Angie Daetz

Angie Daetz - USFCR

Angie Daetz

Internal Relations Supervisor

"Improvise, adapt, and overcome," is an idea that has stuck with Angie Daetz since hearing it from a professor in college. Throughout her time at USFCR, it’s been her modus operandi towards problem solving as well as navigating through a landscape of employees with various objectives and priorities.

Angie is an alumni of the University of South Florida. Her main concentration was legal studies supplemented with economics. In later semesters, she took various courses in art. Multiple internships in the legal field, along with a banking background, prepared her to make a solid contribution to USFCR from its early stages to the present day.

Some of her main strengths include communicating effectively to find balance and harmony. This helps build relationships as well as achieve personal goals for both herself and others. Angie also puts an emphasis on trustworthiness and knowing that the whole is always bigger than the individual parts. Throughout her work, she always keeps in mind the value of both the organization and the clientele’s time.

Her advice in all endeavors is to have an honest evaluation of oneself and to plan accordingly in order to reach the most optimal result. Angie believes that healthy competition should be a fun and rewarding driver of success. She wants USFCR clients to know that no matter the situation, we will work together to find a meaningful outcome.