Simplified Acquisition Program™

Think you need help getting the attention of a procurement officer? You’re not alone. Thousands of businesses have used the US Federal Contractor Registration Simplified Acquisition Program™ to create a foothold in the federal marketplace.

The Simplified Acquisition Program is a program offered only by US Federal Contractor Registration. It is designed to help small businesses still in the dark about government contracting and help get them on the path to winning federal contracts.

This program streamlines the SAM registration process and gives enrolled members a government-branded website complete with business references, past performance, testimonials, business pictures, and more. It also includes registration in the SAM, if a business is not yet registered with it.

The Simplified Acquisition Program helps businesses more easily reach procurement officers. Having a government-branded website helps inform government buyers of your capabilities, and some purchasing officers may even require it. Often, government buyers must perform market research before awarding a contract for products or services. Having your information easily available gives you a leg up on the competition.

We develop a government-branded website for you, complete with branded domain name, web hosting, unlimited updates (for the first year), search engine optimization, and Google Places set up. Your site will be mobile ready and compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

You also get a complete government business plan designed to provide your business direct access to buyers and prime vendors in your industry. We add your business to the federal government search database, send you a monthly e-mail of bids and solicitations for which you may be eligible, and provide a year of contract support. We create a business plan (including a list of procurement officers who buy the goods and/or services your business supplies) and a SBA resume for you.

View some of our branded website samples below:

Screenshot of Amida Hospice Government Formatted Website
Screenshot of Blackwater Wireless Government Formatted Website
Screenshot of Aable Logistics Government Formatted Website

Get Your Business Qualified for Simplified Acquisition

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