SAM Notarized Letter

Due to security concerns, new regulations for the System for Award Management (SAM) went into full-effect on April 27, 2018. Every entity that seeks to submit, renew, or amend their SAM registration is required to submit a notarized letter to the Federal Service Desk.

If you would like us to process this for you, register your business to get a case manager assigned to your registration. The USFCR case manager will handle all the updates on your registration for one year, for a flat fee of $599.00 including this letter.

The purpose of this letter is to confirm the entity administrator with the DUNS number provided on their SAM registration. DUNS stands for the Data Universal Numbering System. There is a unique DUNS number associated with every physical location of your business or organization.

In any process working with the federal government, there will be precise specifications required from you. Below, are the two formats required by the FSD for your notarized letter. The only main difference would be if you’re designating an administrator for a single domestic entity or multiple domestic entities.

Single Domestic Entity Letter Format

Formally appoint an Entity Administrator for a single domestic entity.

Download Template

Multiple Domestic Entities Letter Format

Formally appoint an Entity Administrator for multiple domestic entities.

Download Template

If you are registering a single international entity, (not located in the U.S. or its outlying areas), use the following if you are not using a U.S. bank.

Single International Entity Letter Format

Formally appoint an Entity Administrator for a single international entity.

Download Template

If you are a single international entity using a U.S. bank, use the Single Domestic Entity Letter Format.

Since this regulation applies to all government contractors, it could take weeks for the FSD to process your letter. Nonetheless, you do not want to rush this process. If there are any errors detected, you will be required to repeat this entire process. Make sure to contact your US Federal Contractor Registration case manager for any questions, concerns, or assistance.

Every contractor who has been affected by the security concerns has already been contacted. The cause of this change stemmed from banking information being altered on SAM. Hackers, using the guise of trustworthy emails, extracted private information from vendors. This was then used to switch around bank accounts on

Under any circumstances, you should always stay vigilant when receiving emails. Emails coming from government employees will always have .gov or .mil at the end of their address. Our emails will always end in

At US Federal Contractor Registration, we recognize that these new regulations are hindering many from contract work. We are making efforts to get this issue onto the desks of senators and representatives. For any future changes in SAM registrations or in any area of government contracting, we will make to keep you informed.