The Ultimate Government Sales Training In Five Parts

We are giving away The Ultimate Government Sales Training in Five Parts. Watch all five parts right here as they become available.

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Develop The Ultimate Government Sales Team

Episode 1: How to hire, retain, and develop your government sales team. Whether you are a start-up, a solo entrepreneur with Fortune 500 dreams, an established business or a fledgling company, you need to know how to respect and develop your sales team. This training scrapes the surface of USFCR’s business training material. More available inside of the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP).

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Does Your Business Qualify for Government Contracting?

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Things You MUST DO When Selling to The Government

Episode 2: There are some givens in Government Contracting. Defining Your Business’s X-Factor is one of the. Bidding is another. There are many more things you must do and we’re going to cover them all in this Live Training. So, what is the first thing you must do when selling to the government?

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How Much Should You Bid on Federal Contracts?

Episode 3: You are selling in the biggest spending sector in the world with the biggest buyer of products and services you’re going to find. How much do you charge them? We’ll cover that topic, bidding strategy and much more in this video. Reignite your business’s goals and dreams with this training Airing LIVE on 11-07-18 at 2:00PM EST.

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Model Your Competition. Transform Your Business.

Episode 4: As you more toward your destination as a federal contractor you need to be looking at your competitors. In part 4 you will learn what to look for in and understand how to model the best in the industry so you can perform at a high level and eventually win your dream contract.  Watch part 4 live before your competitors do on 11-21-18 at 2:00PM EST.

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Managing Finances and Cash Flow as Government Contractor

Episode 5: One of the major reasons businesses aren’t successful with the federal government is because they don’t have their houses in order financially. Get your house in order! Watch this video with business experts Dan Driscoll and John Wayne II to learn about how to do this with the federal government in your sights. This will help you secure loans, get financing and grow appropriately It is possible to grow too big too fast and we’ll address that subject here. This is the final video in the training series and is likely to be standing-room only so make sure you catch it live on 12-5-18 at 2:00PM EST.

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