GSAP Registration

Graph of GSA Average Schedule Earnings in 2017

US Federal Contractor Registration's GSAP program provides a unique opportunity for prospective GSA vendors to win contracts before their GSA solicitation document is approved by the government. The GSAP program is a tool for generating contracts during the long GSA approval process and for fulfilling GSA's Success Factors:

  • To attain contracts and build relationships within the federal contracting community
  • To work with a mentor that is a successful GSA MAS contractor
  • To attend GSA seminars and workshops on contracting
  • To make an investment to find and manage your initial government contract

USFCR offers the GSAP program for businesses to receive assistance in contracting while completing their GSA solicitation. With knowledgeable case managers and acquisition specialists as well as powerful resources such as the Simplified Acquisition Program™ (SAP) and the Advanced Procurement Portal* (APP), USFCR's GSAP program helps businesses get on schedule and attain the tools for success. As the only company qualified to offer the GSAP program, USFCR works diligently in support of contractors' MAS success.

Enrollment in the GSAP program includes:

  • SAM registration completion
  • DUNS Number verification
  • FEMA vendor profile completion
  • Pathways to Success certificate issuance
  • A Government-formatted website in the Simplified Acquisition Program™
  • A past performance evaluation
  • Verification of finance statements, balance, sheet, and income statement
  • Verification of technical data and business account history
  • Creation of a GSA-formatted pricing list (including SINs; available product/service/training/labor description; commercial price list; MFC list; MFC discounts; MFC pricing; GSA pricing; and GSA discount)
  • Submission of a Discount Proposal spreadsheet
  • Submission of relevant project experience/past performance documents

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