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Gina Wright

Acquisition Specialist

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Gina Wright has more than 20 years of client acquisition, sales, and marketing experience, which means that by working with her, you get someone who knows exactly how to best help you succeed as a government contractor. Rather than focus on helping you land one contract, she takes a holistic approach to government contracting, making sure her clients are set up for ongoing success as well as for growing their businesses.

Gina is an outside-the-box creative thinker, and she most enjoys working closely with her clients, celebrating their successes, and making sure they have the tools they need to research and bid on opportunities. She says that she enjoys hearing from her clients excited about contracts they’ve won and who are grateful that she helped set them up and steered them on the path to success.

Gina comes to work every day excited to meet new clients, support current clients, and bring them her unique approach to contracting — all to make sure that contracting is not as difficult and daunting as many think it is.


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