About Eric Knellinger

Eric Knellinger is President and CEO of US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc., the world’s largest and most respected third-party government registration firm. With more than 30 years of government acquisition, advertising, marketing, sales, and business development experience, Eric has helped secure federal contracts for Google Services, Hilton Hotels, McGraw Hill, Inc., Raytheon, and more. Eric has also worked for the U.S. government as a private consultant on foreign negotiation, policy, and trade relations, and was instrumental in the creation of an effective program for international businesses looking to work with the federal government.
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Eric Knellinger - US Federal Contractor Registration

Eric Knellinger


John Wayne - US Federal Contractor Registration

John Wayne II

Executive Bid Trainer
877-252-2700, ext. 747

About John Wayne, II

John Wayne, II is a senior acquisition specialist and director of federal training at US Federal Contractor Registration. A seasoned government contracting expert with more than six years of experience, John is a frequent speaker at industry events around the country, and specializes in teaching owners of small businesses how to identify, research, and bid on federal opportunities, as well as how to draft and finalize bid proposals. John is an expert in the Simplified Acquisition environment, understands how to market a business to the government, and leads daily bid training sessions for our clients. ( Read More )

About Angela Armstrong

Angela Armstrong brings with her to US Federal Contractor Registration years of working in the legal field. This experience helps her help clients become better educated in legal issues related to government contracting as well as to just how easy it is for a small business owner to become a government contractor, provided he or she has the right team in place. Angela likes to say that she opens the door to government contracting for owners of small businesses and teaches them how to walk through it. She tells her clients that as long as they keep an open mind and learn everything they can about government contracting, then they’ll be primed to pounce on opportunities as they come up — and opportunities always come up, to the tune of billions in contract awards each year. ( Read More )

Angela Armstrong - US Federal Contractor Registration

Angela Armstrong

Senior Bid Trainer

Peter LaNore - US Federal Contractor Registration

Peter LaNore

Senior Acquisition Specialist
877-252-2700, ext. 751

Mark Georges - US Federal Contractor Registration

Mark Georges

Senior Acquisition Specialist
877-252-2700, ext. 735

Nicole Smith - US Federal Contractor Registration

Nicole Smith

Senior Acquisition Specialist
877-252-2700, ext. 732

John Lynch - US Federal Contractor Registration

John Lynch

Senior Acquisition Specialist
877-252-2700, ext. 711

Brian Lewis - US Federal Contractor Registration

Brian Lewis

Senior Acquisition Specialist
877-252-2700, ext. 738

Jason Cribbs - US Federal Contractor Registration

Jason Cribbs

Senior Acquisition Specialist
877-252-2700, ext. 769

Justin Jones - US Federal Contractor Registration

Justin Jones

Senior Acquisition Specialist
877-252-2700, ext. 757

Marianne Swager - US Federal Contractor Registration

Marianne Swager

Senior Acquisition Specialist
877-252-2700, ext. 752

Bobby Davis - US Federal Contractor Registration

Bobby Davis

Senior Acquisition Specialist
877-252-2700, ext. 727

Liliana Lander - US Federal Contractor Registration

Liliana Lander

Acquisition Assistant

Ashley Cabral - US Federal Contractor Registration

Ashley Cabral

Assistant Sales Manager

Audrey MacBeth - US Federal Contractor Registration

Audrey MacBeth

Acquisition Assistant

Wendy Coutinho - US Federal Contractor Registration

Wendy Coutinho

Acquisition Assistant


JC Castro

Acquisition Assistant
877-252-2700, ext. 754

Michelle Morris - US Federal Contractor Registration

Michelle Morris

Acquisition Assistant

Kamron Nelson - US Federal Contractor Registration

Kamron Nelson

Director of Web Development

About Kamron Nelson

Since 2014, Kamron Nelson has worked closely with our clients, helping them develop, implement, and roll out contract-winning marketing solutions. From federally formatted websites that cover everything a government buyer must know when awarding contracts, to teaching clients best web practices, Kamron makes sure our clients benefit from his interest in multimedia design, marketing, and website design. Kamron also oversees the company’s IT and web teams, works closely with the company’s marketing department, and works in concert with case managers and acquisition specialists to deliver high-quality products and services and help our clients succeed as government contractors. ( Read More )

Matt Pulver - US Federal Contractor Registration

Matt Pulver

Web Developer

Jimi Diaz - US Federal Contractor Registration

Jimi Diaz

Web Developer

David Rockwell - US Federal Contractor Registration

David Rockwell

Multimedia Specialist

Jessica Summers - US Federal Contractor Registration

Jessica Summers

Director of Case Management

About Jessica Summers

Since 2010, Jessica Summers has overseen the case managers at USFCR, making sure that they know when the government rolls out changes to the System for Award Management, understand what these changes mean for our clients, and make these changes so that our clients’ SAM Registrations remain current, accurate, and complete. She works directly with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) when she identifies problems with their contracting systems, and also works closely with clients interested in applying for and receiving grants. Jessica is the USFCR go-to for clients who have questions about how to best remain compliant, and prides herself on going out of her way to make sure clients understand what they need to know to work as government contractors. ( Read More )

Christie Jackson - US Federal Contractor Registration

Christie Jackson

Department Lead

Kristen Salonia - US Federal Contractor Registration

Kristen Salonia

Case Manager

Melissa Baum - US Federal Contractor Registration

Melissa Baum

Case Manager

Kelli Jonhston - US Federal Contractor Registration

Kelli Jonhston

Case Manager