Expiration Protection – The Stress Free Way to Renew SAM

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US Federal Contractor Registration has created Expiration Protection as a stress-free solution for businesses to renew their annual SAM registrations.

Why does SAM expire?

The government requires renewal in their System for Award Management (SAM) database for a few reasons.

  1. Something may have changed in your business, i.e. points of contact, merger, etc.
  2. Something may have changed on their end, i.e. FAR clauses, NAICS codes, etc.

If they can not be sure that they have the most up to date information which meets all regulatory requirements, you can not win federal contracts. You can’t even collect payment on a contract that you have already won if your SAM registration expires.

Remember your SAM Expiration Date to avoid a federal contracting pitfall.

Renewing SAM Early

Not only is it possible to renew your SAM early, it is recommended. The thing is, contracting officers are trying to avoid a sour deal when selecting a business partner. The last thing they want to deal with during procurement is the complications involved with an expired SAM.

The rule of thumb is don’t let your registration get within sixty-days of that expiration date before taking action.

Staying Active and Compliant

Many of the businesses that register in SAM with US Federal Contractor Registration choose the added bonus of Expiration Protection. Expiration Protection ensures that an expiration date will never be the deciding factor when making offers to the government.

Here’s how it works.

  1. An entity agrees to participate in the Expiration Protection Program.
  2. They receive a dedicated case manager to admin their SAM profile throughout the year and handle any changes which may arise.
  3. Once the SAM expiration date is ninety-days away from expiring, the USFCR case manager springs to action.
  4. They send an email to the entity representative with the current registration as well as any new regulation updates from the government.
  5. The entity representative marks any changes or selects “no changes” and sends it back.
  6. The renewal starts that day. The case manager reviews all data and inputs it back into the SAM database properly. They will finish most renewals the same day.
  7. The business has renewed early within the Expiration Protection Program.
  8. As a courtesy, the case manager will also renew the registration again at the original expiration date. That way, the entity profile retains continuity from year to year.

Sam RegistrationString Together Many Good Years

Winning one contract can be very rewarding. Stringing together a few good years with multiple contract wins or contract extensions can be life changing. But, in order for this to happen, the SAM registration needs to remain active and compliant. Use Expiration Protection to clear that hurdle every year with ease.



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