GSAP Registration

gsapThe GSAP provides a business with valuable procurement outreach and small business simplified acquisition processing. US Federal Contractor Registration is the only company qualified to process GSAP registrations.

GSAP includes the completion of a GSA schedule in one of the major 41 categories. GSA Schedules make it easy to network with federal procurement, reduce inventories, create shorter lead time between projects, and provide federal procurement with more choices. You also get a government-branded website and automatic email notifications about available government contracts in your business’s trade.

Enroll in GSAP, and we will:

  • Complete your SAM registration
  • Verify your DUNS Number
  • Create a FEMA vendor profile
  • Issue your Pathways to Success certificate
  • Perform a readiness assessment and issue you a signed copy of it
  • Perform a past performance evaluation
  • Verify finance statements, balance, sheet, and income statement
  • Create GSA-formatted pricing list (including SINs; available product/service/training/labor description; commercial price list; MFC list; MFC discounts; MFC pricing; GSA pricing; and GSA discount)
  • Submit discount proposal spreadsheet
  • Verify technical data and business account history
  • Submit relevant project experience/past performance
  • Provide GSA course training and describe the GSA labor categories
  • Certify your Small Business Subcontracting Plan (if applicable)
  • Create a custom simplified acquisition marketing campaign
  • Create a government-branded website

Please complete our enrollment form below if you are interested in starting the GSAP registration process for your business.