Full vs. Self Service Registration

Full-Service Registration

Why You May Need Help Completing Your System for Award Management (SAM) Registration

In 2012, the Georgia Tech Procurement Technical Assistance Center estimated that a high percentage of the 600,000 firms presently registered in SAM have errors in their records, including misspelled words, empty data fields, incomplete entries, and incorrect procurement codes. Vendors with incomplete or incorrect registration information are screened out and can’t work with the federal government — and a business would never know why it wasn’t winning contracts without a professional to manage their government registration and paperwork.

US Federal Contractor Registration provides a team of highly trained Case Managers to complete a vendor’s government registration; connect vendors with procurement officers; and email vendors with bid notifications. We have a reputation for helping businesses not only survive, but thrive in government contracting.

Our basic SAM Registration program includes:

  • System for Award Management (SAM) Registration
  • SAM Migration Annual Updates
  • Year-Long Technical Support with Dedicated Representatives
  • FAR Updates (if necessary)
  • Inclusion in our Monthly Federal Buyer Newsletter
  • Basic Changes to Registration (NAICS codes, Contact Information, Contracts Awarded, etc)
  • Government Buyer Submission
  • Verification of DUN & BRADSTREET Number (required)
  • Grants.gov Assistance (if needed)
  • Strategic help in researching NAICS codes
  • Permission to use Trademarked Verified Vendor Seal of Approval

Vendors can easily place their government registration order online at our website or call our Contract Helpline at 877-252-2700 ext 1. US Federal Contractor Registration also provides assistance with federal set-aside registrations, GSA Schedules, and federal marketing campaigns.

Self-Service Registration

If you’re interested in completing your SAM registration on your own, we can help. We provide at GovernmentContractingTips.com a free resource for businesses looking to self-register and learn about government contracting.

GovernmentContractingTips.com includes easy registration walkthroughs, video tutorials, and downloads on a range of topics, including SAM registration and GSA Schedules. Any business new to government contracting will find this website extremely valuable and easy to navigate. Even if you decide to use our full-service registration, we still encourage you to reference GovernmentContractingTips.com because of the  information it contains, including our “First Steps to Government Contracting” resource manual.

Our “First Steps to Government Contracting” breaks down the registration and bidding process, from completing the basic SAM registration to marketing your business and bidding on contracts. Download the free manual here: www.sam.gov/sam/transcript/System_for_Award_Management.pdf,
or view the shortened version at GovernmentContractingTips.com.

Remember: Self-service SAM registration is free, but the government will not tell you when you’ve submitted incorrect or incomplete information, or why you’re not receiving contracts. We do all of that and more. Call one of our Case Managers today at 877-252-2700 ext 1.