Jimi Diaz

Jimi Diaz - US Federal Contractor Registration

Jimi Diaz

Web Developer


For more than 20 years, Jimi Diaz has built custom websites and supported IT departments for businesses large and small. Because he’s been exposed to dozens of industries, he’s best positioned here at US Federal Contractor Registration to help clients develop and put in place industry-best websites and IT solutions. These solutions run the gamut — from websites built to attract federal interest to suggesting how to tailor their web and social media presence to best position themselves for contracting success.

His advice — whether you’re starting out or have been working as a government contractor for years, the best way to guarantee success is to be professional. This professionalism extends beyond your written and verbal communications. In fact, Jimi believes that your web presence plays as much a role in your success as the bids you make on opportunities. It’s the little things that matter most, he thinks, and makes sure his clients don’t need to worry about them and can focus instead on running their businesses.

Getting someone ready to work with the federal government lets Jimi marry his more than 20 years of experience with today’s ever-shifting environment. What never changes is the millions of products and services the government buys each year — which means that there’s always an opportunity to succeed, as long as you have the right team supporting you.


Olivo LLC wants to thank you for the good job that you did with the webpage. Thank you for taking the time to make it possible. We love it.
— Jasson Olivo, Olivo, LLC