Marketing Partner ID Number (MPIN)

Secure MPIN

All contractors must have a Marketing Partner ID Number (MPIN). A contractor’s MPIN is a personal code (e.g., password) that gives him or her access to several government registries and databases, including,, and the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS). Without this code or password, the contractor cannot access personal information.

The MPIN includes nine characters, one of which must be an upper- or lower-case letter, and one of which must be a number. MPINs cannot include spaces or special characters. Contractors who forget their MPIN can locate it via the System for Award Management (SAM), in which all contractors must register.

US Federal Contractor Registration creates and maintains MPINs for their clients. USFCR also creates and maintains SAM Registrations for its clients; makes sure each Registration is complete, accurate, and compliant with government regulations; updates the Registration when necessary; and renews the Registration each year. A SAM Registration is valid for only one year. Fail to renew it and you risk missing out on federal contracts and may delay payments for previously completed work.