USFCR Client Leading2Succeeding, LLC Receives Two Federal Contracts

USITC Building
The USITC in Washington DC (Image by Toytoy at English Wikipedia, 2007)

Verified Vendor Leading2Succeeding, LLC had a successful year in 2017 winning two International Trade Commission federal contracts valued at a potential $120,000. Leading2Succeeding, LLC will provide professional consulting services for the government during a possible five-year period of performance.

A young company, brand new to federal contracting

Winning two contracts is an amazing feat considering the company has only been in operation for about eighteen months. Lt. Col. William Johnson, the company CEO, was working on a retirement transition plan from the Army when he started the business. His initial plans to work in the private sector changed when he learned about federal opportunities. He was searching for information about federal contracts when he learned about how US Federal Contractor Registration could help.

Working with USFCR

Acquisition Specialist Marianne Swager and her assistant Wendy Coutinho created an instant bond with KC Washington, Executive Assistant at Leading2Succeeding, LLC. Together they worked on establishing the business in USFCR’s Simplified Acquisition Program while Case Manager Jessica Summers registered the business as an entity in the System for Award Management.

Qualifying Assessment

Marianne explained how important her initial conversations were with Mr. Washington.

“With all my clients in the early stages, I perform a qualifications assessment to lay out a plan for the programs that apply to their capabilities and status. With Leading2Succeeding we crucially identified the need for them to eventually register as an 8(a) business.”

Acquisition Specialist Marianna Swager
Acquisition Specialist Marianne Swager


“One of the biggest things they helped with was NAICS codes,” CEO Lt. Col. Johnson stated.

“I recently put in a proposal for a training opportunity in Indiana and I didn’t have a specific NAICS code to qualify for the opportunity. Bids were due soon and when I told USFCR about it, they were able to turn around and update my NAICS codes on my SAM before I put the bid in which was key.”


Bid Training

Lt. Col. Johnson also participated in group bid-training workshops with John Wayne II a few hours a day for about five weeks.

“I didn’t have a clue, until I started going through the training.”

“I hadn’t started putting my bids together yet. I wanted to see what John was saying and try to find out some of the best practices.” It wasn’t long after the training workshops that the company won its first contract.

Senior Bid Trainer John Wayne
Senior Bid Trainer John Wayne

Securing the federal contract

“When you fail, you can’t give up,” Senior Bid Trainer John Wayne II explains.

Leading2Succeeding, LLC took John’s advice about being persistent to heart. They submitted eight proposals without any resulting federal contracts.
However, on the eighth proposal the company received some positive feedback from the contracting officer. On the ninth and tenth solicitation to which they submitted a proposal the company was awarded the prime contractor position with the International Trade Commission.

Leading2Succeeding was awarded two contracts with the USITC.

Pursuing larger federal contract opportunities

Leading2Succeeding, LLC is now working on official 8(a) certification. 8(a) certification is a complicated process, but Lt. Col. Johnson and Mr. KC Washington are working together with the Acquisition team of Marianne Swager and Wendy Coutinho, as well as Case Manager Jessica Summers to make sure that all documents are completed accurately and submitted to the proper places.
Gathering the appropriate documents and submitting them accurately for 8(a) certification can take a significant period of time and energy, but the payoff is enormous.

“Some of the contracts I could qualify for as an 8(a) business could go up to $15 million,” Lt. Col. Johnson explained.

“US Federal Contractor Registration helped me gather the right information which I then sent to my Case Manager, Jessica. She reviewed it and then sent it back and said, ‘Hey, you’re missing X-Y-Z, tighten this up, etc.’ Basically, I submit to the required information to USFCR and then they put together the package for me.”

USFCR Case Manager, Jessica Summers
USFCR Case Manager, Jessica Summers

From little federal experience to placing competitive bids

Lt. Col. William Johnson, CEO of Leading2Succeeding sums up his experience with US Federal Contractor Registration with the following statement:

“If you’re somebody that doesn’t have a lot of experience with federal contracting, you’re running your own organization and don’t have a lot of resources in terms of people, USFCR gives you the experience. I didn’t know what ‘right’ looked like. So, USFCR provided my website and documents that made my presentation professional. I fit in. I felt like I fit in as far as being competitive. I didn’t have to sit around and do a whole bunch of research which freed me up for other things which was very helpful for me.”

USFCR looks forward to completing 8(a) certification with Leading2Succeeding LLC and taking the next step with them as they continue pursuing federal contract opportunities.