John Innes

John Innes - USFCR

John Innes

Acquisition Specialist

John is an expert relationship builder. He specializes in matching business owners up with government procurement officers to win lucrative contracts. As a small business owner, John understands that even the smallest relationship can lead to a contract. That is why he advises all of his clients to reach out to as many procurement officers as possible. In this regard, winning contracts really is a ‘numbers game’.

In addition to building relationships, John emphasizes the importance of having a federally formatted profile. Without a Federal profile, small businesses are virtually invisible in the Federal space. This is especially true for businesses with special certifications. After all, what good is a veteran, minority, woman-owned or small business certification, if the procurement officers are unaware of your business?

John understands that government contracting can be overwhelming for the novice business owner and that is why he advises all his clients to take advantage of our one-on-one coaching program. Having a personal mentor join your team, significantly accelerates the revenue earning process. John has 22 years experience in the public arena and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley.