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If you want to take your business to the next level, get coached by my team. We'll schedule one-on-one calls twice per moth and make sure you set the bar high and achieve even higher.

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“It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

― John Wooden

My coaching program is designed to keep you active. We will set realistic goals and focus on how to be persistent in the federal marketplace.

Do you have an expert with a proven track record helping you with your Federal contracting goal?

If you’re somebody that doesn’t have a lot of experience with federal contracting, you’re running your own organization and don’t have a lot of resources in terms of people, USFCR gives you the experience. I didn’t know what ‘right’ looked like. So, USFCR provided my website and documents that made my presentation professional. I fit in. I felt like I fit in as far as being competitive. I didn’t have to sit around and do a whole bunch of research which freed me up for other things which was very helpful for me.
-Lt. Col William Johnson of Leading2Succeeding LLC
John Wayne is a great mentor, he has had been with us since the beginning of our company teaching us the basic and taking away our fears that every startup company may have. He’s full of knowledge! Now that we have won some government contracts, John Wayne and his team are still there encouraging us to take even bigger steps! Just like in the beginning… they make an amazing team, thank you guys.
– Isabella Cordova, Texas Electrical & Testing Services, LLC

What makes a great Federal Vendor?

What you get:

Custom Business Strategy Report

How to Set Federal Business Contracting Goals

  • Assembled from a questionnaire and custom research provided by John Wayne's Staff.

    The Report includes:

    • Analysis of top competitors
    • Key ideas to give your business the edge over the competition
    • Analyzation of your current business fulfillment process

Bi-Weekly coaching sessions with John Wayne.

30 Minute Power Sessions to keep you on track and growing.

  • Open bid reviews
  • Set contracting goals
  • Contracting strategy

You will also get this free eBook:

5 Must-Do's for Federal Marketing

A simple guide for winning a government contract.

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John Wayne II - Senior Bid Trainer

John Wayne II

Senior Bid Trainer