Distribution and Pricing Agreement Registration (DAPA)

Are you a distributor of medical supplies and equipment? Do you want to sell to the federal government? Then you should know about DAPA. And no. We're not talking about immigration policy. We're talking about Distributing and Pricing Agreements (which has some similarities to an FSS schedule). A properly registered agreement brings on a load of advantages and business opportunities. That's why we made you this easy-to-read guide.

Here, we'll go over:

What is DAPA?

DAPA, the Distribution and Pricing Agreement, helps establish the selling price for medical and pharmaceutical products as well as gives the DLA the authority to distribute the DAPA-holder's products to the military. If you search on Google, you'll have a hard time finding anything about DAPA (because of a policy by the same name). It's elusive, but that's why we dug up the information for you. Again, this is an agreement and not an actual contract.

What gets sold with DAPAs? Pretty much anything medical related. This can include band-aids, tongue depressors, acupuncture needles, medicines, complex machinery...everything that a medical treatment center might purchase. If you're selling supplies and equipment to hospitals in the private sector, then you should look into getting registered.

Get Qualified for DAPA

The Benefits and Uses of a DAPA

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Some people think they don't need DAPA but they do. Others think they need one, but they don't. Throughout government contracting, you're going to find a lot of consistency. After all, this is the most heavily regulated sector of the U.S. economy. However, with DAPA, you might find VA medical facilities that will only buy from vendors with the agreement and some that don't use it at all.

So right off the bat, having this registration lets you cover more ground in the federal marketplace. Another benefit, especially if you're a small business, is the reduction in competition. We'll go over this below, but getting a DAPA is a lengthy and difficult process. Not many businesses have them. They're even more scarce among small businesses. Once you pass through that gate, you'll have access to opportunities that your non-DAPA competitors won't have. You may even be the only one bidding on a given opportunity.

DAPA Registration

First off, to get a DAPA registration, you need to be registered in the System for Award Managment (SAM). This is a requirement for any company looking to get government contracts or any entity looking for grants from Uncle Sam. Then, you can technically get started on your DAPA registration. The reason for "technically" is because you want to develop a bit of a past performance rating before you dive into these types of opportunities.

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Take a step back, go for those sole-source contracts, do a bit of subcontracting, or just anything to build that rating. Then you're going to want to take the time to get registered. To do so, you will have to go to the Defense Logistics Agency's website but take this warning.

For some contractors, it could take up to 6 months or longer to complete this registration. There are many problems that can arise if you're not too used to dealing with government paperwork. In total, it takes them about 30 days to review your submission. If there's something wrong with it, it gets rejected.

The worst part?

They won't tell you why it was rejected.

People can get caught in a loop where they submit, wait a month, it gets rejected, resubmit, and so on. What weeds out your competition might also weed out you from this registration. Don't let that happen to you. 

Get it Done in 3 Months

US Federal Contractor Registration is the world's largest and most trusted third-party government registration firm. We've handled thousands of SAM.gov registrations. We've done plenty of Set-Aside certifications. We can also take care of your DAPA registration. If you're experienced in filling out government paperwork and have a few months (or even a year) to spare, go ahead. If you want this out of your way and done correctly just once by the experts, contact us with the form at the bottom of this page.

This is what our registration service includes:

  • DMMonline Contractor Registration Completion
  • Completion of Distribution & Pricing Agreement
  • Completion of Regional Incentive Agreement
  • MSPV Authorization Type Indication
  • Contractor Product Liability Coverage Submission
  • DAPA Selective Marketing Campaign
  • List of Target DLA Contracting Officers
  • Distribution Government Resume and DAPA Accreditation

Get Your Business Qualified for DAPA

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