Top 5 Utilities NAICS Codes in Government Contracting

Under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), Utilities falls under sector 22. This industry provides the public with many important essentials from wastewater treatment to electricity. These commodities and services are also in demand by the U.S. federal government. Within the previous year, they spent over $800 million in just one of these industries alone.

So what are NAICS codes? They’re numbers used as a quick reference to display the general products or services an entity provides. The government will assign the appropriate NAICS codes with every opportunity they post. You can use your business’s NAICS codes to search for relevant opportunities on the Advanced Procurement Portal. Here are just a few of the most-in-demand NAICS codes for Utilities in the federal marketplace.


5. 221320: Sewage Treatment Facilities 

Total Obligations in 2017: $117,752,255

Description: This industry centers around the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater. It primarily consists of the operation of sewer systems and sewage treatment facilities.

SBA Size Standard ≤ $20.5 million


 4. 221210: Natural Gas Distribution 

Total Obligations in 2017: $206,568,946

Description: This industry consists of four main facets. One of which is the operations of systems used for the distribution of natural gas. Marketers for the gas, who buy it and distribute it, are also part of this industry. Gas brokers fall under this NAICS code, as well as those who are involved with the direct distribution to the consumer.

SBA Size Standard ≤ 1,000 employees


3. 221115: Wind Electric Power Generation 

Total Obligations in 2017: $207,578

Description: This industry is all about generating electricity through a wind-powered turbine. The electricity is then used to power towns, cities, and communities.

SBA Size Standard ≤ 250 employees


2. 221112: Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation

Total Obligations in 2017: $387,248,652

Description: 221112 is mostly involved in the operation of fossil fuel powered electric generation facilities. The type of fuels used at these stations includes coal, oil, and gas.

SBA Size Standard ≤ 750 employees


1. 221122: Electric Power Distribution 

Total Obligations in 2017: $813,464,312

Description: Primarily engaged in the operation of power lines, poles, and meters. They may also act as electric power brokers and arrange sales of electricity.

SBA Size Standard ≤ 1,000 employees


As your entity grows, there might be more NAICS codes that apply to your services. Staying up-to-date on your capabilities can open many doors when working with the federal government. For assistance updating your NAICS codes on SAM, or SAM registration contact US Federal Contractor Registration.

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