Proposal Writing

USFCR offers proposal writing services to companies who want to tackle a government solicitations with the expertise of our team. We have many experienced proposal writers, some with history as former federal contracting specialists on the government side.

Our federal bid training and proposal writing services help clients cut through the confusion of the process. Our team will work with yours to develop targeted, responsive bids and craft powerful, compelling proposals. We'll highlight the benefits of working with your company, your ability to deliver your product(s) and/or service(s) on time and on budget, and stress that your company can best fulfill the contract requirements.

Proposal Writing Services should be sought after companies build the foundation of their bid-training internally with Group Bid Training Conference Calls and one-on-one Coaching Sessions. These separate services are the most cost-effective way to hone your skills as a successful federal contractor.

Image of the levels of government bid training

If you want more in-depth support and help writing a proposal, then consider our Proposal Writing Services. You get everything included with Group Training (daily phone calls and unlimited email support) PLUS a team of trained proposal writers will write and format your proposal for you. However, you will still be required to supply us with the information we need in order to complete your proposal. For example, you may need to tell us information about your fee structure or about technical aspects of your business. This information will depend on the specific solicitation for which we are writing the proposal.

Your proposal will address all specifications and requirements outlined in the solicitation, which may include:

  • Cover letter
  • Executive Summary
  • Strategies
  • Product(s) and/or Service(s) Description
  • Pricing Information
  • Why Your Company is Uniquely Positioned to Provide the Product(s) and/or Service(s)
  • Past Performance

Not only do we write the proposal for you, but also we teach you how to do it. Topics John Wayne II — our director of federal bid training — typically covers for his Proposal Writing clients include:

  • What to include when you submit your bid (Instructions to offeror)?
  • How to submit the bid properly (52.212-1)?
  • What the government wants to buy (Statement of work or Performance work statement)?
  • How the government chooses awardees (52.212-3)?
  • How is the award properly fulfilled?
  • What the difference is between “firm fixed price and cost plus”?
  • What additional insurance, workman’s comp, etc. must you provide in your proposal and/or if awarded the contract?
  • How much should I charge the government?
  • Can I sub out a portion of or all of this contract? And, if so, what types of companies can I work with?
  • What is PPIRS, CPARS, FAPIIS, etc.?
  • How to request a debriefing?
  • How to protest an award?

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