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Christie Jackson

Director of Special Services

Christie Jackson joined US Federal Contractor Registration in 2012 as a Lead Case Manager. Since joining our team, she has helped thousands of small business owners complete their System for Award Management (SAM) Registration. She fields client questions, remains current on regulatory changes, and makes sure that clients are eligible to bid on government contracts. She believes that she’s able to interpret and explain the often confusing rules of government contracts, and has a proven track record of helping clients land contracts.

She helps complete all types of registrations and certifications, including SAM, 8(a), DAPA, GSA, HUBZone, Veteran-owned small business, WAWF, and Woman-owned small business. During conversations with clients, she helps them realize how to best position their businesses to maximize their federal contract opportunities. She also can help clients develop marketing campaigns and materials that clearly and easily demonstrate to federal buyers and procurement officers their services and available products.


  • 2016 – MVP Award
  • 2016 – First Place Production Award (Most CAGE Codes Completed)


The Lead Case Manager who helped my organization complete the SAM Renewal Process for our corporation was Christie J. She and her team reached out to us as a reminder our renewal was forth coming and again did a great job in leading us through the renewal process. She constantly provided the status of the renewal thru emails and made this process quick and easy.
– Suzann Cunningham, National Affordable Housing Trust Inc
Ms.Jackson was very diligent and respectful in assisting me with my registration process.
– Yadira Deya, REO Customer Solution Corp
USFCR has been easy to work with and has always been on top of our registration.
– Kathleen Sego, Certified Languages International LLC
Excellent service and communication. Answered all my questions promptly and was very helpful.
– Adam Nerren, Adam Nerren Ltd
US Federal Contractor Registration gets 5 stars. In particular, my contact has been Christie Jackson who has been the very best contact anyone could ask for in this crazy business world. It is really tough to deal with the government and Christie is a breath of fresh air.
– Rex Anderson, Frigate Contract Services, Inc.
Christie Jackson was prompt and courteous in responding to my e-mail and telephone requests concerning my application. This was unfamiliar territory; Christie put my anxiety at ease. She was professional in her job. I would highly recommend her as a provider.
– William Nelson, Miss-Lou Electric Service Inc
I would highly recommend US Federal Contractor Registration Inc.
– Amy Kaufman, Humanitri
My expectations of working with a government help desk had been low going in but was pleasantly surprised at the positive support I got. The person explained the process and what it could do and what it would not be able to do. The support was helpful.
– John Mariano, DRG Undersea Consulting Inc
The team at US Federal Contractor registration is on top of their game. I found them while searching for resolutions to the extremely difficult and always frustrating SAM system. We never had success in filing with SAM, I attempted multiple times, just to later find that it was never processed properly, or something in the system had changed. I wish I’d found them sooner. They set everything up for us and maintain everything that’s required. Have not had an issue since using their services.
– Matt Butterson, Butterson Construction LLC
Very knowledgeable and courteous help. Eager to be of assistance and quick with response/reply.
– Patty Hayes, Green Acres Farm
Christie was outstanding on helping me throughout the whole process I would highly recommend this company.
– Melody Vaught, Keith Whitson Trucking
USFCR made it a quick and easy renewal, thanks to their friendly staff.
– Thomas Williams, Cityline-Hamilton Builders LLC
Christie was helpful with SAM registration and was fast to respond and keep me informed of status and next steps to take.
– Blake Jordan, Jordan’s Trucking, LLC
USFCR performed the services I hired them for expeditiously and professionally. I cannot say they are necessarily the best value for the money (they seem to be quite expensive all things considered) and the original sales person’s attitude was a little to “whatever, dude” for me, however the individual assigned as my “Lead Case Manager, Christie Jackson did a good job. She kept me informed and moved the process along. From beginning to end it took less than 7 business days (I had already been registered with CCR).
– Michael Trahan, Alternate Axis, LLC
Our experience has been favorable and we are now registered and competing. We recommend US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. to everyone interested in correctly registering with the Government to bid for contracts and win.
– Jarrod Schnabel, United Patriot Partners
I would rate our interaction with this company as being very positive. They took care of exactly what we needed them to do in a professional, timely manner.
– Jane Drapeaux, Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc.
Christie and the team are very professional, proactive, and customer service oriented. The process/procedures used are designed to produce a quality outcome for customers. Highly satisfied and recommended.
– Gloria Cooper, Global Enterprise Management Solutions, LLC
I worked with Christie to get my company’s DUNS number activated and up to date. The process was easy and fast. I would recommend using this business to anyone who has issues with their DUNS number.
-Bill Bartgen, ESPARK, Inc.
Christie was very helpful with quick and prompt responses.
– Angelo Alfano, Kuharchik Construction, Inc.
Christie Jackson helped me become a contractor and did a outstanding job. Always responded back to me fast and never let us down.
– Brandon Brown, Brown Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC
Bobby Davis and Christie Jackson are wonderful. I’m still trying to catch up to all the work they both have already done for me within the last 3-4 business days.
– Steve Schroeder, South Side Lawn & Landscaping, LLC
This business provides great service to it entities. The are key for small businesses in compliance.
– Jackie Mims, The Mike Mims Foundation, Inc.
These people worked hard on helping us get through all the paperwork in a timely and efficient manner. Very friendly staff, and we look forward to continuing to work with them throughout the upcoming years.
– Heather Meyer, McDowell South, Inc.
Christie Jackson provided excellent customer service through our renewal process.
– Sandy Greer, Bluewater Environmental Services, Inc.
Very satisfied.
– Ana Zenda, Zenda, LLC
Christie was a big help.
– Dalila AGiza, AG Nationwide Logistics, LLC
USFCR persisted with me on the path through the intricacies of updating/re-registering my government DUNS and CAGE codes, which had expired, while simultaneously doing a name change. Eliminated my frustrations with the system.
– Harry Bonnell
Excellent support and response times. Effective and efficient. Always consistent in providing the right solution at the right time. Great customer service. They make complex problems solved by their expertise.
– Kevin Dunn, City of Lafayette
In working with the federal government or one of their contractors, my expectations were really low. And what a pleasant surprise to be addressed so genuinely and to experience super timely follow up. It exceeded every expectation I had … and surpassed any expectation I would have had for a commercial business.
– Tiffany Crenshaw, Intellect Resources, Inc.
Our lead case manager, Christie, helped us renew our SAM registration. This was especially critical this year, as we have changed personnel and someone new is handling this on our end. Thank you for your patience and great service.
– Bret Padgett, Charter Township of Comstock
So far so good.
– Mary Harroun, Merry Walker Corporation
The support for the renewal of my SAM registration was done efficiently and accurately.
– Herb Harrison, Phoenix Technologies, LLC
My experience with this company has always been professional and courteous; they make the process very efficient. I would highly recommend this company to handle your SAM registration.
– Doris Williams, Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire, Inc.
Christie Jackson was incredibly helpful getting our school district set up in the SAM system. She was quick and efficient and very friendly. I don’t think the process would have gone as smooth without her leading the way. Thank you, Christie.
– James Jotter, Mountain Iron-Buhl Independent School District 712
Christie was very helpful and efficient with help with me getting through the process. Thank you, Christie.
– Keith Detrick, BioControl North America, Inc.
It has been a pleasure to work with USFCR. They have taken us down the learning curve faster than we ever imagined. They are very knowledgable and enjoyable to work with.
– Mark Elliott
Before I write my review, I need to say something about the “negative” reviews that are found here… Before you do business with a company, learn what they offer and don’t offer. Don’t write negative reviews because you didn’t receive services that the company doesn’t provide. With that said, I’ll proceed. I have had (and continue to have) a great experience with USFCR. Yes, I could’ve done the work myself for cheaper but they made my life significantly less stressful by offering their services. Not only did they complete work that I had already started, they fixed significant mistakes that I had made. This saved me time, money, and embarrassment. I have no less than 4 people (that I know of) who answer the phone and emails without fail if I need them. Would I do business with them again? Absolutely. I still do business with them and don’t see a reason to stop in the foreseeable future. Thank you John Wayne and team for the tremendous support and information that you continue to provide.
– Joshua Shoob, Pelican 1, LLC
Have dealt with this firm and specifically Christie Jackson, Lead Case Manager, to register my company as an approved company to deal with the federal government. The company and staff are professional and all matters have been handled smoothly and competently. In all, a pleasure to deal with!
– Rod Milne, iSIGN Media Corp.
I was lucky to have Christie Jackson handle my SAM application and processing. Her communication, execution, and professionalism were exceptional, and I am grateful for her exceptional work.
– Michael Hetzler, RoA Solutions, LLC
I have been working with this company for the past year. Christie Jackson, Lead Case Manager, has worked so hard for me and been able to help me so much with getting a number of our hotel SAM accounts activated. It has not been an easy job. Different ownerships, paperwork that needed to be completed, on and on. Literally, one year of working with Christie and she has been right there to help me with any questions or help with a solution. I have to admit spending the money of $500 per property (at the beginning) looks like a lot of money for this process. Trust me when I say, it has been well worth the cost! I cannot thank Christie for all her help. I would recommend using this company should you need to establish a SAM account for your company! Thanks again!
– Cindy Addison, Wright Investments
USFCR was efficient and fast with the registration process. Company was already set up in SAM, but USFCR helped correct mistakes made in set up process.
– Cody Lowell, Transportation and Logistical Services, Inc.
Great people to work with. They are skilled to deal even with the time sensitivity. Very respectful and professional. Recently, I worked with them in a registration process, and they met my expectation. I wish them good luck ahead.
– Y. Raj Baral, Humanitarian Organization for Philanthropic Enthusiasm
Great experience. Highly recommend.
– Rebecca Settimio, Settimio Consulting Services, Inc.
Excellent service. Thanks for all your help!
– Dottie Lou Combs, Dot Weld, Inc.
Christie Jackson did an excellent job in getting me a Cage Code. It took longer than expected, but she took the time to help me through it all. Bravo.
– Jim Mullen, ATS Equipment, Inc.
Very well pleased. Everything I needed was done in a very professional manner and very timely.
– Kimberly Thompson, Grant Parish Housing Authority
Christie was a big help in getting our registration completed and processed.
– David Shaw, Albert Bros., Inc.
My name is James, and I have used USFCR to establish my companies in the the federal contracting database. They have been a pleasure to work with from day 1. Recently, my SAM registration was expiring. Christie Jackson notified me of this, expertly took care of this problem, and ensured my status in SAM is active for the next year. I feel like I am in good hands whenever dealing with USFCR.
– James Wines, Country Boy Arms Supply, LLC
I am very satisfied working with US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. We look forward to future work with US Federal Contractor Registration.
– Ed Phelps, Phelps Composite Towers, LLC
Christie Jackson was very helpful and was very courteous in getting my registration completed. It was a good experience.
– Robin Smith, Warm Springs Housing
Christie Jackson was very helpful with my organization’s SAM registration recently, which prove to be very beneficial in my federal grant application process.
– Todd Blake, City of Fremont
Christie made a renewal such a smooth and easy process!
– Brooke Rusher, Williams Mechanical Services, Inc.
My experience has been nothing but positive with this company. They helped me to get the necessary codes and numbers i needed to start my company in government bidding and contracts. The response time was great and communication was detailed and understandable. I’d recommend this company to anyone looking for help to get their government codes for their business quickly and without headaches.
– Jon Priest, Priest4
Very helpful, efficient, and knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.
– Lea Slavin, 1760 Madison, LLC
Christie Jackson has been very helpful.
– Vicki Lardie, Cone Drive Operations, Inc.
USFCR has been handling our SAM registration for the past several years, and they’ve been a valuable partner. Christie is easy to communicate with and does an excellent job with our account. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.
– Johnathan Franz, Thinkwell Group, Inc.
I have worked with US Federal Contractor for six years, and I have had a very successful relationship with them. Their responsiveness and professionalism is top drawer. No complaints what so ever. A pleasure to work with them.
– Burke Wilford, Redwood Government Solutions, Corp.
I recently worked with US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc., and I found everyone to be very knowledgeable and informative. They were upfront about the services they offered, and I knew they were not part of the government. My case manager, Christie Jackson, helped me through the SAM process to a positive outcome. I think I would have given up on the process without their help.
– Susan Taggart
I give Christie Jackson five stars.
– Selina Evans, Red Mesa Electric Enterprises, LLC
I worked with Christie Jackson on my SAM registration and subsequent renewal. She is very knowledgeable regarding this process, was always available when I needed her, and responded promptly with assistance and answers to my questions. Very satisfied.
– Sandra Becker, Asset Innovations, Inc.
I had a very positive experience with USFCR. After speaking with the representative, I quickly received a telephone call from Lead Case Manager Christie Jackson. She was knowledgeable and had me registered and ready to become a US government contractor with a very short timeframe. I cannot say enough positive things about her professionalism and helpfulness. Thank you, USFCR.
– Rebecca Spann
Excellent services. I could not have done this without them.
– Dan Laughlin, Anaconda School District 10
I would like to commend Christie Jackson, Lead Case Manager, for taking care of our US Federal Contractor Registration account. Ms. Jackson was helpful in getting everything organized and ready. We very much appreciate her care and guidance throughout the process.
– Eve Allyn, Saginaw Medical Service, Inc.
Always have a great experience working with Christie Jackson and Robert Renzella. They are very proactive and keep me ahead of schedule to make sure we submitted all information required. I appreciate their prompt responses to emails and any information required.
– Monica Levisohn, Gorman Company
I just want to validate the support and the professional attitude that Christie Jackson – Lead Case Manager – has shown during my registration process.
– Tristan Le Lonquer
We have used US Federal Contractor Registration for a few years now, and they have made it all very easy for us. If I have a problem or question, they are right on top of it. Christie Jackson has been with me from the start, keeping me on track with the SAM registration process.
– Leslie Williams, Pacific Industrial Supply Company Inc.
Very nice to deal with and very helpful never had a problem with them.
– Ronald Bender, Potts & Callahan, Inc.
They are great to work with, and they handle everything in a timely manner.
– Michael Hadnagy, Social – Engineer, Inc.
If my experience wasn’t over-the-top great, I wouldn’t be posting. My company had a great experience with US Federal Contractor Registration Inc. and our case manager Christie. If you have ever tried to get registered in the SAM data base, you know it is a momentous task that could keep you running in circles. When you go looking for contractors to be a case manager for you, there are dozens of obscure companies out there. I was recommended to US Federal Contractor Registration. Christie made the process a breeze for my team and the good people at US Federal Contractor Registration know how to work with the employees at the SAM office. We were under a tight time table and everything was completed seamlessly.
– Douglas Reitz, Rycom Instruments, Inc.
Very professional service, and the personnel is promptly available for any questions, anytime.The registration process was smooth and very expeditious.There were instances where we were required to provide documentation of information which we overlooked, and our agent would call us to give us a remainder.
– Ovi Iorgovan, PE Z.S. Engineering, DPC
I worked directly with Christie to renew our agency’s current registration. Our situation at first seemed complicated, but with the guidance of our case lead, the entire renewal was completed in a matter of days. Christie provided me step-by-step instructions and answered any/all of my questions. In addition, the customer services staff that connected me with Christie was great to work with. Very information and reassuring.
– San Nicolas, County of Thurston
I have been dealing with USFCR for 4 years, and Christie always answers my questions. I have been very satisfied with their services, and I will continue doing business with them in the future.
– Sharon Lamb, B&S Bolts Corporation
Quick and efficient service and communication. Also very friendly and helpful. Fully recommended!
– Nick Proach, Proach Models
Christie Jackson was awesome to work with and very knowledgeable.
– Melissa Young, AC Schultes of Carolina Inc.
I recently updated my registration and worked with Christie Jackson. The team is always very professional, thorough, and helpful. They have streamlined the process, making it easy for a busy executive like myself.
– Noel Burgoa, SI2 Technologies, Inc.
Customer service was excellent. I would highly recommend this service.
– Clinton Newson, Life Style Beauty Supply, LLC
U.S. Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. has provided services to Global Energy & Water Consulting for the last four years. Each year, they remind us of the timing of registration updates and provide the services to maintain our registration to SAM and other federal purchasing locations.Their assistance is invaluable, as we do not have the time nor the personnel to pursue this through the maze of federal paperwork.
– Mark W. Crisp, Global Energy & Water Consulting, LLC
I have been working with US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. for the past few yeas, and I have found them to be professional and efficient. They keep me up to date with keeping my registration current; they call to from time to time to make sure that all is going well; and they are always eager to assist when a problem arises.
– Bliss Bully, Virgin Island Water & Power Authority
US Federal Contractor Registration is easy to work with.
– BB Magee, Woolwine Autoplex, LLC
The staff that I had communications with have been very professional. They are also very proactive in assisting us with our annual renewal process.
– Sandra Fulgham, American Academy of Audiology, Inc.
I use this service every year, and I get a lot of federal business from this Thank you.
– Betty Carter, Claussen Hospitality LLC dba Candlewood Suite
Christie Jackson, our lead case manager, is very helpful, and makes the registration process very simple and streamlined. After we had already been registered for some time, I had made the mistake of deleting our profile when trying to update our address when we moved locations. I contacted Miss Jackson and explained the situation, to which she had me send her a letter (on company letterhead) detailing the matter, and she took care of everything from there and promptly notified me once the problem was corrected. She is very personable and professional and took the fear and headache away from me by taking care of it all for me. It was nice and refreshing to have the pleasure of dealing with someone who actually cares. Thank you Christie!
– Deborah Sass, Gemini Electric Company, Inc.
The staff made it very easy for my renewal application. My staff member who first enrolled me is no longer with us, and when it came time to renew i was uninformed and lost on how to get it done. The staff made it very easy for me, and it only took a little time to complete and was very informative. It really took the monkey off my back.
– Mike Scalia, Drasis Development, Inc.
I highly recommend US Federal Contractor Registration, the company we use to handle our annual SAM registration. I’ve worked directly with Brian Lewis and Christie Jackson, who provide exceptional customer service. The company was first recommended to us when we were experiencing difficulty in migrating from the CCR to SAM system a few years ago. They managed the process and helped resolve issues. We’ve continued to utilize their services since then.
– Patricia DeMaio, City of New Haven, Inc. dba New Haven Public School System
We have great experience in working with US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. They provide excellent service.
– Freddie Leonor, Promark Corporation
I have been very satisfied with the help I have received from US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. They respond promptly, have resolved several issues, and gotten me past several hangups that could have delayed me for hours. I am happy to recommend their services.
– Steve Lewis, Red Canyon Transit, LLC
Professional and very dependable service. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get things start with registering to be a contractor for the government.
– Zachary Williams, Kishron
Dear Sirs, I am a retired judge and President of the American Ukrainian Medical Foundation (AUMF), which is certified as a public charity by the IRS. Ms. Christie Jackson, a Lead Case Manager at USFCR, is assigned to us for about a year. Ms. Jackson is very competent at her work. She helps me at every step in the grant procurement process. To date, it has truly been an honor to work with her.
– Lubomyr Jachnycky, American Ukrainian Medical Foundation
Christie is always professional and competent and I know our applications are in good hands when I know she is handling our matters.
– Kathleen Hales, Western HealthConnect
Our experience with US Federal Contractor Registration Inc. has been very satisfying. Their agent was precise and very professional in leading us through the process.
– Nancy Johnson, Historical Society of Idaho Springs
Over the last several years every interaction I’ve had with US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. has been exceptional. Their attention to detail and service is noteworthy. They create sound working relationships and do what they say they will do.
– David Ryder, Wells Fargo & Company dba Wells Fargo
Christie was professional, efficient and pleasant to work with.
– Joe Winchell, Stoneco Construction, Inc.
Ms. Jackson’s helped me with the process to complete the registration for Shining Stars. He was patient and very helpful answering all the questions I had. Her kindness and willingness made it very easy for me.
– Olivia Navarro, Shining Stars, Inc.
I have been a client of USFCR for several years and have found them to be efficient, professional and helpful. MY case manager has been (and, hopefully, will continue to be) Ms. Christie Jackson. I actually look forward to my next annual USFCR case review.
– Jeffery Young, JB Young & Associates, LTD
Christie Jackson partners with me in a professional, efficient, and effective process.
– Herb Stevenson, Cleveland Consulting Group, Inc.
We worked with Christie Jackson, who handled the SAM process for us. She was very professional, efficient, and enthusiastic about helping us complete the process quickly. Yes, this is an independent firm, not a government agency, but if you want help throughout the process, US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. does a very good job and is open when discussing their role. We’ll definitely work with them in the future.
– Alice Whinnery, LFT Institute, LLC
I never have any issues with any of the personnel associated with this business.
– Stacy Bennett, BRP Manufacturing Company dba Buckeye Rubber Products
I have used this service for the past 4 years and their professionalism and excellent customer service will always have us coming back for more.
– John Rawlings, Raw Safety
We worked with Christie Jackson, who handled the SAM process for us. She was very professional, efficient, and enthusiastic about helping us complete the process quickly. Yes, this is an independent firm, not a government agency, but if you want help throughout the process, US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. does a very good job and is open when discussing their role. We’ll definitely work with them in the future.
– Alice Whinnery, LFT Institute, LLC
They did a very professional job.
– Ronald Rouse, Rouse & Rouse, LLC
Everything went smooth. Christie Jackson was very helpful.
– Gilad Levi, Shikun & Binui America, Inc.
In reviewing our account renewal this year, we again worked with Christie Jackson. What a pleasure to do business with her, as she is most helpful and very attentive to the needs for our account. She makes the process very easy for us and very professional. Thank you to Christie!
– Anna Boyles, Bobby J. Boyles Properties, LLC
Thank you for keeping our department compliant and updated.
– Kasey Miller, North Lyon County Fire Protection District
Christie Jackson was very helpful with our SAM registration.
– Kathy Ross, Title Service & Escrow Company
I have worked with Christie Jackson of USFCR to get 13 entities registered on She has been very efficient, cooperative, and prompt during the process.
– Steve Colella, Senior Vice President, McDougal Property Management, LC
Our SAM registration renewal was a breeze, thanks to Christie. I would recommend my business associates who wish to get SAM registered, to engage your assistance.
– Josephine Ang, Eurekahedge Pte., Ltd.
This is our first time using this service. Christie J. was friendly and helpful, and quickly responded when I had questions.
– Sumi Dalrymple, Ackila, Inc.
USFCR provided excellent and very thorough services.
– Pat Snyder, Crosstown Mechanical, Inc.
Outstanding customer service provided by Christie Jackson on every occasion.
– Jean Mathis, JDMathis, LLC
Christie is consistently professional and easy to work with. She makes the renewal process simple.
– Kimberly Vann, Safer Foundation
Great service! Thorough, precise, diligent, and timely!
– Mark Jackson, Eastvale Financial Group, Inc.
Zero complaints. Very efficient and streamlined process, along with professional and prompt customer service.
– Robert Jackson, Milbar Hydro-Test, Inc.
I could not be more pleased. Christie Jackson made the whole process painless.
– Tom Fulwider, Community Action Program, Inc. of Western Indiana
Christie Jackson, Lead Case Manager, did a fine and professional job of assisting me to work through registering in SAM for second year consecutive. Thanks for all the support.
– Jesus Pico, Macro Enterprises, LLC
I would highly recommend Christie Jackie to assist you in the SAM Registration process.
– Stephen A. West, Tobias & West, LLC
I was assisted by Christie Jackson at USFCR in the completion of my registration. She and her agency were extremely helpful, prompt, and instructive!
– Dr. C. Brady Wilson, Ph.D.
Christie Jackson has been an amazing help in updating our registration annually.
– Mike Potts, Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
I have had great success changing our company name this year in the SAM database, with excellent help and assistance from Christie Jackson. She has always gone above and beyond to always satisfy and help the customer.
– Margaret Marinelli, Bay Metals & Fabrication, LLC
I have been working with Christie Jackson (Lead Case Manager, US Federal Contractor Registration) at USFCR, and I have been incredibly impressed with her prompt attention and responsiveness! I’ve been dealing with folks at the county, state, and federal level for business reasons but never dealt with USFCR, and it’s been refreshing!! So professional and prompt. Thank you!
– Diane Creal, IncisiveCare, LLC
Great help with the forms and certifications. Good work.
– Anson Murphy, Anson & Associates, LLC
So much easier than it used to be…great job Christie Jackson, as always!
– Connie Shockley, George County dba George County Sheriff’s Office
I want to share a POSITIVE experience regarding Christie Jackson & Robert Renzella. Each year they both do a fantastic job of assisting in renewing our SAM Registration, and it is very much appreciated by our staff at US Medical Innovations. They are both very professional & helpful during this process, and we look forward to working with them again in 2018!
- Kathleen Korinko, US Medical Innovations
Christie Jackson is prompt and professional.
– Robert Tudi, OST Services, LLC
Christie Jackson was great and very helpful. The whole experience was long and complicated. Glad it’s over!
– Al Garner, Independent Refrigeration Services, Inc.
Christie Jackson and Bobby Davis was very helpful. They were very knowledgeable and guided me through the whole process.
– Erica Gearner, Crawford and Reiber Medical Associates
Christie Jackson and her team made the SAM registration process painless and seamless. They stay on top of deadlines and get everything done with as little work as possible required on the customer’s part. Thank you, Christie! I highly recommend them.
– Kristina Stoede, Georgia Professional Standards Commission
Christie Jackson has worked with our company for two years in renewing our SAM registration. She has been very responsive and professional. We are very happy with the service and will continue to use her.
– Kathleen Sego, Certified Languages International, LLC
Christie was fast, timely, and helpful.
– Sara Jean, FiberOptic Resale Corp.
Christie was very helpful and efficient.
– Judy Hammack, Housing Authority of London
Christie Jackson was very helpful through the process of updating our account. I run a small diesel engine shop and wouldn’t expect anyone to know what we know. Trying to navigate through everything that needed to be done was difficult but Christie walked us through everything.
- John Smith, Diesel Parts Sales & Service, Inc.
Christie Jackson has always provided timely, accurate, and fast service.
- Judith Fenton, Camarena Health
Christie and her team are excellent to work with. They save us a lot of time internally and provide quick and accurate feedback.
– Kevin Baker, National Recovery Solutions
I’m so thankful for Christie J. in the way she takes care of our application renewal. With a lot of these types of forms, they can be very intimidating to fill out when it’s not something you do every day. Christie is so easy to work with and helps me feel comfortable if i ask questions about the process. I absolutely could not do this by myself.
- Brenda Jones, Old Line Water Authority, Inc.
Christie Jackson is very efficient and quick to respond.
– Derek Allen, MHI Hospitality TRS, dba Brownstone Hotel
Great service and turnaround. Christie J. is always a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.
- Debbie S.
I worked with Christie J. to renew my organization’s SAM account so that we could apply for federal grants. We were on a tight schedule, with a grant deadline weeks away so it was critical that we have our SAM account renewed as quickly as possible. Christie was extremely professional, responsive, and helpful through the process. She gave me assurances that the process would be handled as quickly as possible, and was clear and precise in her communication.
- Shelana D., Save the Redwoods League
I have been working with Christie J. for several years with my renewals. Christie and her team are incredibly efficient and courteous. They make my end of the process so easy and I am completely confident in their work. Good job!!!!
- William R.
Christie was very helpful and quick on assisting with filing our documents and in answering any questions I may of had. Always a pleasure to work with.
- Linda J.
Very positive experience dealing with Christie J. Everything was straight forward, simple and fast. It was pleasure dealing with her and her team. I strongly recommend them.
- Roquel Garcia, Broadcast Tech., Inc.
Christie and team made this process ridiculously easy. I appreciated them staying on top of something I probably would have let fall through the cracks due to lack of time. It is nice to have them remind you about this each year.
- Kim S.
I worked with Christie J. to get our SAM Registration revised/updated to our new company name, and she was great. She was always willing to help me with any questions I had, and made this process a lot easier than it could have been.
- James S.
Christie Jackson is our account manager, and she is great! She gets us going with our Sam Registration and renewals each year for accepting federal contracts, and it is all done in a timely manner.
- Tryn Hendricks, H&H Electric, Inc.
We are a marine engine dealer and distributor on the west coast, in charge of CA, UT, NV, AZ, NM, HI and Guam, and have been working with USFCR, specifically with Christie Jackson, for almost as long as USFCR has existed. They are thorough, fast, and efficient. Knowing the nightmares of filling out and updating those government forms – due to USFCR, we have never missed an update or registration, and we’ve never had a problem with our paperwork. We can recommend them only in the highest regard.
- Lieselotte Reichel, Helmuts Marine Service
The registration process went quickly and smoothly. Everyone I interacted with was knowledgeable and courteous. My lead case manager, Christie Jackson, clearly communicated each step of the process and responded quickly to any questions I had.
- Carrie Vaughn, Tracker Products
Christie and team made this process ridiculously easy. I appreciated them staying on top of something I probably would have let fall through the cracks due to lack of time. It is nice to have them remind you about this each year.
- Kim S.
I worked with Christie J. to get our SAM account revised/updated to our new company name and she was great. Always willing to help me with any questions I had and made this process a lot easier than it could have been.
- James S.
Robert R. and Christie J. were not only quick but professional with their assistance. They made us feel as though our company’s challenges were their only priority. Our company would recommend Robert for registration and assistance with any marketing needs you have. Robert also spent an extended period of time with us on the phone discussing our path forward with additional government contracts and search engine optimization. We had discussed this within our company and had been researching options, but finding all the services we required with one phone call to Robert gave us the time to tend to other business matters. Lastly we were extremely satisfied with the price for the services provided.
– Mark C.
In attempting to do a company name change at about the same time that the government was switching from Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) to the System for Acquisition Management (SAM), I changed the legal name of my business and moved. It caused me to be unable to navigate the waters until Ms. Christie J., Lead Case Manager for US Federal Contractor Registration stepped in and helped me personally through the process. She was prompt, thorough, and always understanding of my inability to understand how to work through the process. She stayed in touch and assisted me each step of the way. Thanks to Christie J. for her diligence.
– Rob R.
The process went very smoothly. Christie is excellent. Last year, our firm had a name change, and she went above and beyond helping me get the change through the necessary systems. I really appreciated the help.
– Paul A.
US Federal Contractor Registration is worth the money. The process, which is usually time consuming, was smooth and the response was quick. Christie was very helpful and professional. I would recommend using this service.
– Loretta T.
The performance of Ms. Christie J., Lead Case Manager, was exemplary! She was patient, courteous, very detailed with her explanations, timely in her responses, and professional in her demeanor. She made the process manageable and painless! I applaud her work ethic and commitment to her job!
– Patricia T.
I am a volunteer for a nonprofit in Wisconsin that was required to register in the SAM system in order to be able to apply for federal grants. I was fortunate to be able to work with Christie on this process. I could not have asked for a better partner in this process. She was prompt, extremely responsive and helpful and went above and beyond to make sure we efficiently made it through the registration process. Christie was also there for me when I had to use my SAM registration to also register under so we could actually file the grant application. In that case, I contacted her randomly and she got back to me quickly and helped me get everything in order. Thanks to Christie for all her help!!
– Anne S.