Eric Knellinger

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Eric Knellinger is the President of US Federal Contractor Registration, the world’s largest and most respected Federal Government registration firm. Eric has over 30 years of experience in government acquisition, advertising, marketing, sales, and business development. Eric has helped secure Federal contracts for Google Services, Hilton Hotels, McGraw Hill Inc, Raytheon, and countless other businesses. Some of the key Federal Advancements Eric is responsible for include the: Simplified Acquisition Program, GSAP Program, and the Verified Vendor Program.Eric Knellinger is a key advisor to businesses on maintenance, annual updates, and strategy for the System for Award Management (the main database for registered Federal vendors). He is a correspondent to Fox News on Federal Security and Federal registration matters. He has been quoted countless times from the Washington Post on Federal Contracting Opportunities and Federal Set-Aside qualifications for small businesses. Eric has also worked for the United States Government as a private consultant on foreign negotiation, policy, and trade relations. His involvement in the Philippines has helped Eric create an effective program for international businesses looking to work with the United States as Federal contractors. US Federal Contractor Registration is the only government registration firm that can obtain NATO numbers for international businesses including the Government of Canada.

Eric’s best asset has been his personal relationships with over 20,000 procurement officers; Eric is a well-known staple in the government contracting community. With many friends on Capitol Hill, Eric is a figurehead for the advancement of small businesses in America. After countless trips to Washington D.C. advocating for small business, his firm has helped over 65,000 businesses get registered to work with the Federal government. When Eric created US Federal Contractor Registration his goal was to cut the red tape of government bureaucracy and present a real solution for Federal contracting for small businesses.

Eric’s vision to give small businesses the same tools and resources as Fortune 500 companies allowed small business to thrive in the Federal marketplace under his tenure. By presenting real government registration solutions and proven Federal marketing strategies to small businesses, Eric has given small businesses more then a fighting chance in the world of government contracting. Now, procurement officers across the country contact US Federal Contractor Registration to find information on Eric Knellinger’s Verified Vendors.

Eric’s team is strong and that is the main key to his success. Eric’s team at US Federal Contractor Registration is assembled of government contracting consultants who have years of experience in customer service, Federal acquisition, marketing, and one-on-one consulting. Due to Eric’s demand for excellence many of the Staff at US Federal Contractor Registration are past purchasing officers or former military officers. US Federal Contractor Registration has been on the rise since 2010 when the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act demanded the need for such a firm. US Federal Contractor Registration continues to help businesses win government contracts and make real connections with purchasing officers. US Federal Contractor Registration is now a benchmark in the government contracting community thanks to Eric Knellinger’s devotion and creativity.

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Eric Knellinger - US Federal Contractor Registration

Eric Knellinger