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I am proud to announce the Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship. Click here to learn more.

Eric Knellinger is President of US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc., the world’s largest and most respected third-party government registration firm. With more than 30 years of government acquisition, advertising, marketing, sales, and business development experience, Eric has helped secure federal contracts for Google Services, Hilton Hotels, McGraw Hill, Inc., Raytheon, and more.

The U.S. Small Business Administration requires that federal agencies set aside 23 percent of all federal contracts for small businesses. In 2010, the SBA hadn’t actually hit this goal, and recognizing that small businesses didn’t have the tools they needed to compete in the federal arena, Eric opened US Federal Contractor Registration to help small businesses succeed as government contractors. As the company’s client base grew, so did its office staff, which today includes nearly 50 federal contracting experts. And, most importantly, the SBA began to hit their small business contracting goals, as the number of small businesses with complete and accurate registrations grew. In 2016, the SBA reported that 25.75 percent of all federal contracts were awarded to small businesses.

Some of US Federal Contractor Registration’s clients include:

USFCR Trusted Clients

By presenting real government registration solutions and proven federal marketing strategies to small businesses, Eric has given small businesses more then a fighting chance in the world of government contracting. Now, procurement officers across the country contact US Federal Contractor Registration to find information on Eric Knellinger’s Verified Vendors.

Along with completing client registrations in the System for Award Management (SAM), Eric and his team also helps businesses qualify for contracts via its Simplified Acquisition Program; develop and implement marketing programs; succeed as government contracts via the completion of a GSAP Registration; and tap into the company’s cutting-edge Advanced Federal Procurement Data Search, which includes in one place the information a company needs when searching for and responding to solicitations.

Eric has experience in contract negotiation for foreign countries and other outside entities. He spearheaded and remains involved in efforts to make sure contractors have complete and accurate registrations, and is involved in efforts to make sure small business owners know how to access and receive government contracts.

Prior to starting US Federal Contractor Registration, Eric ran several small businesses, including an import-export company; a check verification company, during which he helped developed better ways of verifying funds and decreasing company loss as a result of accepting bad checks; a landscaping firm; and a small truck transporting company.

Eric also worked with AT&T and Verizon, becoming one of each company’s top representatives while handling advertising for large and small global businesses. Because of this experience, Eric knows firsthand the value of developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns to make sure government buyers know about you, your products, and/or your services.

Eric has helped small business owners earn more than $3.8 billion over the past two years, and an estimated $10 billion since 2010.

At an early age, Eric volunteered at the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce, where his mother served as the first female president of the Chamber. Recalling his time as a young man at the Chamber, Eric describes unloading jelly during several arts and crafts festivals, where monies were raised to finance Chamber activities. He also has coached several baseball teams. Eric is active in his church, is involved with his church youth group, mentors students from other countries who are attending high school and/or college in the United States, and awards scholarships each year to local college students.

Eric Knellinger and Scholarship Recipients

But Eric is proudest of the relationship he has with his son, Brett, who is starting his senior year of high school in fall 2017. This relationship is the cornerstone of everything Eric does, be it with US Federal Contractor Registration, at his church, or with any of the organizations where he donates his time.

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