US Federal Contractor Registration Testimonials

US Federal Contractor Registration - D&B PlatinumdbcredibilitycorpUS Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest and most trusted third party registration firm that has a Dun & Bradstreet Platinum Creditability Status.

To further protect its clients, US Federal Contractor Registration carries $1 million in E&O and Professional Liability Insurance.

US Federal Contractor Registration has registered more than 65,000 businesses for government contracts and done so with sterling reviews from business owners and federal agencies, including the U.S. Army, Department of the Navy, Veteran Affairs Office, and the Department of Agriculture.

US Federal Contractor Registration has been featured in publications including the Washington Post, FOX News and the Washington Business Journal. Some of US Federal Contractor Registration’s clients include HP, Heinz, McGraw Hill, Marriott, Coldwell Banker, Wells Fargo, Embassy Suites, GARDA, Xerox, Hard Rock, GoodWill, and CITI.

Here’s what government agencies are saying about us:

navalairsystems“Now that the DoD is improving more opportunities for small business contractors with CLS, now is the time to register your business in SAM using US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR). As a procurement officer representing a division of the DoD I fully endorse and encourage businesses to have USFCR properly register their business in SAM. I have recommended numerous businesses to use USFCR in order to become properly registered and accept the bids that I have available.The best thing about USFCR is that not only, do they register businesses in SAM, but they also provide marketing programs, like creating a business’s government-formatted website. These websites that USFCR builds, make it easier for us to find federal buyers that are properly registered. It is part of our process in the Naval supply center to make sure they are registered in SAM in order to be approved for these contracts. USFCR has always sent me great contractors to me and I will always recommend their valuable SAM registration service.” – Rob Petyo, MH-60R/S Weapon System Manager of NAVAIR (Procurement Officer for DoD)

usda“I now know why so many businesses have used US Federal Contractor Registration to register their business in System for Award Management (SAM). US Federal Contractor Registration has done a great job handling my federal registration so far and I am currently waiting for my registration to be completed. I would definitely recommend any business or any federal official to use US Federal Contractor Registration for government contracting assistance. I’m glad I did. As a government official, I cannot believe the government makes it this hard for business owners to become registered, thank god I found US Federal Contractor Registration.” – Patricia Griffith, Information Technology Chief of the Grading and Verification Division (GVD) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

USFS_Logo.svg“I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance with the vendor who choose your services in assisting with their SAM registration. I was able to process the Purchase Order yesterday, and knowing how our system works, I will say it was indeed a lot sooner than if they would of done the registration themselves.”  – Rita Mills, Purchasing Agent, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

“Thank you so much for your help getting Fargo Colonial, LLC registered in SAM with a CAGE Code so quickly! I understand it’s a super busy time of year with probably lots of requests coming in, but you were able to get them added very quickly, [saving] us a lot of time. I know that Leo Lopez at the Grande Colonial is also very appreciative of your hard work and professionalism. Thanks again!” – Patrick Curry, Contract Specialists, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration


Clients have also said the following about working with USFCR:

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the excellent customer service I received from Ms. Jessica Summers. For me, this is not an easy process, since obliviously I’m not familiar with it. I was very frustrated in several occasions. Ms. Summers made the process so easy. I just can’t thank her enough for her help, e-mails, returned phone calls, and, most of all, her patience….repeating and explaining a few times the same thing. I certainly appreciate that. – Pat De Los Santos, Total Business Services

SabioAdvantec, LLC signed up with US Federal Contractor Registration in November 2015. Here’s what they had to say:fbbe41f96406ce05d061ec5735c6c2ca

“Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. We had tried to gain entry into the government contracting space, and believed that we had completed all the steps. But it wasn’t working! Then we contracted US Federal Contractor Registration to help us, and the panel lit-up immediately! Everything started to work. It is amazing that they can deliver a service of such value, so quickly and for so little compared to its benefit. We are very pleased!” – John Cheeseborough, president and co-founder of SabioAdvantec, LLC

new-logo2Pyramid Technologies, LLC landed its first contract — a $125,000 contract to provide and deliver propane to several Navy sites — after working closely with John Wayne, II.

“I’ll be honest — this was a new ballgame for me, and it’s all thanks to US Federal Contractor Registration, especially John Wayne, that I not only won this contract but am confident that there will be others awarded to us in the future. John is a godsend. He possesses a great deal of knowledge and is willing to share and teach – and he has the patience of Job. John is just a wealth of knowledge, and if you don’t understand how it all works together, then you can easily be overwhelmed. He helps put things in perspective and can save you a lot of time just by helping you focus on the parts of the bid notification that are the most important.” – Herb Jones, President and CEO, Pyramid Technologies, LLC

Eamon Chase signed up with US Federal Contractor Registration at the end of August 2015. Within three weeks, it had been awarded an $86,000 contract and was in the running for a second contract. Here’s what its owner, Brett Sanborn, had to say:logo

“Thanks to Marianne Swager and everyone at US Federal Contractor Registration, I was awarded an $86,000 contract three weeks after they completed my SAM Registration. I can’t thank them enough for helping me start this chapter of my life. Disabled veterans don’t always get the same job and employment opportunities as other people,” he says. “It’s an incredible opportunity for people who can’t find traditional work, and it helps give veterans the chance to earn a livelihood.” – Brett Sanborn, Eamon Chase, Inc.

macmadeeasyMac Made Easy, Inc. (MME) signed-up with US Federal Contractor Registration/GovKinex at
the end of January 2014. With the help of US Federal Contractor Registration we were registered with SAM, had our DUNS number, government website was complete and Dynamic Small Business Search completed by March 7th, 2014. The quality support, experience and expertise provided by GovKinex during our registration process was key in our ability to quickly begin competing for government opportunities.

Since March 4th, 2014 MME has been working hard, learning how to compete in the Federal, State and Local government market. Throughout the intervening months we have isolated and submitted bids on almost 100 government opportunities, unsuccessfully. US Federal Contractor Registration’s expert staff answered questions and updated our various profiles and website during this difficult and trying period. Spending month after month bidding with no success was discouraging but time and time again US Federal Contractor Registration encouraged and provided ‘best practices’ which led to our first award.

On July 1st, MME received it’s first award from the city of Los Angeles, California for the purchase of iPad devices Apple computers and accessories. This small award is only the beginning and already US Federal Contractor Registration is helping us to document and establish records of our past performance. Now that we have our first award we are expecting many great things to come. – Ruben Andazola, Mac Made Easy, inc.

evrazKamron Nelson was assigned to work with us on our website, I can’t tell you when I’ve had a better experience with an outside contractor – Kamron was helpful and eager to please, listened carefully to what we needed and then implemented changes quickly and efficiently. Getting this website online was very easy thanks to his expertise! We now have a great site that we’re proud to share! – Melodie Ruse, Senior Manager of Communications, EVRAZ North America

mgtJohn is truly an expert in his field. From initial contact with John I was confident that I had found the assistance that I had been searching for. After only a few short meetings I was extremely impressed at John’s patience, knowledge and persistence at achieving my goals. His knowledge of contracting is extensive, introducing me to area’s of contracting that I had not even considered. He constantly goes above and beyond ensuring my decision to ask him personally for help in contracting was the right choice. I highly recommend that any business looking to win in contracting regardless of which agency ie. govt, private, personal etc. I recommend him whole heartedly. – Victoria Pridgen, Myriad Global Technologies

cdfiThe name John Wayne says it all, Honest and Straight Forward. John knows what it means to Persevere and Stay The Course. John is a Great Leader and the best Representative USFCR could have. Both USFCR and John Wayne are of the Highest Principle. We have referred many people and companies to USFCR because of the way John has always taken care of CDFI throughout the years, for this started day one and has never changed. John is very good a matching up companies and their needs as he has referred many to also CDFI better know as CDIFIRST. John has the professional experience and know how and he has provided these abilities to those he works with and in doing so he further provides the parties with a Successful Track Record as the outcome. John is self reliant as you find in one that owns their own company but is a Team Player all the way. John does not know what is means to give up or quit, but rather John has moved forward full steam ahead and has fully supported and helped those who come to him to organize and develop thriving businesses, starting with that first past performance. One of the best things I could say about John is that he is very passionate about his Family, His Calling and also Others. Thank You John Wayne. – Walter “WR” Presley, Chief and Director of CDFI and CDFI Companies

mgenterprisesJohn is truly an expert in his field. From the first time that I spoke with John I was confident that I had at last found the assistance that I had been searching for. After only a few short meetings I was once again on my way to achieving my goals. His knowledge of contracting is extensive, introducing me to area’s of contracting that I had not even considered. He constantly goes above and beyond ensuring my decision to ask him personally for help in contracting was the right choice. I highly recommend that any business looking to win in contracting regardless of which agency ie. govt, private, personal etc. Contact John Wayne – Michael Graham, MG Enterprise

nusilGood day. I wanted to take a moment, to extend my most sincere gratitude for the customer service provided by M. Julie Topping. Her service was everything that we could have hoped for: clear, well informed and prompt. Her support, especially in light of the oversight on the part of our organization, salvaged a critical transaction with our valued customer. We are very satisfied and wanted to ensure her supervisors were made aware of her stellar performance. – Sissy Ann Tschernoscha, Quality Systems / Regulatory Affairs Supervisor, NuSil Technology LLC

wilmadlabglassNot everyone goes out of their way as you’ve (Jessica Summers) done and it’s appreciated more than you can imagine. If there’s anything I can do for you in that way please let me know. – Susan Jakubowski, Sales, Marketing & Web Support, Wilmad-LabGlass (an SP Industries Company)

andersonindustrialcontractingInitially we had very limited knowledge in navigating the government registration process, set-aside programs and the overall government language. Not only did US Federal Contractor Registration help our business quickly become registered for government contracts but they also provided excellent support for questions and advice. They were able to breakdown the seemingly complex bureaucracy and talk me through the steps I needed to follow to have opportunities for government work. I would absolutely recommend US Federal Contractor Registration to another business seeking to get involved in government contracting. – Don Anderson, Vice President of Anderson Industrial Contracting.

Mike Wills Excavating & Trucking, Inc. renewed its SAM Registration with US Federal Contractor Registration in the middle of September 2015, just a few days before the due date of a bid it wanted to make. It had forgotten about renewing its SAM Registration and, rather than attempt to do it on its own, worked with Case Manager John Lynch to do it. Two weeks later, Mike Wills Excavating & Trucking, Inc. had been awarded a $96,800 contract.

“We had done the project before, so we wanted the chance to do it again. John was very helpful, and we’re glad it worked out like this.” – Leesa Misterly, Mike Wills Excavating & Trucking

Morris Taylor and his two business partners knew they wanted to be able to bid on government contracts and receive government grants, but didn’t know how to do it. They tried to do it themselves, then they reached out to the USDA, and then they reached out to Marianne Swager at US Federal Contractor Registration. Marianne has heard from other contractors that government agencies often explain that a business needs to register but doesn’t follow up and explain how to do it. That’s what Marianne did, and within a couple of weeks, Taylor was registered and ready to go.

“My local USDA told me I could easily complete my SAM Registration on my own, but they didn’t tell me how to do it. I tried several times, but it was clear that I needed help. Marianne was as helpful as she could be, and handled my registration. Thanks to her, my registration is complete.” – Morris Taylor

air-force-lcmcI am writing to let you know about how great working with Bobby Davis has been. He has been very helpful in supporting our attempts to update our DUNS number and CAGE Code. We are trying to quickly test the Solidworks v2017 software for use on Air Force Networks and ran into a snag when we found that our DUNS number and Cage Code were expiring. Even though there are more than 250 people at Hill AFB using this software, they weren’t able to purchase it because our SAM Registration was about to be outdated. Bobby and Jessica Summers worked to make sure our DUNS number and CAGE Code were renewed. Between the two of them, we had the new/current information we needed in less than two weeks. It took just about seven days from the time I called to having the information searchable online. I look forward to working with them in the future.

— Billy Hines, AFLCMC/LZPEX Designer/Drafter

US Federal Contractor Registration is very friendly and professional and helped us get set up as a federal contractor. — Mallory Dunn, owner, Dump It Services, LLC

USFCR has been a great help to preparing our company to do business with the government. Our website, VA certification, SAMS registration, lists of contract specialists and so much more have done through USFCR.John Wayne II, John Lynch, Kamron Nelson, and Jessica Summers. Thank you so much.

– Tim McCann, Supreme Systems Co.

They helped with my initial registration, responded and reacted quickly when I had a concern. I believe their after sales customer service helped to maintain a positive customer experience. I give them 4 stars in customer support.

– Alli Bey, Haight Bey & Associates, LLC

There is no way I could’ve jumped through all these hoops without the help of Federal Contractor Registration. Thank you so much for turning a complicated process into an easy one. Would definitely recommend.

– Joshua Cash, Cash Family Farms, Inc.

I’ve been working with Kristen Salonia and Brian Lewis at USFCR in the Simplified Acquisition Program for two years. They are very professional and personable, and will make the daunting world of federal contracting a smooth and seamless process. Kristen and Brian go the extra mile to make sure you understand everything involved in working with the federal government, and work tirelessly to give you and your company the opportunity to succeed. It is an honor and a privilege to work with such high caliber professionals.

– Belinda Bentley, Emergency Preparedness Solutions & Consulting LLC Emergency Preparedness Solutions & Consulting LLC

I would like to say that Kristen Salonia was a great help with the transferring of our cage code. She new how much of a rush we had and work every hard to make sure it was done in time. Thank you Kristen.

– David Cochrane, Stratotech, LLC

The company that I work for Alphatec Spine we had to renew our SAM registration within the last week. As this is my first year being involved with this system and the processes. Kristen Salonia-Scheidell & Nicole Smith. Were very helpful, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that I understood the process and explained the various fees and amounts. They are both available when you call (not saying that aren’t working with other customers). But each time I have called I have actually had an opportunity to speak with them. They are both very responsive to any questions that I have asked. They both have made this entire process bearable and I feel more confident than I initially was when I received the notice that our SAM registration was about to expire. Thank you both so very much for your awesome customer service.

– Nakia Williams, Alphatec Spine, Inc.

Kristen Salonia was very helpful in explaining everything to me during the SAM Registration process. She even took the time to explain to me the step by step process after the registration is complete. As a novice to this process I do appreciate all the help she provided thus far.

– Naim Reza, Sparta Luxe, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Kristen Salonia-Scheidell for the last four weeks. She is efficient, professional and highly organized. I found her to be responsive, thoughtful and most helpful. She made this very onerous process easy for me. For that, I am extremely grateful! I highly recommend Kristen and the rest of her colleagues at USFCR. They are a practical, professional and highly skilled resource team working on behalf of my small business, giving me the confidence I need to succeed. I am very happy to have them as an extension of my team.

– Mari Anne Snow, Sophaya, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Kristen Salonia-Scheidell while renewing our registration. Kristen was extremely helpful during the entire process!

– Chelsea Sewell, Kent Manor Inn, LLC

I worked with Kristen Salonia-Scheidell over the course of 2 months to setup my DUNS Number, Cage code and WOSB. She was very knowledgeable, professional, responsive and efficient in my dealing with her.

– Tricia Shauger, TriBar Technologies, Inc.

Kristen was very helpful and very kind during the process of registration! Great service!

– Andrea Liz Reyes, Eco Building Solutions, Inc.

I worked with Kristen Salonia-Scheidell on updating my registration and she was very helpful, knowledgable and fast. Thank you!

– Kimy Durenne, Tri-M Technologies

Great experience Kristen Solonia was awesome and very helpful.

– Scott Reefe, Nutanix, Inc.

Kristen Salonia was very helpful, professional and responsive.

– Phlezette Watt, Cecil Green dba Y&G Contractors

Robert Renzella has been one of the most professional, proficient, and knowledgeable men with whom I have had the pleasure of working. His guidance has been outstanding, and I’d recommend his services to everyone interested in government contracting.

— Luke McCool, Skin Sake director of sales and marketing

I would really like to thank Nicole S. for [making] the process very easy and understandable.

— Marrya B., National Consortium of TASC, Inc. dba National TSAC

Nicole has been very helpful in the advancement and presentation of my company. Ms. S. has shown exemplary and profound understanding in being able to advice and assist the marketability of my company.

— Manuel V., Vee Enterprise

Kristen Salonia’s help and assistance with our SAM Registration was invaluable. Kristen was very responsive, kept us informed, and exhibited the highest degree of professionalism. USFCR should be proud to have Kristen as part of the team.
– Will D.

I was very fortunate to work with Kristen Salonia. She was very professional, efficient, helpful, and patient. It was a pleasure working with her.
– Barb P.

Kristen was awesome and really helped us through the process.
– Craig H.

USFCR provided me with the best team manager, positive reinforcements, immediate response, and help navigating through uncharted territory. Thank you.
– Jennifer O.

Our case worker Kristen was extremely professional and courteous. Typically, in the government registration processing, it can be a burdensome lengthy task; she had the ability to make the process simple and relaxing with a quick turnaround with our response. She resolved issues in an expedient timeframe.
– Ed H.

Johnathan M., Director of Contract Operations, worked hard for us to get us through the process. His follow-through and responsiveness was exemplary. He was knowledgeable and explained the process and followed through. The firm is awesome to work with. This was our first time working with the Federal Government under the umbrella, and we could not be happier with our experience with USFCR, the staff, and the results. Their training videos were helpful as was how they marketed our firm to selected agencies. Bravo.
– Don

Johnathan M. with U.S. Federal Contractor Registration has offered impeccable service to my business. Every time I have called, he has been right there to answer any questions that I have. Mr. M. has gotten my business certified to do business with the government for two consecutive years.
– Gregg, Gregg Trucking

Robert R. and Christie J. were not only quick but professional with their assistance. They made us feel as though our company’s challenges were their only priority. Our company would recommend Robert for registration and assistance with any marketing needs you have. Robert also spent an extended period of time with us on the phone discussing our path forward with additional government contracts and search engine optimization. We had discussed this within our company and had been researching options, but finding all the services we required with one phone call to Robert gave us the time to tend to other business matters. Lastly we were extremely satisfied with the price for the services provided.
– Mark C.

I’ve been extremely pleased with the attention and professionalism my company has received since signing up with USFCR. Johnathon has answered each and every question, as well as offering great advice when concerning the welfare of our company and our long term goals. Also he has answered every phone call I’ve made (which has been numerous) or called back, usually within minutes. I’m looking forward to doing many years of work alongside these guys, right up to retirement, which should be years sooner than had I not procured their services.
– Richard B.

I was very apprehensive about my registration. Thankfully I got in touch with a gentleman named Rod J. Rod made everything very simple for me. Also, he has made communication between us quick and to the point. He always answers the phone or reply to me very promptly. He is very pleasant and friendly and gives me the feeling he is actually glad to help me and enjoys his job. That is sure refreshing! Thumbs up to Rod!
– Betty S. Houston, Houston Custom Packaging, LLC

Peter L., from US Federal Contractor Registration, helped me finish the SAM registration, create an effective website for my services ( and has followed up with numerous calls that resulted in continued support and feedback for my efforts in responding to RFPs as well as writing proposals. I highly recommend Peter to any business that might be interested in gaining government contracts.
– Dudley D.

Kellie S. provided exceptional service through US Federal Contractor Registration. I would recommend her services to any company who desires to navigate through the complicated process of securing a federal contract.
– Javelin L.

Robert R. was not only quick but professional with his assistance. Robert also spent an extended period of time with us on the phone discussing our path forward with additional government contracts and search engine optimization. I extremely happy with him.
– Maye C.

I have been working with Robert R. at US Federal Contractor Registration. I have found him to be very professional and quick to respond to questions I may have. He has spent time with me to ensure that we are presenting my company in the most positive light possible within the federal marketplace. He and his company have provided and continue to provide the training that I feel will make my company successful within the federal marketplace. He makes appropriate recommendations as to the direction he feels you need to take and is also quick to recommend a course correction if needed. I would highly recommend Robert and his company to anyone that is entertaining the thought of entering the federal marketplace.
– Tim S.

Kristen was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and a breeze to work with. She made all steps involved extremely easy.
– Christian P.

In my dealing with USFCR and Mark Georges, I have only had a very positive experience. All the personnel have been very helpful and willing to assist us when needed.
– Melissa G.

Mr. John Wayne, III with U.S. Federal Contractor Registration is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the world of government contracting. He walked Veterans Drywall Plus, Inc. through every step insuring that our paperwork was submitted correctly in order to register with SAM/ ORCA/ FED BIZ/ VET BIZ as well as assisting our new business with obtaining our Cage Code and DUNS number. This man is a wealth of knowledge and anyone looking to land government contracts has a huge advantage by using Federal Contractor Registration Services. Mr. W. is always readily available via email or phone to answer our calls he also has held training webinars to help our business understand how to navigate the government sites in order to find opportunities relevant to our field of work. This is a top notch company with vast knowledge in their field along with excellent customer service. Veterans Drywall Plus, Inc. highly recommends using U.S. Federal Contractor Registration Services.
– Joshua W., Veterans Drywall Plus, Inc.

In attempting to do a company name change at about the same time that the government was switching from Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) to the System for Acquisition Management (SAM), I changed the legal name of my business and moved. It caused me to be unable to navigate the waters until Ms. Christie J., Lead Case Manager for US Federal Contractor Registration stepped in and helped me personally through the process. She was prompt, thorough, and always understanding of my inability to understand how to work through the process. She stayed in touch and assisted me each step of the way. Thanks to Christie J. for her diligence.
– Rob R.

This is the first time I had my company’s SAM registration renewed. Kristen S. of US Federal Contractor Registration helped me throughout the whole process. She is very supportive, responsive and informative. With her support, I got the registration completed quickly since of my customers was waiting for my SAM re-activation to place order. I highly appreciate Kristen’s service and support and enjoyed working with her during the process. Kristen, thank you very much!
– James P., Optoplex Corporation

I am a new woman-owned small business and have been working with US Federal Contractor Registration for a month. Robert is always so eager to help with any questions I may have. Since I am new to all of this he has taken the time to explain things slowly and guide me step by step. He is available to help 90% of the time when I reach out to him whether it be by phone or email and if he isn’t he gets back with me at his first available minute. I would definitely recommend to request Robert R. to folks who are interested in working with USFCR.
– MaryJoe P.

USFCR has been very helpful in my business endeavors.
– Barbara C.

Our experience over the past several years has been very good.
– Jackie B.

Working through this process was not stressful at all, thanks to Kristan S. She was great. Any time I call or e-mail her, she responds quickly. She got things done in a timely manner.
– Lashonda W.

After signing up with US Federal Contractor Registration, I worked with Robert. He helped me write my company capability statement, a bid template, and a custom elevator pitch. This company is backing up their words with actions. To have Robert helping me during every step of this process has been phenomenal. He is always available for any question I have, and he is always happy. That makes me feel secure about the choice I made.
– Nubia H., Count on Us Today, LLC

Michel L. was very helpful getting me setup with my SAM Registration. She was very knowledgeable about the Registration, was very responsive to my questions, and made the whole process very easy.
– Mark R.

Brian L. at US Federal Contractor Registration has been very responsive to me and my account. Any problems or questions that come up, all I have to do is contact Brian and the issue is addressed and resolved. I can’t ask for more than that.
– Linda H.

There are numerous companies that perform the type of services that this company provides… After I did a market analysis of where I would put my money, Mr. Brian L. and a very professional team, have been met and exceeded my expectations. They are not only skilled and knowledgeable in Federal Contracting practices and mentoring businesses to success, they do so exceeding cost, schedule and performance matrices. I am extremely pleased with their assistance and would not hesitate to recommend and encourage businesses that are intimidated by Federal government business practices to use these service and not attempt to go “solo”. They offer value and professional, attentive service.
– Rita V., New Stone Soup VT, LLC

US Federal Contractor Registration — in particular Tammy H. and Eric K. — has been extremely helpful with helping me navigate the process of achieving my 8(a) certification. Eric K. has been instrumental in helping me understand the big picture of how achieving my 8(a) status will benefit my business. Furthermore, he explained how unique my company’s service offering is and how the 8(a) program, along with SAP and G-SAP would assist me in growing additional revenue. Tammy on the other hand has been my life line, and has been involved every step of the way in making sure fantastic! Simply put, Tammy and the USFCR support team have been amazing, and I am truly grateful.
– Wardell J.

USFCR does great work.
– Jeff K.

I am extremely pleased with the service received, by myself and my external customers. Representative was available throughout the process, very patient and kind. No words can completely satisfy the outstanding service received. haven’t had this type of service in a very long time. Representative really demonstrated great customer skills and meeting the customer needs. The experience of working with your agency representative was very pleasing. Thank you so much for putting the customer first in receiving quality and timely service.
– Alice L.

I cannot say enough nice things about Kristen S. and the excellent help she provided me with my SAM recertification. She is a true professional with follow-up and patience. Her customer service skills are top notch. Her dedication to her job was apparent through the whole recertification process. She is definitely an asset to your organization.
– Jennifer C.

The process went very smoothly. Christie is excellent. Last year, our firm had a name change, and she went above and beyond helping me get the change through the necessary systems. I really appreciated the help.
– Paul A.

I am very pleased with my service.
– William C.

Kristen is awesome and very accommodating. I have never not received a response from her that was delayed, and she has always answered all of my questions. Great person to work with.
– Rosemary V.

Tammy H. was so helpful with my registrations, and USFCR is training me to become successful in the federal marketplace.
– Diane P.

Kristen S. was the person assigned to our case when we were trying to sign up for the FBO/Government bids. At first we were quite intimated by the entire process, working the maze of Federal Government could be overwhelming and we didn’t quite understand it. Then we were assigned Kristen from the US Federal Contractor Registration as our Case Manager. Right from the first interaction, we knew we were dealing with someone extraordinary. Kristen has exceptional customer service, she provides very clear directions, in a very timely manner. She is extremely helpful, friendly and put you right at ease. We were dreading this registration process but Kristen made it very easy and simple for us, she took care of it all for us. The Federal Government/UD Federal Contractor Registration is extremely lucky to have such a competent person for them! Thanks for everything Kristen, keep on the good work!
– Marie-Christine C.

It is with great pleasure that I inform you how satisfied Amzco Surgical Devices is with the services provided by USFCR. Beginning with Specialist John L., who is extremely knowledgeable about acquiring government contracts and how to apply their services to obtain government business. He certainly projects a clear understanding of what to do, we just followed his instructions. We also received excellent service from Kristen Salonia, as she guided us through the registration process; she answered all questions and conducted herself in a very friendly and professional manner. The assistance we received from Web Designer, Kamron N. was just superb! He designed our website to the level of expectation with great efficiency and professionalism. It was truly a great experience working with USFCR!
– Norman W., VP of Sales & Marketing Amzco Surgical Devices

This was a very easy experience getting set up for government contracts compared to what it was five years ago. Our contractors have been extremely attentive to our needs, explained things in ABC terms and have stayed in touch throughout the process to keep us informed on what we can expect one day at a time. Trying to navigate the process on my own five years ago took over a month of ALL my time and energy and was ridiculously frustrating. This has been a very pleasant business interaction!
– Pam C.

I want to make sure it is noted that Robert R. was a true professional in assisting me with my SAM Registration renewal. He truly went above and beyond to make the process happen after I had failed to renew on time. His performance should be the standard for everyone in your organization. He is Top-Notch for sure. Thank you.
– Danny

Kristen was very attentive and patient while walking our company through the SAM registration process. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Kristen will be in good hands.
– Debra J. H., Compassionate Care, Inc.

Johnathan Maness was very easy to work with and extremely customer friendly. He made it a seamless process and kept us informed every step of the way. We knew a month before it was due, that it was time for our renewal, and then were notified when the process was complete.
– Joyce T.

Kristen Salonia is very attentive and helpful!
– Hannah G.

USFCR provides great customer service, is very knowledgeable, and delivered what they promised.
– Stephen Y.

It was very effective having US Federal Contractor Registration and Johnathan Maness in your corner. The process was simple and smooth, and took all the headaches out. I couldn’t have done it without them.
– Rock D.

Your employees are very helpful.
– Janice M.

With the help of my Case Manager, Kristen S., the entire process was extremely easy and surprisingly fast. Ms. S. was prompt in replying to my request for help, very detailed and concise so that instructions were easy to follow, and made the registration happen. Thank you!
– Jeanne P.

Johnathan Maness is excellent.
– Jae K.

I found Kristen to be very responsive, timely, and always willing to help.
– Peter F.

I was very happy with the help I received from Kristen. All the documents and forms were processed in a timely fashion.
– Gabriel

We worked with Kristen at the US Federal Contractor Registration, and without her assistance, could not have done this registration process ourselves. She always answered emails and phone calls quickly. We will definitely use their service again in the future because it takes the burden of a cumbersome process and makes it manageable.
– Pam S.

Brian Lewis of US Federal Contractor Registration is second to none. His professionalism and knowledge is remarkable, and his people skills are outstanding. I would recommend Brian and the US Federal Contractor Registration to anyone interested in doing business with the Federal Government. There is no one better qualified to assist businesses with this process than Brian Lewis.
– Belinda B., EPSC, LLC

US Federal Contractor Registration is worth the money. The process, which is usually time consuming, was smooth and the response was quick. Christie was very helpful and professional. I would recommend using this service.
– Loretta T.

Melissa B. and Tammy H. were incredible to work with! They were patient, informative, and expressed a genuine concern for my ability to get the required paperwork in time. They followed up in a timely manner for all my questions and needs. I consider myself very lucky to have had their help in this process.
– Nicole B.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating, my experience with Kristen Salonia at US Federal Contractor Registration, was by far a 10. She was courteous, very experienced, and competent with the processes and information needed, and worked closely with our firm in getting our CAGE number assigned. She followed up with checking the status of our registration and kept me advised of any problems that were causing a delay with our registration. The customer service was exceptional and I would highly recommend this firm to others.
– Susan K.

Kristen made the process very easy and helped me complete the registration process without any issues.
– Kristie H.

USFCR provides efficient and helpful services.
– Michelle L.

USFCR makes a tedious process very easy. Easily the best money I’ve spent, in terms of ROI.
– Maria C.

My experience with Brian L. and the USFCR team thus far has been excellent! Brian is extremely knowledgeable on the government contracting process and is eager to help a supplier through the entire set up and selling process. While we are just getting started as a company and have a lot to learn, we are confident we chose the right partner to work with and are excited about our prospects moving forward.
– Michael V.

USFCR makes applying and renewal of SAM registrations virtually painless. They handle everything from start to finish. If you have questions, they are beyond competent with quick answers. They are fast, easy to work with, and efficient. A real joy to partner with for these types of forms and paperwork.
– Anonymous

At this point, I’ve very happy with the efforts made by the staff. Contact and response has been timely and helpful, and I look forward to working with the group to complete the work ahead.
– Tony J.

Kristen Salonia was great. She is very helpful and responded to my questions quickly and efficiently. Great working with her.
– Desanka H.

Kristen S. was one of the most helpful agents I have ever worked with, walking me through a confusing bureaucratic process step by step.
– Rick G.

West Harlem Group Assistance, Inc. has worked for several years with US Federal Contractor Registration, and we have complete faith in their work.
– Gillian A., West Harlem Group Assistance, Inc.

My experience with USFCR has made my part of renewal of the SAM registration so much easier. They take care of everything for me. Every person that I’ve had contact with has been extremely knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. The follow up is always great. I would highly recommend this firm to others. It certainly takes a lot of stress off me. I would also like the mention that Jessica S. was a tremendous help in getting me started with the process, and Brian L. did a follow-up call to make sure we had everything we needed and to see if we had any problems or concerns. While we are very happy with everything as it is, I really appreciated that he took the time to check on us!
– Linda P.

Both Mark G. & Melissa B. of USFCR were very helpful in the SAM Registration, walking me through the complete process in a very timely manner. They met and exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend them to everyone.
– Adam T.

My name is Tom B. and I am an operations manager for a tug boat and barge company located in Seattle, Washington. Three months ago I went to a Regional Contracting Forum in Seattle to meet with a couple different agencies. I wanted to see what it would take to get my business registered for upcoming work. From the meeting I learned that my business wasn’t working with the Federal Government. I somehow met Robert R. through all of this. Robert has been a tremendous help. He has gone out of his way to make sure that I am staying on track with this program. I feel every time I’m talking to him that my business can succeed with this. I am very excited to be working with him and what kind of business we can find in the future. Robert is great and I feel lucky ended up with him.
– Tom B.

USFCR customer service exceeded my expectations. My team was friendly, knowledgeable, and expedient. Their positive attitude was reflected in every exchange we had, be it the phone and/or email, and it was greatly appreciated.
– Kathleen A.

My company has used US Federal Contractor Registration/Govkinex for the last several years to assist with our SAM registration. Justin Jones has been very helpful and extremely professional. I would recommend this service since they simplified the entire process.
– Lorraine H.

USFCR provides excellent service and was very helpful in helping me start my business.
– John H.

This company provides effective service and continues to work with clients long after they’ve provided the required services. I’d recommend this service to others.
– Julius G.

In all ways, Kristen Salonia is excellent and professional.
– Stephen M.

Robert and Kamron did everything they told me they would do. I found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I’m looking forward to what else they can do to help me and my business exceed in its goals.
– James E.

Kristen was a great help in getting our business set up for government contracts.
– Robert

Kristen Salonia is very professional and knows what she is doing. She has a pleasant and pleasing personality, and explains what you need to know so that you can easily understand it.
– Vince K.

Kristen S. helped us numerous times, was professional and sympathetic to our problems, and found a solution and kept us informed throughout the whole process. Her friendly and knowledgeable performance is a credit to US Federal Contractor Registration, and she should be commended. I am looking forward to working with her closely in the years to come.
– Jeffrey L.

Alicia S. was very helpful and responsive during our company’s registration process. As our Case Manager, Ms. S. always acted in a professional manner.
– Chuck B.

US Federal Contractor Registration was a great choice for my company to work with. Robert R. has qualified my company for the Simplified Acquisition Program and we use the State Marketing Campaign. Robert R. is a great asset to the US Federal Contractor Registration Inc. as he truly cares about his clients and has been there from the initial training to winning contracts. I have just won my 2nd multi-year Federal Contract due to the knowledge and support of Robert R. and US Federal Contractor Registration.
– Anonymous

The person I worked with at US Federal Contractor Registration Inc. – Robert R. – was extremely patient with my questions and very knowledgeable about Government contracting procedures. He worked very hard training and familiarizing me with the different Government websites available to be used for procurement and market research on contracts. He also showed a willingness to learn about my company’s services and products. This isn’t easy for most individuals as my company provides Automation Engineering Solutions across many business classifications. Robert R. is also a very friendly person and enjoyable to work with. Classified as a small company with a small amount of expendable time and funds available I found that US Federal Contractor Registration Inc. and Robert R. was a very good value.
– Todd W.

USFCR was extremely responsive, easy to work with, and definitely worth the money. They even went above and beyond to help us with a unique issue that we had not been able to resolve previously.
– Kelly T.

Alicia S. is very professional and courteous. It was a long, drawn out process and I wouldn’t have been able to navigate all the way through to completion without the ongoing assistance of Alicia S. I very much appreciate all the assistance she provided.
– Sandy T.

I found Kristen S. to be very helpful in navigating through a very difficult and confusing process. Kristen was very responsive when I needed her expertise and assistance and I would highly recommend her to others who might be going through this process.
– Jim B.

I have nothing but positives for the way our business was handled and the attention we received from them. We hit several roadblocks in our application process, and the person we were assigned to was continually on top of the situation and worked with us to work through the issues to get to a successful conclusion. Top notch service and knowledge. Ali S. did a terrific job with this process and communicating with us.
– Donald K.

The performance of Ms. Christie J., Lead Case Manager, was exemplary! She was patient, courteous, very detailed with her explanations, timely in her responses, and professional in her demeanor. She made the process manageable and painless! I applaud her work ethic and commitment to her job!
– Patricia T.

USFCR is fast, reliable, and extremely helpful. After months of conversations with the IRS, Dunn and Bradstreet, and the CAGE code registration people, I was at an impasse with my SAM registration. I had been rejected a total of 11 times due to differences in our school name with various government agencies. US Federal Contractor Registration Inc. took away my headache and gave me a hassle-free registration. Well worth the money!
– Abigail Z.

Kristen S. did an outstanding job assisting me with all my paperwork to complete my SAM registration. She was on top of everything, and made calls for me that were needed to make sure everything was completed satisfactory. She was very patient, and I am very appreciative of all her assistance. Please let her know how appreciative I am for her help.
– Yolanda K.

Kristen S. was very professional and helpful.
– Dave G.

I am very satisfied with Alicia S. Otherwise, it would be extremely hard for me to update my SAM.
– Joseph N.

The process was painless and effective.
– Herb H.

USFCR has friendly & effective case managers. Our case manager was very friendly, followed up, provided exceptional service, and was patient with challenges that arose during the renewal process. Thank you.
– Anonymous

The team members with whom I interacted to obtain registration for my company were extremely helpful and responsive. Our Case Manager, Kristen S., was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process.
– Alan S.

I have spent more than 30 years working with and for both large and small government contractors, so I have had significant experience in working with agencies and government contract operations. This experience was a delight and also a major shock from what I have experienced in the past. These folks were direct, very helpful, responsive and most efficient and a real tribute to the efforts being made to make the government more responsive to the marketplace. In this case they have successfully achieved that goal beautifully.
– Stan M., LMD Consulting, LLC

I had the absolute best professional and customer service experience with Kristen S. at US Federal Contractor Registration. She expedited our registration process under stressful circumstances for my firm. She was highly communicative, informed, and results oriented. Without Kristen’s expertise we would not have met a very tight deadline and would have lost out on a significant opportunity to bid on services we have been the subcontractor on for seven years. I give her the highest ratings one could give. She truly exceeded all of my expectations.
– Robert M.

Although the process is a long one and in depth, it is really helpful to have a friendly voice with assistance assigned to you. As a non-US company, some of the terminology was not familiar, but again the case worker was a real help.
– Sophie A.

We needed help to convert over from the old CCR to the new SAM system, and Melissa went above and beyond what we normally get for help from any government agency. She saved us a ton of time and a great deal of heart burn. My hat is off to her.
– Gregory C.

I dealt with Alicia, and she was very helpful during the renewal process. She was great to work with.
– Kim H.

We had a great experience working with Alicia. She was very helpful and clear as to what we needed to do. She assisted immediately and we saw immediate results.
– Beth C.

Alicia performed exceptionally well, and with great efficiency, speed, and professionalism. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing the services of US Federal Contractor Registration.
– Karen L.

I recently had the pleasure of being assisted by Kristen Salonia regarding my employer’s registration and update. She was very helpful and asked open-ended questions in assisting me to get the answers needed for qualification. Her suggestions were very helpful and any part of the registration process that I wasn’t sure of – she ensured that repeated questions to her were easily explained. My company thanks her also for a tremendous and profound job so to that I say “Great Job” I am sure you are a great asset to your company.
– Jacquelyne C.

I needed assistance with the new form under a re-registration. The form itself was not clear, so I called and received an immediate response back from Alicia. She followed up with the form to make sure it was complete and sent me a completed copy. She did a great job.
– Anonymous

I am a volunteer for a nonprofit in Wisconsin that was required to register in the SAM system in order to be able to apply for federal grants. I was fortunate to be able to work with Christie on this process. I could not have asked for a better partner in this process. She was prompt, extremely responsive and helpful and went above and beyond to make sure we efficiently made it through the registration process. Christie was also there for me when I had to use my SAM registration to also register under so we could actually file the grant application. In that case, I contacted her randomly and she got back to me quickly and helped me get everything in order. Thanks to Christie for all her help!!
– Anne S.

Kristen was very helpful and got everything processed very quickly. I could not have gotten this accomplished with out her.
– Joseph F.

USFCR is very thorough and easy to work with.
– Regan M.

Kristen is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and clearly loves her job. She made the process of renewing my SAM Registration easy and stress free. She also provided good advice about seeking out new opportunities.
– Carol G.

I was very satisfied with USFCR and with our case manager.
– Charles D.

Kristen Salonia was super helpful and went above and beyond what I was expecting. Instead of pushing everything back onto me, she took on some things that made this first time experience for me a very smooth one.
– Marcus S.

Kristen was extremely professional and courteous. Typically, in the government registration process, it can be a burdensome lengthy task; she made the process simple and relaxing with a quick turnaround with our response, resolving issues in an expedient timeframe.
– Ed H.

USFCR provided me with a great team manager, immediate responses to my questions, and helped guide me through uncharted territories.
– Jennifer O.

Kristen was awesome, and she really helped us through the process.
– Craig H.

I was very fortunate to work with Kristen Salonia, who was very professional and personal as well as efficient, helpful, and had a lot of patience. It was a pleasure working with Kristen.
– Barb P.

Kristen Salonia help with our SAM Registration was invaluable. Kristen was very responsive, kept us informed, and exhibited the highest degree of professionalism. USFCR should be proud to have Kristen part of the team!
– Will D.

Kristen was very helpful throughout the application process. The process may be a little confusing to some people, but her help made it a lot easier.
– Jae K.

USFCR is very helpful and friendly. I would recommend everyone speak to them directly if they need any help, especially with Kristen. She went above and beyond to help us get things done with our application. I would work with her again in the future.
– Dana C.

Kristen S. was very patient and helpful.
– Marvin M.

I want to express my deep gratitude for your assistance earlier today with the process of getting our organization on its way to being registered with and You were patient, thorough, knowledgeable, and able to help me and my colleague at the International Foundation for Science (based in Stockholm) make progress on our efforts to respond to a notice of funding opportunity with the US Government.
— William Savage, International Foundation for Science Consultant

I want to thank you for all of your help and assistance. I could have never completed this on my own. You were kind and patient. You did a fantastic job. Thank you so much.
— Henry E. Dunigan, Mayor, Black Oak, Arkansas.

US Federal Contractor Registration has been very supportive. They provide guidance and assist with troubleshooting. We will continue to use their services in the years to come.
— Vicki Pettis, Program Coordinator, Colorado Veterans Resource Coalition

They always answer my questions.
— Victoria Marr, Make a Difference Landscaping

We recently needed to renew our registration with the Federal System of Award Management (SAM) in order to apply for a grant. It had been several years since our registration had lapsed and we had no idea where to begin. The individuals answering the technical assistance hotline were great and told us exactly what we needed to do and who to contact. We were referred to a Case Manager (Jessica S.) who assisted us in the process from beginning to end. Ms. Summers was able to tell us exactly what to do and our registration was complete within a few short days.
— Melinda S.

Melissa helped me obtain my SAM Registration. She pleasantly walked me through the process. Without her help, I would have been hopelessly lost. If all employees were as easy to work with, life would be much more pleasant.
— Henry D.

Christie and team made this process ridiculously easy. I appreciated them staying on top of something I probably would have let fall through the cracks due to lack of time. It is nice to have them remind you about this each year.
— Kim S.

I worked with Christie J. to get our SAM account revised/updated to our new company name and she was great. Always willing to help me with any questions I had and made this process a lot easier than it could have been.
— James S.

[We received] excellent results with good response, and they made the work flow easy.
— Suraa Adnan, Scopesky Communications

US Federal Contractor Registration and Brian Lewis were very helpful and efficient.
— Lisa von Schlichting, owner and office manager, Inter-Chrome Dental Lab

John Lynch and company take care of all my needs. When I call in they take the time to listen to what I have to say and follow thru with what they said they would do. One of the best choices ive made so far.
— Ty Flying Out, of Flying Out Roofing, Inc.

Exceptional service. Rare to get such service from a Government website. — Jay Shaw

Case Manager, Amanda Pedigo was EXTREMELY helpful assisting me. Her responses were same day and in most cases, immediate. Very professional and accurate.
— Julie Derr, The James House

John Wayne is totally awesome, and we would not have won our contract without him.
— Letha Beaty, Ceroglass

The registration process went quickly and smoothly. Everyone I interacted with was knowledgeable and courteous. My lead case manager, Christie Jackson, clearly communicated each step of the process and responded quickly to any questions I had.
— Carrie Vaughn, Tracker Products

We are a marine engine dealer and distributor on the west coast, in charge of CA, UT, NV, AZ, NM, HI and Guam, and have been working with USFCR, specifically with Christie Jackson, for almost as long as USFCR has existed. They are thorough, fast, and efficient. Knowing the nightmares of filling out and updating those government forms – due to USFCR, we have never missed an update or registration, and we’ve never had a problem with our paperwork. We can recommend them only in the highest regard.
— Lieselotte Reichel, Helmuts Marine Service

Christie Jackson is our account manager, and she is great! She gets us going with our Sam Registration and renewals each year for accepting federal contracts, and it is all done in a timely manner.
— Tryn Hendricks, H&H Electric, Inc.

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