Distribution and Pricing Agreement Registration (DAPA)

The DAPA Registration is an agreement between DLA Troop Support and Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) Program suppliers. Registering in DAPA will allow your goods and/or services to be used through the MSPV, which in turn is supplied to the DLA. DAPA will create the selling price of a contractor’s services/goods and will legally allow the DLA to distribute the contractor’s products/services to government-wide customers.

The MSPV Program is broken down into two different sections: General DAPAs and Equipment DAPAs

  • The General DAPA supports the distribution of medical procedure pharmaceuticals and medicines.
  • The Equipment DAPA covers medical items that run on multiple power sources (batteries, electric, etc) and include materials such as exam tables, carts, infusion pumps, pulse dosimeters, etc. This program makes it easy for registered government contractors to sell their items to federal consumers as a pricing instrument.

Our DAPA (Distribution and Pricing Agreement) Registration includes the following:

  • DMMonline Contractor Registration Completion
  • Completion of Distribution & Pricing Agreement
  • Completion of Regional Incentive Agreement
  • MSPV Authorization Type Indication
  • Contractor Product Liability Coverage Submission
  • DAPA Selective Marketing Campaign
  • Targets DLA Procurement Officers
  • Distributes Government Resume and DAPA Accreditation

Get Your Business Qualified for DAPA

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