Jennifer Brining

Jennifer Brining - USFCR

Jennifer Brining

Acquisition Specialist

Jennifer still remembers making her first sale. The feeling it gave her was one of being at home. Since then, her career has spanned over 15 years and she now works as an Acquisition Specialist at USFCR. To her, the key to success is building rapport with clients. If you build rapport, you create trust. Through that foundation of trust, you can truly help a client succeed.

One of the reasons why Jennifer works in sales is that she loves talking with people. She finds herself speaking about her kids with her clients. When she’s not helping out USFCR customers succeed in the federal marketplace, you will most likely find her on the water. On her free time, Jennifer enjoys being on her boat either swimming or fishing. She also likes spending time updating her house.

Positivity and preparation are two values that she upholds. Her favorite motivational quote comes from Zig Ziglar with, “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”