David Rockwell

David Rockwell - USFCR

David Rockwell

Multimedia Supervisor

Before working at USFCR, the closest David Rockwell had come to a government contract was working as an independent contractor on a 1099 cleaning up after a hurricane. The experience was eye-opening. Not only because of the paycheck was fat, but also because the community was so grateful. “People came out of their homes and thanked us; they gave us food and water. It was a great experience to be doing this public work.”

Maybe all government contracts won’t be as outwardly rewarding as hurricane relief work; but that’s what makes working with US Federal Contractor Registration so amazing. USFCR Clients are constantly backed by a team of people who really care for and appreciate their success. “I truly believe that our clients’ success is our success.” This philosophy influences David’s media production every day. He has made over 70 videos both on the USFCR Youtube channel and in the APP Learning Center Video Library. Expect many more videos and subscribe to the Youtube Channel for the latest updates. When you become a client find the videos in the Learning Center.

“I feel privileged to be putting the wisdom from the USFCR experts into this video format so it is easily understood by people at all skill levels.”

“A highlight of my time at USFCR so far was attending a business conference with Executive Bid Trainer John Wayne II. Watching government contracting specialists reiterate all of the suggestions and advice we implement in our learning center was the last bit of validation I needed. We are providing a truly needed service, unique in the industry, to help small businesses work better with the government.”

If you haven’t watched the series on Acquisition Specialists, David highly recommends checking that out to learn how the USFCR team can help you.

In addition tune into our Youtube Live event every Friday where John Wayne II demos the Advanced Procurement Portal and opens up a live chat for all viewers to have a discussion. Set a reminder so you don’t miss it!

I am always looking for ideas to make great content. Please call my extension or send me an email and let me know what type of content you would like to see next.