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John Wayne II

Executive Bid Trainer

John Wayne II is one of the top No-Bid Simplified Acquisition Experts at US Federal Contractor Registration. As a skilled federal government marketplace analyst/trainer, he specializes in simplified acquisition contracts, mirco-purchases, sole-source contracting, subcontracts, and basic government registrations. He’s also well-versed in federal Small Business, Women, Minority, Veteran, Service Disabled Veteran, 8A and HUBZone set-aside qualifications. John has personally assisted and mentored more than 10,000 small businesses, nonprofits, and federal government agencies.

John uses online contractor resources to show businesses how to navigate the federal marketplace, discover competitors, track down available contracts, and network with procurement officers around the nation. His clients have earned millions of dollars in contracts.

He is an expert in SUBNet, FedBizOpps, USASpending, the Federal Procurement Data System, System for Award Management, DLA’s BINCs, FEMA and Dynamic Small Business Search. John is currently on the board and/or endorsed by the NBCC Organization, CDICO, PAEC Organization, and Mass Mutual. He carries personal endorsements from Colonel Boggs and General Beasley. John has also worked with Kris Mohandie, Ph.D., ABPP.

John has a background in Information Management Resources and in helping businesses convert and migrate data from older legacy systems to newly optimized databases. He also has two U.S. Small Business Administration certificates: Cybersecurity for Small Businesses and How to Win Federal Contracts. John is also certified to train and enroll businesses into the Simplified Acquisition Program.

He has also spoken for numerous assemblies and chambers of commerce around the country. In March 2017, John was a featured speaker at the annual International Glove Association symposium. During his presentation, he reviewed how to become registered to work with the federal government as a contractor, how to succeed as a government contractor, how to search for and respond to solicitations, and the overall bid process.

In August 2016, John was featured on Government Product News, a division of American City & County. Click hereto read how he thinks contractors can best leverage access to purchases made as the fiscal year ends.

In 2015, he received the Customer Service Award.

John earned a degree in Advanced Marine Biology from St. Petersburg College.

To book John Wayne as a guest speaker please call (877) 252-2700 Ext 747.

Media Accolades

USFCR Client Leading2Succeeding, LLC Receives Two Federal Contracts


If you’re somebody that doesn’t have a lot of experience with federal contracting, you’re running your own organization and don’t have a lot of resources in terms of people, USFCR gives you the experience. I didn’t know what ‘right’ looked like. So, USFCR provided my website and documents that made my presentation professional. I fit in. I felt like I fit in as far as being competitive. I didn’t have to sit around and do a whole bunch of research which freed me up for other things which was very helpful for me.
-Lt. Col William Johnson of Leading2Succeeding LLC
John Wayne is a great mentor, he has had been with us since the beginning of our company teaching us the basic and taking away our fears that every startup company may have. He’s full of knowledge! Now that we have won some government contracts, John Wayne and his team are still there encouraging us to take even bigger steps! Just like in the beginning… they make an amazing team, thank you guys.
– Isabella Cordova, Texas Electrical & Testing Services, LLC
If it was not for John Wayne and the rest of the guys at USFCR there is NO WAY I would have won the 2 contracts I have bid on. Cudos!
– Steven Boodhoo, SkyhawkDroneServices
I worked with PTAC, SBA & SCORE for 5 years and learned more from you John Wayne in 20 minutes than I did in 5 years with all three agencies combined!
– Kenneth Logan, Changing Technologies, Inc.
John Wayne is the “Einstein” of the government contract process – not only for preparing bids, but also for knowing the process of WINNING bids.
– Mike Lewis, Pahrump Medical Supply
John Wayne is great for educating and providing resources for companies like myself for bidding on federal contracts.
– Mark Mahoney, Bright Language Testing, LLC
John Wayne is one of the most resourceful guys I’ve spoken to, with the federal registration process. John spends time with the individual providing tools that ultimately help the business become knowledgeable with government contracting. The fact that he takes part of his day and has live conversations with US Federal Contractor Registration clients, and walks them through the process, is, in my opinion, rare. Thank you, John, for all of your support.
– Joshua Burgess, Divided Lines, Inc.
John has been the common denominator for not only me but thousands of others in the federal arena. He’s been the man that goes the extra mile to make sure that all of his clients are being taken care of.
– Nikolas Tamez, Novalt Corps., Inc.
John and his team are true professionals, providing hands-on training and guidance for federal procurement.
– Martin Jennings, Jennings & Jennings, LLC
Thank you John, and your team, for all the hard work [you’ve] put in to help me get as far as I’ve gotten.
– Klay South, USA Up Star, LLC
You guys are awesome! You did everything right, professionally, and timely, in support of CAMSECO Investigations to garner government contracts. We rarely meet people with great integrity in a lifetime. You are great!
– Aubrey Campbell, CAMSECO Investigations and Security Services, LLC
My only regret is that I did not find them earlier. I have been nothing but pleased with the work they have done for me. They are extremely knowledgeable in the realm of government contracting. I spent a year just getting set up only to find that I was making things much harder than it needed to be. They started with updating my SAM registration, creating a government-friendly web site and helping me with proposals, capabilities statement. I was on the verge of giving up hope of ever successfully bidding on and winning any government contracts. They have changed all of that for me. I look forward to working very closely with them over the next year and watching my bottom line soar.
– Geraldine McMiller, Scoop or Scuttlebutt, LLC
Just got another contract. That’s three in the past week. If you want help or more information on how to bid or work with the federal government, ask anyone on the [USFCR] team.
– Klay South, USA Up Star, LLC
I am very encouraged and optimistic about my experience with US Federal Contractor Registration so far. John Wayne is an excellent teacher, and Angela Armstrong, his assistant, is always pleasant, cheerful, and willing to help.
– Wole Adeoye, Victory Pharmacy of Decatur, Inc. dba Victory Medical Equipment
What more can I say about my friend, John Wayne? We have known each for a few years now, and his customer service is outstanding. His warmth, empathy, and commitment to helping people is bar none and this man gives 120% of his time and efforts to helping you succeed. He has a group of people around him that has surpassed anything I’ve seen in this industry so far. You can’t go wrong with John.
– Gregory McBride, Organo Gold
John, Gina, and Angela are a great team with a wealth of knowledge. They are always there when you need them. They really have your best interest at heart.
– Michael Paulus, C-Plus Electronics, Inc.
Before I write my review, I need to say something about the “negative” reviews that are found here… Before you do business with a company, learn what they offer and don’t offer. Don’t write negative reviews because you didn’t receive services that the company doesn’t provide. With that said, I’ll proceed. I have had (and continue to have) a great experience with USFCR. Yes, I could’ve done the work myself for cheaper but they made my life significantly less stressful by offering their services. Not only did they complete work that I had already started, they fixed significant mistakes that I had made. This saved me time, money, and embarrassment. I have no less than 4 people (that I know of) who answer the phone and emails without fail if I need them. Would I do business with them again? Absolutely. I still do business with them and don’t see a reason to stop in the foreseeable future. Thank you John Wayne and team for the tremendous support and information that you continue to provide.
– Joshua Shoob, Pelican 1, LLC
My experience with USFCR has been nothing but positive. I think doing some research as to what their services are may help you during the process. They are responsive to my emails and phone calls within 24 hrs or earlier, Gina, Angela, and John have always been willing to help and guide as we move through the process. They are a service that actually has useful resources, such as the open training every day. No matter the level of experience, John will walk you through things step by step. It’s great and really helpful to stay motivated. If you think they are there to do everything for you, then it’s not for you, but if you need good counsel for bids or useful certifications and ways to do things correctly, then its perfect.
– Joseph Kinsey, Pacific Logistics Solutions, LLC
I am completely happy and satisfied with my experience working with US Federal Contractor Registration. I have learned more in the past couple of days than I have in years of working with other federal training programs. The staff is very helpful and friendly. They make you feel like you are part of a team. Really love the program.
– Taiwan Moore, T Moore Enterprises, LLC dba TCM Technology Group
Excellent service!!! Angela Armstrong is very helpful, and John Wayne’s trainings are awesome. I would recommend them to anybody trying to get into federal contracting.
– Naveen Joshi, Saivi Technologies, Inc.
John Wayne is a 10+ all the way. Thank you for educating me on government contracts. Five stars!
– Yuriy Makoviychuk, Continent Corp.
We just recently received our first contract award – woo hoo! Thanks for all the assistance these past few weeks with the YouTube videos and conference calls. It really helped out big time.
– Darren Eby, Chief Procurement Officer, Selkirk Products, LLC
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to do a follow- up call with us. We are new to the federal government procurement system, and there is so much to learn about the system that at first it felt overwhelming.There were times that I had no idea what they were requesting on the solicitations and no one to ask for guidance —that is until I discovered you on YouTube. Simply put, your YouTube videos are by far the BEST instructions available for doing business with the federal government. After watching just one of your YouTube videos, I was convinced that we needed to register with your organization if we were planning on being successful in the federal market sector. I must say I have not been disappointed. Your daily group trainings are AMAZING! You often answer my questions before I even ask them. I really enjoy and benefit from hearing the questions and concerns that members of the daily group training session ask each day. I love the fact that you are working on actual current situations and opportunities. Believe me when I tell you that as a small business that is new to this market sector, it is very exciting and motivating to see an actual solicitation on my screen for $1 million and to hear you explain to the business owner, line by line, the small details that must be double checked before submitting. — then you actually suggest that he e-mail the RFQ it to you for review before submitting it. That is AMAZING SERVICE!
— Earline Perrilliat, GVal Investments
John Wayne is totally awesome, and we would not have won our contract without him.
— Letha Beaty, Ceroglass
I have learned a lot from your videos and training. I gracefully appreciate you.
— Zac Webster, Webster Haulin’
Mr. John Wayne, III with U.S. Federal Contractor Registration is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the world of government contracting. He walked Veterans Drywall Plus, Inc. through every step insuring that our paperwork was submitted correctly in order to register with SAM/ ORCA/ FED BIZ/ VET BIZ as well as assisting our new business with obtaining our Cage Code and DUNS number. This man is a wealth of knowledge and anyone looking to land government contracts has a huge advantage by using Federal Contractor Registration Services. Mr. W. is always readily available via email or phone to answer our calls he also has held training webinars to help our business understand how to navigate the government sites in order to find opportunities relevant to our field of work. This is a top notch company with vast knowledge in their field along with excellent customer service. Veterans Drywall Plus, Inc. highly recommends using U.S. Federal Contractor Registration Services.
– Joshua W., Veterans Drywall Plus, Inc.
John Wayne has been extremely helpful. I am always able to schedule a same-day conference with him, and he has been able to answer all of my questions.
– Joe Coates, Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. Owner
John Wayne is like a wizard. He is extremely knowledgeable and very patient. He shares valuable information with us and guides us through the process of pursuing government contracts. Thanks to him and US Federal Contractor Registration, our company is prepared to pursue contract opportunities.
– Timothy McCann, Supreme Systems Co.
You and your team are the best, and I can’t thank you enough for your tenacity and encouragement as you walked me through the process necessary in landing my first government contract. I am literally blown away and thrilled to be working with the federal government on what will hopefully be many more contracts in the future. Jason Cribbs and John Wayne helped me organize my proposal and include the correct documentation in it. I wouldn’t have thought this was possible, had I not worked with USFCR. I attended the training sessions and was proactive with my questions, and John was there to help and answer questions related to the contract on which I was interested in bidding. [Submitting a bid was] scary at first, but now that I’ve landed my first contract, I feel like I am able to confidently bid and compete on other small interpretive design projects.
– Tricia Peterson, President of Blueraven Creative, LLC
John has been extremely encouraging. His expertise with explaining the process has been unsurmountable. He is quick to respond to my questions and he gives excellent direction on how to accomplish the task at hand. He is professional, upbeat, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable.
– Letha Beatty, Ceroglass Sales Associate
USFCR and our trainer John Wayne made sure that our company’s certifications and registrations were accurate. They made themselves available throughout the process, and were available to give us guidance when we needed it.
– Brian Campbell, Wyatt Management Government Services Project Manager
John has been instrumental in providing clear and concise instructions and recommendations that fosters organizational growth. He is excellent, as it relates to stimulating thought in leadership. I am confident that John brings leadership, organizational maturity, and a complete and thorough understanding of the federal government and how it operates concerning small-, medium-, and large- contractual relationships.
– Henry L. Wolfe, Dallas Fort Worth Logistic Services Freight Broker
John Wayne’s training is phenomenal.
– Jacqueline Threadgill, Senergene Solutions Principal Consultant
When I originally decided to take the daunting step of getting my company, Sophaya, certified to bid on government contracts, I was more than a little anxious. As a small business owner, I have a lean team and limited resources — I couldn’t afford a costly mistake. Preparing bids seemed overwhelming until I teamed up with John Wayne and the rest of the team at USFCR. It’s amazing how much progress we’ve made to-date. We clearly could not have done it without your help.”
– Mari Anne Snow, Owner and President of SophiaThink
Not only is John extremely knowledgeable, but he is patient, practical and available. I really feel he and his colleagues are part of my team and invested in my success. Not only has John helped build my confidence, it really feels like he is my partner in the process. In addition, his body of work, tools and tips – LinkedIn posts, acronym lists and teaching aids – have helped me get my team up to speed as well. I can’t say enough about my experience with John and the rest of the USFCR team. Best money I’ve ever spent.
I’ll be honest — this was a new ballgame for me, and it’s all thanks to US Federal Contractor Registration, especially John Wayne, that I not only won this contract but am confident that there will be others awarded to us in the future. John is a godsend. He possesses a great deal of knowledge and is willing to share and teach – and he has the patience of Job. John is just a wealth of knowledge, and if you don’t understand how it all works together, then you can easily be overwhelmed. He helps put things in perspective and can save you a lot of time just by helping you focus on the parts of the bid notification that are the most important.
– Herb Jones, Principal and CEO, Pyramid Technologies, LLC
John Wayne is a top executive in his line of work. His effort in assisting my business in federal contracting have been phenomenal and outstanding. When I finally land my first huge contract, it will be because of him. I very highly recommend this colleague for your business. He will help the business grow immensely and will be a valued asset to your business.
– Dr. Jerry Garrett, President and CEO
The name John Wayne says it all, Honest and Straight Forward. John knows what it means to Persevere and Stay The Course. John is a Great Leader and the best Representative USFCR could have. Both USFCR and John Wayne are of the Highest Principle. We have referred many people and companies to USFCR because of the way John has always taken care of CDFI throughout the years, for this started day one and has never changed. John is very good a matching up companies and their needs as he has referred many to also CDFI better know as CDIFIRST. John has the professional experience and know how and he has provided these abilities to those he works with and in doing so he further provides the parties with a Successful Track Record as the outcome. John is self reliant as you find in one that owns their own company but is a Team Player all the way. John does not know what is means to give up or quit, but rather John has moved forward full steam ahead and has fully supported and helped those who come to him to organize and develop thriving businesses, starting with that first past performance. One of the best things I could say about John is that he is very passionate about his Family, His Calling and also Others. Thank You John Wayne.
– WR Presley, Director of Business Development at CDFI and CDFI Companies
John is truly an expert in his field. From initial contact with John I was confident that I had found the assistance that I had been searching for. After only a few short meetings I was extremely impressed at John’s patience, knowledge and persistence at achieving my goals. His knowledge of contracting is extensive, introducing me to area’s of contracting that I had not even considered. He constantly goes above and beyond ensuring my decision to ask him personally for help in contracting was the right choice. I highly recommend that any business looking to win in contracting regardless of which agency ie. govt, private, personal etc. I recommend him whole heartedly.
– Victoria Pridgen, CISSP, CEH, Information Systems Security Professional at Convergent Mission Solutions

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