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Jason Cribbs - US Federal Contractor Registration

Jason Cribbs

Senior Acquisition Specialist


An experienced consultant, government contracting specialist, and marketing expert with 25 years of experience, US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist Jason Cribbs works closely with his clients to help them meet their goals, build relationships with purchasing officers, and win long-term contracts. Cribbs prides himself on teaching his clients how to effectively and easily find, view, and bid on contracts. His advice for budding federal contractors? Be sure to get in touch with procurement officers and prime vendors in your industry, build and cultivate relationships, and keep information about your business, products, and/or services in front of them. Cribbs has been at US Federal Contractor Registration for four years.

Key Client

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Client Testimonials

As an Advisor for ExxonMobil, we go through the SAM registration process for parts of our business. Although the process of filling out Federal Paperwork is sometimes cumbersome, I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jason Cribbs, who personally guided me through the process in a manner where I could complete in a timely manner, and he also offered me some time saving and beneficial tips to help me in the future. Jason is the second Administrator that I have dealt with, and I have had positive experiences with all. Very pleasant to deal with, and a great help and advocate for the companies they do business with.
– Michael Guillot, Exxon Mobile

Jason Cribbs has been extremely helpful. He’s very responsive and answers any questions that I have.
– Chris Chapman, Hasten Energy Solutions, LLC

You and your team are the best, and I can’t thank you enough for your tenacity and encouragement as you walked me through the process necessary in landing my first government contract.  I am literally blown away and thrilled to be working with the federal government on what will hopefully be many more contracts in the future.

Jason Cribbs and John Wayne helped me organize my proposal and include the correct documentation in it. I wouldn’t have thought this was possible, had I not worked with USFCR. I attended the training sessions and was proactive with my questions, and John was there to help and answer questions related to the contract on which I was interested in bidding. [Submitting a bid was] scary at first, but now that I’ve landed my first contract, I feel like I am able to confidently bid and compete on other small interpretive design projects.


– Tricia Peterson, President of Blueraven Creative, LLC