(ORCA) Online Representations and Certifications

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The Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) designed the e-government initiative ORCA to replace the paper based Representations and Certifications (Reps and Certs) process. These Representations and Certifications (colloquially referred to as Reps and Certs) included a contractor’s information, which the government stored and made available to purchasing officers and government buyers. Completing this information at the outset eliminated the need for a contractor to submit this same information each time he or she bid on an opportunity. Before ORCA, contractors had to do just that – submit the same information each time he or she bid on an opportunity.

ORCA was folded into the government’s System for Award Management (SAM) Registration database in 2012. Contractors complete their Reps and Certs when they complete their SAM Registration. The government then validates this information.

Contractors include in their Reps and Certs information about their business (including its size, corporate structure, personnel, annual revenue, products, services, etc.), and, each year, must review this information and make sure that nothing has changed. If contractors do not update their Reps and Certs when information changes, the government will not award them a contract.

Contractors are also responsible for updating their Reps and Certs when the government changes a requirement. In 2016, the government changed more than 100 requirements, and contractors were required to review their Reps and Certs and make sure their information complied with these requirement changes.

Along with Reps and Certs and an active, valid, and complete SAM Registration, contractors also must have on file with the government an MPIN number and a DUNS number.

US Federal Contractor Registration maintains Reps and Certs for their clients. Each time the government makes a change, USFCR reviews client information and updates it when and as necessary. USFCR also reviews this information each year for clients when their SAM Registration is up for renewal.