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Brian Lewis

Senior GSA Advisor

Brian Lewis is a senior GSA advisor that assists small businesses looking to acquire a GSA contract and regular federal contracts. During his time with US Federal Contractor Registration, Brian has helped businesses gain traction in the federal marketplace while going through the GSA process. Small business owners are often unsure of how to get started, where to pursue opportunities, and with whom to develop relationships within the federal contracting community . Brian makes this learning precise and easily understood. Making sure registrations are processed properly, identifying new opportunities and learning how to respond to those opportunities are just some of the points Brian has helped his clients with. Brian can also assist in the registration process of Women Owned businesses, Minority Owned businesses, social and economically disadvantaged businesses (8a), Veteran Owned businesses and HUBZone businesses. As well as assist businesses with Simplified Acquisition contracts and large bid contracts. Government contracting can be extremely rewarding for a company. Brian helps businesses create a federal government marketing campaign that will get their business more exposure to government buyers, leading to direct no bid orders or Blanket Purchase Agreements. Brian Lewis of US Federal Contractor Registration makes GSA process and the Simplified Acquisitions Program easy to comprehend, simple to use, and ultimately a very successful outcome for businesses trusting his expertise.

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Brian, Thanks you for your assistance regarding my search for an 8(a) Firm here in New Mexico. Your quick and remarkable search capabilities resulted in helping me find the right 8(a) Firm for the work we are preforming for the Los Alamos Nation Laboratories. I very much appreciated your professional service.
- Phillip T. Roybal, US Army Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque District
Brian, the service you provided this morning was superior, please keep up the great work!
- Samuel W. Brown, Contract Specialist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Over the years, Brian Lewis has been exceptionally helpful to meeting my needs as a federal contractor. When I first signed on with the U.S. Federal Contractor Registration in 2014, Brian was there to help walk me through the process and answer all of my "new guy" questions. I always appreciated his knowledge as well as his warm people skills. Since that time, whenever I have contacted Brian with a question or a potential problem, he has always responded immediately. To date, Brian has a perfect track record of clarifying and resolving all issues or concerns that I have brought to his attention. There is no question that Brian is an extremely important resource to me and my company. It is so reassuring to know that Brian is always there, always available to help the continued success and future of my company.
- Paul Keller, Cascade Communications
Having an administrative powerhouse that can manage SAMS, D&B and other critical components of government business development is an unparalleled force multiplier for a small business. Cost effective, timely and professional, Brian removes administrative maintenance tasks so I can focus on my clients. The Advanced Procurement Portal is a powerful new resource that cuts down a lot of the guesswork from FedBizOpps and opportunity search. Combined with Brian's professional, charismatic and customer-focused VIP treatment, they are the best secret weapon for a Small Business!
- Rita Vazquez-Torres, NewStoneSoup VT LLC
I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance last night on the FEMA contract information. Your efforts in helping us navigate the appropriate sites for information was invaluable. Your collaboration on this matter saved us a lot of time and educated us along the way. On behalf of myself, Sharon Rogers and JPMC I would like to again say thanks for taking the time ensure our questions were answered with great customer service.
- Brian Stephenson, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
The best money I ever spent was hiring USFCR to assist me.
- Doug Morrison, George and the Boys, LLC
US Federal Contractor Registration and Brian Lewis were very helpful and efficient.
- Lisa von Schlichting, owner and office manager, Inter-Chrome Dental Lab
Brian L. at US Federal Contractor Registration has been very responsive to me and my account. Any problems or questions that come up, all I have to do is contact Brian and the issue is addressed and resolved. I can’t ask for more than that.
- Linda H.
There are numerous companies that perform the type of services that this company provides… After I did a market analysis of where I would put my money, Mr. Brian L. and a very professional team, have been met and exceeded my expectations. They are not only skilled and knowledgeable in Federal Contracting practices and mentoring businesses to success, they do so exceeding cost, schedule and performance matrices. I am extremely pleased with their assistance and would not hesitate to recommend and encourage businesses that are intimidated by Federal government business practices to use these service and not attempt to go “solo”. They offer value and professional, attentive service.
- Rita V., New Stone Soup VT, LLC
Brian Lewis of US Federal Contractor Registration is second to none. His professionalism and knowledge is remarkable, and his people skills are outstanding. I would recommend Brian and the US Federal Contractor Registration to anyone interested in doing business with the Federal Government. There is no one better qualified to assist businesses with this process than Brian Lewis.
- Belinda B., EPSC, LLC
My experience with Brian L. and the USFCR team thus far has been excellent! Brian is extremely knowledgeable on the government contracting process and is eager to help a supplier through the entire set up and selling process. While we are just getting started as a company and have a lot to learn, we are confident we chose the right partner to work with and are excited about our prospects moving forward.
- Michael V.
West Harlem Group Assistance, Inc. has worked for several years with US Federal Contractor Registration, and we have complete faith in their work.
- Gillian A., West Harlem Group Assistance, Inc.
My experience with USFCR has made my part of renewal of the SAM registration so much easier. They take care of everything for me. Every person that I’ve had contact with has been extremely knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. The follow up is always great. I would highly recommend this firm to others. It certainly takes a lot of stress off me. I would also like the mention that Jessica S. was a tremendous help in getting me started with the process, and Brian L. did a follow-up call to make sure we had everything we needed and to see if we had any problems or concerns. While we are very happy with everything as it is, I really appreciated that he took the time to check on us!
- Linda P.
I want to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate  your assistance in locating the information I need on the website. I had been trying to figure it out myself for a while before I decided to give up and ask for help. Your helping go through where I needed to find the information was wonderful—I would have saved quite a bit of time if I had spoken to you days ago!
- Gayle Porter, Assistant Procurement Manager, Department of Juvenile Justice
Thank you for all the help you provided me this morning to better understand how to utilize your company’s search engine.  I appreciate the fact that you took the time to listen to my needs and then walk me through the process.  Your professionalism, enthusiasm and patience certainly made it easy for me to understand and follow your instructions. You’ve made my job less complex for sure!
- Edwina M. Brown, QA Data Manager and Lead Auditor at Supship Gulf Coast
After talking to several people, most of whom didn’t even know what a DUNS Number is, I called you and quickly learned that I should have gone directly to you in the first place.  I can’t thank you enough for your help looking for information about the gun range in Nassau County.  Not only did you look for it, but you were kind enough to call me back to make sure I have the information I needed.  You were polite and courteous and I enjoyed speaking to you. You went the extra mile to help me, which you  do not find happens very often these days.
- Patrice Neilson, United States Marshal Service
I couldn’t have gotten these contracts without US Federal Contractor Registration and my Acquisition Specialist Brian Lewis. He not only made the registration process easy but he also answered all of my questions and made sure I understood everything he was doing.
- Trend Green Representative Jason Eil
I would like to send an informal note of appreciation for Brian Lewis’s assistance today. Your quick response, professionalism, and cognizance of SAM/FPDS will enable me to research pertinent data in a timely manner to complete critical market research. I will definitely reach out to you if I need further assistance with any market research or contract inquiries.
- M.Myers, USAF, HQ Pentagon
On behalf of the Fleming Companies, I want to thank Brian Lewis for all the hard work he has done. Brian has been a pleasure to work with, bringing professionalism, knowledgeable input, and of course continued support every step of the way. He spent time training our sales team, worked very hard for us on all endeavors, and has assisted us with landing several government contracts. I feel comfortable recommending him as he is well suited to meet the daily challenges this business brings with it.
- C. Ann Fleming, CEO of the Fleming Companies
Brian Lewis was very helpful with my GSA Advantage questions on more than one occasion. He took his time to ensure I understood his instructions and did not rush me in any way. He gave me his direct number and said that if I had further questions, do not hesitate to call. My recommendation is based on the expertise and enthusiasm that Mr. Lewis demonstrates while performing his duties. Mr. Lewis has shown exceptional leadership abilities, sound judgment and technical skills in all aspects of his duties. He has excellent people skills which can lead a project, or be a dedicated member of the team. His work ethic is one that any organization would seek, as he is reliable, honest, and willing to accept difficult and challenging tasks.
- Clyde A. Orr, Maryland Army National Guard
Just want to say thank you to Brian Lewis for taking time out to provide me a tutorial of the system of GSA. With what Brian showed me, I can assist my internal customers in the sense of how to view, manipulate the difference modules and certainly how to find what it is they are wanting to purchase. Brian was a big help and with me being new to this website, he provided me insight that I will certainly be procuring some items from GSA.
- Catherine Ellerson, Purchasing Officer for West Bloomfield Township
On behalf of my organization, The Oriskany Alliance, Inc., I wish to express our gratitude for the efforts of your company. We had been struggling to establish our entity with S.A.M. -for about a year. Originally we thought we had straightened the confusion in 2012 - when we transferred our organization from CCR tp SAM—but we found that the information in the government file had many mistakes - rendering our registration invalid. We have on occasion paid other companies to help us - others took the cash and ran. Your company has not only straightened out the mess, but has also given us valuable tools for submitting bids. Further, Brian Lewis was able to tell us of a possible donor organization - with the new tools and our new corrected SAM we are now able to seek funding.
- Dr. Augusta Cecconi-Bates, POC
I’ve been working with Kristen Salonia and Brian Lewis at USFCR in the Simplified Acquisition Program for two years. They are very professional and personable, and will make the daunting world of federal contracting a smooth and seamless process. Kristen and Brian go the extra mile to make sure you understand everything involved in working with the federal government, and work tirelessly to give you and your company the opportunity to succeed. It is an honor and a privilege to work with such high caliber professionals.
- Belinda Bentley, Emergency Preparedness Solutions & Consulting LLC