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Johnathan Maness is the Director of Business Development at US Federal Contractor Registration and is one of the most recognized government consultants across the nation. Johnathan spent three years serving his country as a proud Gunnersmate aboard the USS Carter Hall during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Johnathan has also attended Ashford University and Alamance Community College focusing in the fields of FEMA & Homeland Security, Counter Terrorism & Intelligence, and Business Management. His experience in the United States Navy gave him a first hand look at government acquisition and federal sales. Johnathan is also a service-disabled veteran that has become a master at assisting businesses in government contracting, and ultimately helping them win contracts. His proven track record of success is clearly shown in his countless client testimonials and press/media accolades.Johnathan is one of the most knowledgable consultants on FEMA contracts due to his education and experience with no bid contracting. Johnathan is extremely skilled at navigating the federal marketplace and finding available government contracts for vendors interested in creating a new revenue stream. His advice on government marketing is second to none. Johnathan has consulted businesses on contracts by negotiation, sealed bidding procedures, micro-purchases, simplified acquisition contracts, federal set-asides, government marketing solutions, and federal brand awareness campaigns. Johanthan is the recipient of multiple Major Account Awards, a Business Strategy Award, a Customer Service Award, a Technological Advancement Award, several New Account Acquisition Awards, and, in 2013, the US Federal Contractor Registration President’s Award.

He is also qualified to train, council, and conduct the enrollment process for the Simplified Acquisition Program, as featured at

Media Accolades
USFCR Client Mediators of Texas Becomes Registered Government Contractor

SabioAdvantec, LLC Officially Becomes a Registered Government Contractor

Global Management Investments, LTD Officially Becomes a Registered Government Contractor

Franconia Real Estate Service, Inc. Wins Over 43 Million in Government Contracts While Utilizing US Federal Contractor Registration National Marketing Campaign

Robert Doscher Associates Wins Over $58,837 While Enrolled in the Simplified Acquisition Program Thanks to US Federal Contractor Registration and Johnathan Maness

Franconia Real Estate Services Inc Wins Over $24 Million in Government Contracts from U.S. Secret Service

Liberty Life Supply Gets Contract on Simplified Acquisition Program thanks to Johnathan Maness

Johnathan Maness Gets 8a Contract Award for DLP Services

Dennis Beyer Consulting INC is Awarded a Simplified Acquisition Contract

CTM Automated Systems is given Verified Vendor Status


They are very committed to helping you. I would advise anyone looking to get started in government contract work, to give them the opportunity to work with you.
– Paula Moore, Moore Machine Works, LLC

Johnathan M., Director of Contract Operations, worked hard for us to get us through the process. His follow-through and responsiveness was exemplary. He was knowledgeable and explained the process and followed through. The firm is awesome to work with. This was our first time working with the Federal Government under the umbrella, and we could not be happier with our experience with USFCR, the staff, and the results. Their training videos were helpful as was how they marketed our firm to selected agencies. Bravo.
– Don

Johnathan M. with U.S. Federal Contractor Registration has offered impeccable service to my business. Every time I have called, he has been right there to answer any questions that I have. Mr. M. has gotten my business certified to do business with the government for two consecutive years.
– Gregg, Gregg Trucking

I’ve been extremely pleased with the attention and professionalism my company has received since signing up with USFCR. Johnathon has answered each and every question, as well as offering great advice when concerning the welfare of our company and our long term goals. Also he has answered every phone call I’ve made (which has been numerous) or called back, usually within minutes. I’m looking forward to doing many years of work alongside these guys, right up to retirement, which should be years sooner than had I not procured their services.
– Richard B.

Johnathan M. was outstanding in his assistance, professionalism, and knowledge. He put me at ease and shared a lot of information to grow my business. I would recommend him to anyone!
– Christina L.

Johnathan Maness was very easy to work with and extremely customer friendly. He made it a seamless process and kept us informed every step of the way. We knew a month before it was due, that it was time for our renewal, and then were notified when the process was complete.
– Joyce T.

It was very effective having US Federal Contractor Registration and Johnathan Maness in your corner. The process was simple and smooth, and took all the headaches out. I couldn’t have done it without them.
– Rock D.

Johnathan Maness is excellent.
– Jae K.

Barbara A. Allen, president and owner of Mediators of Texas, states: “Johnathan helped shape and prepare MOT to be the best solution to all of our clients’ needs with his thorough evaluations, essential preparations and teamwork. We feel completely prepared to execute an array of contracts immediately.”

John Cheeseborough, president and co-founder of SabioAdvantec, LLC, stated: “Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. We had tried to gain entry into the government contracting space, and believed that we had completed all the steps. But it wasn’t working! Then we contracted US Federal Contractor Registration to help us, and the panel lit-up immediately! Everything started to work. It is amazing that they can deliver a service of such value, so quickly and for so little compared to its benefit. We are very pleased!”

Shirley R. Collins of Seaside Group stated, “Fortunately I had the privilege of connecting with USFCR and Johnathan Maness in particular. His steady hand while guiding me through the process increased my confidence in the process. I highly recommend working with this service, but also Johnathan Maness in particular.”

Lake Forest Hearing Professionals, LLC is owned and operated by Dr. Lori Ann Halvorson, a Doctor of Audiology. A practitioner for over 25 years, Dr. Halvorson is a pioneer in hearing safety. She and Lake Forest Hearing Professionals specialize in the preservation of hearing and education of hearing loss as well. Hearing protection with regards to music, work, car racing, and everyday living, is also a large focus of Lake Forest and Dr. Halvorson:

“Johnathan Maness assisted me with several valuable registrations, including my Woman-Owned Small Business and G-SAP (GSA – Simplified Acquisitions Program). He has been a phenomenal contact and wealth of knowledge.Thanks to his patience and experience, I am still able to create revenue throughout this seamless process. The G-SAP is both unique and effective, as it allows me to hold onto valuable capital, proving extremely beneficial. My firm gains priceless exposure on a daily basis. Thank you, Johnathan Maness!” – Dr. Lori Ann Halvorson, Lake Forest Hearing Professionals, LLC

Marian Rowan of MGR Home & Shelter Concepts stated, “Initially I thought going into Government Contracting was going to be a difficult process; however, after working with Johnathan Maness of USFCR I rest easy knowing that my registrations are completed and submitted properly, and that I am being marketed effectively to Procurement Officers. Mr. Maness has assisted me every step of the way and I am confident in his experience in working with small businesses.”

“I own two firms successfully registered thanks to Johnathan Maness. He assisted me with my Woman-Owned Small Business and VetBiz registrations, and also two separate simplified acquisitions programs. Johnathan explained in great detail the benefits of the SA program and within the past five months, I have secured nearly $150,000.00 in federal contracts. His vast knowledge and genuine concern for the success of my businesses exceeds all expectations. Johnathan’s continued care, attention, and availability, remain a rare commodity.” – Mrs Stevens, Robert Doscher Associates, Inc.

“Johnathan Maness has been a blessing to our firm. With Johnathan’s assistance, and thanks to his simplified acquisitions program, and Woman-Owned Small Business registration, we landed our first contract within two months. His knowledge, attention to detail, and unsurpassed dedication has thoroughly impressed us. We have shared our success story through Johnathan’s guidance with countless people.” – Velma Wright, Grace Company

“Entering Government contracting seemed like an overwhelming process initially, until the USFCR streamlined this process and made this painless. Acquisition Specialist Johnathan Maness has been very responsive. I would highly recommend USFCR to anyone that is looking to get into Government Contracting.” Marc Naya, SBG Healthcare LLC

“Working with US FEDERAL CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION and JOHNATHAN MANESS in particular has been a blessing and an adventure. Every day the bid offerings are sent like clockwork and we are excited to see if we bids to quote. The folks at US FEDERAL are always nice and have often guided me to award success.” Sheri Stevens Liberty Life Supply

Gabriel De La Paz, President/Owner of DLP stated “Johnathan Maness, Director of Operations, and Jessica Summers, Case Manager, have been outstanding in the 8A approval process for my company, De La Paz Cleaning Services, LLC. They added a seamless touch to a usually lengthy process. I would highly recommend their services in assisting any small business pursuing an 8A Certification.”

Carol Moseley of CTM Automated Systems, Inc. (CTM) stated, “The US Federal Contractor Registration group (especially Johnathan Maness) has been very responsive to updating CTM’s information. The response to our inquiries has been quick and professional.” US Federal Contractor Registration specializes in assisting small businesses like CTM to become properly registered and prepared for the federal marketplace.