Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS)

What is the DSBS?

The Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) is a database created by the Small Business Administration (SBA) where you can enter and search for small businesses who are registered in System for Award Management (SAM). Businesses registered in SAM are eligible to do business with the federal government.

“Purchasing officers search DSBS when they are looking to hire a small business vendor, make sure your profile is professionally filled out with the words they are searching to maximize your chances of getting a NO-Bid contract.”

-John Wayne, USFCR Executive Bid Trainer

The business information listed in DSBS includes:

  • Government Certifications
  • Ownership Set-Asides
  • Services & NAICS Codes
  • Insurance Bonding Levels
  • Quality Assurance Standards
  • Employees & Revenue
  • Capabilities
  • Certifications
  • Past Performance
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The information listed in the Dynamic Small Business Search is a combination of data pulled directly from your SAM registration and information manually added inside the DSBS database.

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Importance of the DSBS

Contracting officers in the United States are required to spend 23% of their contracting dollars on small businesses. Sometimes, when a contracting officer needs a small business to fulfill a contract, they will use the DSBS to find the business.

Think of your company DSBS profile as an another government marketing material. If you don't update your DSBS, your business will not show up in any searches. If you don't show up in any searches, your business could be missing out on contracts.

Your Dynamic Small Business Search profile:

  • Confirms your eligibility for small business set asides
  • Makes clear that your business is small and/or owned by a minority group
  • Gives information about your company to prime vendors looking for subcontractors

Screenshot of a DSBS search area:

Picture of DSBS specific profile search

Contracting officers looking for specific registered businesses use the DSBS to identify profiles in the following socio-economic categories:

Since the government is required to award a percentage of spending dollars to specific set-asides (woman-owned, HUBZone, 8a, etc.), the Dynamic Small Business Search is one of the main tools contracting officers use to find these businesses.

DSBS Search

The DSBS profile is set up when processing your SAM registration. Many businesses skip this step in their registration, which hides them from the public search. When contracting officers want to find businesses who are registered to do government work, they search via the DSBS.

As a vendor, you can use the DSBS to research competition or find subcontractors. The bottom line – the DSBS is the yellow pages for contracting officers, and you want your business listed.

We help our clients complete a DSBS profile, register in the System for Award Management, and put in place the tools they need to succeed as government contractors.

Set up your DSBS profile

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