, and most importantly, subcontracting opportunities. We will include links to your main website and your government-formatted website if you are in our Simplified Acquisition Program. The press release service we use will then distribute the story to news outlets across the web. This, in turn, gives your company great exposure and can even boost your visibility on Google.

We will also publish the story on our own blog and share it across our three social media channels:

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USFCR Scholarship Program

The Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Video Opportunity

Scholarships can be a lifesaver. From boarding to books and just plain tuition, pursuing a higher education can burn a hole in your wallet. That’s why USFCR has been awarding the Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship for $1,000 every year. We don’t just want to help lift a burden from today’s youth, but to also open the door…

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FedBizOpps Guide Image

How to Find Contracts Using FedBizOpps

You don’t need an account to search FedBizOpps. However, it’s highly recommended if you’re serious about government contracting and growing your business. Making your own account on FedBizOpps isn’t that difficult to do. In fact, if you’re already have a System for Award Management registration, most of the work has already been done.

Read Our FedBizOpps Guide