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Anna Rose - USFCR

Anna Rose

Live Host & Training Coordinator

Anna transfers a lot of positive energy to the people around her. She’s done this in the past as a teacher and she continues to do this at US Federal Contractor Registration. Currently holding an Education degree from Boston’s Bunker Hill Community College, she has taught everyone from preschoolers to corporate agents. At USFCR she sees herself as a reference point for businesses looking for answers, as well as a friend to turn to when the process becomes overwhelming.

“Small business owners should know that going after government contracts is not an easy process, but it can be very rewarding! It’s like baking a batch of cookies. It requires some precise measurements, specific ingredients, patience and the ability to follow directions. It can be time consuming and frustrating, but the end result is sweet!” She equates her work with federal contractors as a similar process to her other passion as an event coordinator on the weekends. “Whether I’m planning a wedding or strategizing with a client on their idea contract, I pretty much organize peoples dreams into a concrete reality.”


  • Certified Professional Life Coach
Official Seal of Life Coach Institute

Client Testimonials

The first training call was great, Anna lined me out fast and easy on what to do next, I have some homework to complete before our next meeting to get my business to the next step, its exactly what i was hoping for in the training. I cant wait until next week. Thank you Anna.
- Dustin B
Many thanks again Anna! You REALLY know your stuff!
- Tom F
Anna is wonderful very easy to chat with and answers everyone questions in a way that is easy to understand. I am definitely looking forward to learning and attending many more.
- Dusty B
I really enjoy your training style. It looks like you love teaching and sharing good information - thank you for that! Looking forward to learning more from you.
- Lindagail C
Having attended training with Anna for about two weeks now, I want to let you know what an outstanding job she is doing. Anna is well prepared for each session and is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. The training starts on time, she has a prepared PowerPoint, takes us step by step on through the lesson and strongly encourages us to ask questions reinforcing that there is no need to be afraid to ask. She has excellent follow up skills and she promptly responds to emails. When I tell my manager that I sent her an email and I expect to have an answer by end of the day, she never disappoints and always delivers well before that time.. Anna listens to her audience and what we need and works to educate us through building training lessons accordingly. Aside from being an excellent trainer and a polished professional, she has other important qualities like a warm, bubbly, can do personality so that we look forward to attending her training class. Cheryl and I are very impressed with Anna.
- Linda Z
Anna Rose, Just want to say… very happy that you are now the trainer; great job! I love the structure and by you breaking down sections, I am actually learning now.
- Cheryl E
I would like to highly commend Anna Rose, USFCR, for her exceptional efforts she provided to our company, Astoria Wire Products, Inc. Anna has provided very helpful training to us on both one on one instruction and answering questions in regard to bidding on government proposals. Anna Rose was quickly responsive to our questions, very knowledgeable and professional. Anna favorably projects the USFCR ideal and is definitely an asset to her company. Thank you Anna!! Great job!!
- Robert B
USFCR has given me so much inspiration on how to go after a bid with the government, the continuous effort of reaching out, using resources to understand the newly contract adventure and an overall understanding on government bidding. I now have an opportunity to contract nation wide with the Federal Government. I can not began to tell you the team I am associated with is outstanding, courteous and down right just hold my hand as if I am a baby. I do not hesitate to call them if I have a question and they are right on point with the advice. I would recommend this company to any business professional whom wants to work with government contracting, it is worth every penny I have spent and then some. Thank you Elizabeth, Anna and John.. I greatly appreciate all of you!
- Ro G
Elizabeth, Anna and John thank you so much for helping me on the journey of government contracting. You have really been helpful with the registration process, who I need to contact and how to win a bid. The registration process was so easy to understand and Elizabeth held my hand the entire way. Anna calls weekly to tell me about the live webinars and listens to all my questions with a beautiful smile behind the phone, well John let's just say he blew my socks off with the knowledge he has about the company. I love this company. Thank you!!
-Nurse G
John Lynch and Anna Rose are complete professionals. I have always been very pleased with their professionalism and can-do attitude. They make it happen for my business on a daily basis. I would recommend John and Anna to my friends for sure. If you decide to call USFCR, ask for John and Anna.
- Gordon J