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Kristen Salonia

Case Manager

Kristen has been helping USFCR clients complete their System for Award Management (SAM) Registration since 2014. She prides herself on taking the time to ensure that Registrations are done accurately; knowing how to best maneuver around any obstacles that can arise; and making sure her clients know that the key to succeeding as a government contractor is developing relationships with contracting officers. From migrating a previous CCR Registration, to helping a client access a previous Registration that he or she no longer can access, Kristen makes sure that her clients know that she always has their back, no matter the issue. One client with whom she worked — South Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation — earned more than $100,000 in contracts during 2015. “We give our clients the tools to succeed, and that’s what excites me — making sure that my clients are as successful as they can be with the government.”


Thank you Kristen Salonia-Scheidell for your professional, efficient and timely assistance with our corporation’s WOSB registration/certification process. It was very much appreciated.
– Trudy Alva Kinyon, Rumina Nursingwear
I received an immediate phone call and support by Kristen Salonia-Scheidell, she made the process a breeze.
– Kathleen Westover, Air Systems Service & Construction Inc
I am so happy that I have Kristen Salonia, manager of US Federal Contractor Registration, to help me to go through the processing. She is very professional and respond to me so quick. She is great!
– Belinda Xu, B & W Farm, LLC
Case manager, Kristen S is a bright spot in the US Federal Contractor Registration group.
– William Lange, United Language Group Inc
My case manager Kristen, was very helpful and made my US Federal Contractor Registration quick and easy.
– Andrew Rivera, Gamin Direct LLC
Kristen was very professional and quick to get us registered. She gave us the heads up on the possibility that scammers would call. She was absolutely correct and we were able to avoid any issues. She is great to work with.
– Beth Blasdel, Blasdel Enterprises, Inc.
Kristen was very helpful and very knowledgeable in our company needs. She did a great job. Thank you for the quick recovery & install of our account.
– Mark Stewart, Global Packaging & Export, Inc.
Excellent communication and assistance. Quick and painless process. Grateful for the help.
– Martha Bartz, xponent-solutions, LLC
Great job.
– Emmanuel Dyboh, Immeltech Corporation
Very good experience from Kristen.
– Joan Edme, Chances Enterprise Personal Care Home, LLC
I am writing to thank Kristen S. for helping our company complete the SAM registration process in June 2017. Kristen was very efficient, patient, and highly professional to work with. The entire process only took three days from submitting our information to the activation of our SAM Registration. We provided USFCR with the registration information on 6/27/17, and Kristen completed and submitted the SAM Registration on 6/29/17. We received a notice that SAM Registration became active on 6/30/17. Kristen was also very prompt in answering all of my questions through email. I would highly recommend US Federal Contractor Registration, especially Kristen!
– Jean Huang, Suffolk Pontoon Mooring Systems, Inc.
Kristen Salonia-Scheidell was just wonderful! She helped me during a very long process that took almost six weeks to complete. There was a lot of detail and I messed something up after she had told me how to do it…..she never got mad at me and was never unkind. She took a lot of time to make sure she understood what needed to be done and asked questions that showed she knew what she was doing (and got all the information needed to really help me and do what needed to be done – even though I didn’t understand it at all!). I felt so well taken care of in something totally out of my realm of experience! I kept her name so I can find her again when I need help!
– Katie Sherick
Kristen Salonia-Scheidell was an absolute gem to work with. Very dedicated and patient with my questions and fumbling. Could not recommend her enough!!
– Kellie Ballard, Alaska Concrete Sawing, Inc.
Kristen Salonia-Scheidell and her company were professional and very helpful for my business needs. She was very quick to respond to any questions I had and processed my SAMs application and subsequent paperwork very quickly. I highly recommend both her and her company.
– Jason Braadt, American Allegiance Contracting, LLC
My business registered for the Simplified Acquisition Program about 5 weeks ago. From the first week, we were assigned a team consisting of case manager, business developer, and marketing and technology departments [representatives]. They are very attentive and alert – keeping me updated; requesting info to move registration process forward; and delivering on USFCR’s timeline. It’s a pleasure to work with proactive professionals.
– Sandral Turner, MPT Enterprises, LLC
I am writing to thank Kristen Salonia-Scheidell for her help through the SAM renewal process. She had great follow-through and was very patient with me through the process.
– Meredith Cochran, IPC Services, LLC
I feel lucky to be associated with your company. You keep me on track with my SAM registration, and I appreciate that.
– Tony Schwartz, Albany Associates Cleaning & Supply, LLC
My customer service experience with Kristen Salonia-Scheidell was top notch!
– Ligia Carvalho, Physique Fitness, LLC
I thought that my encounter with Kristen was very prosperous and to the point. I made her aware [that] what I was being introduced to was new to me, and she was very graceful and patient.
– Riely Evans, North Courtland Town Hall
USFCR is a great company to trust for your indoctrination into government contracts. Kristen Salonia-Scheidell went beyond the call-of-duty to secure an SDVOSB designation for my startup company. The rest of the staff is competent and trustworthy. They know how to get your business in compliance with SAM, and how to maintain eligibility for your company to win government contracts. 5-star service, and expert advice.
– Erik Ross, Ross Consulting US, LLC
Kristen Salonia-Scheidell, my Case Manager at US Federal Contractor Registration, was key in completing the complicated process with our SAM registration. She held my hand through the process and even helped me correct mistakes I made that held up my SAM approval. She made me feel like someone really cared…and built up my confidence.
– Louis Tomaselli, GHS America, Inc.
I highly recommend US Federal Contractor Registration. I have worked with Acquisition Specialist Bobby Davis and Case Manager Kristen Salonia-Scheidell. They provided excellent customer service, managed the process, and helped our company complete the entire registration for contracts with the federal government. They are very professional.
– Abe Cook, United Contracting Services, LLC
Kristen Salonia-Scheidell did a great job for us with the SAM registration. She took the stress out of the process.
– Barbara Byars, Spring Gulch, LLC
I am writing to commend Ms. Nicole Smith who went above and beyond to assist me in a SAM renewal matter. She was highly professional, extremely competent, and was outstanding in all aspects. She represents her agency in the best possible way. Just today (June 9) I had occasion to interact with Ms. Smith. She was again immediately responsive, professional, and an outstanding problem solver. She is really great at what she does. Furthermore, I omitted praising Kristen Salonia, who is awesome! Kristen provided answers to all my questions, did so amazingly fast, and created the most positive and reassuring experience. She was fantastic. I have worked with Kristen the past two years intermittently and each time the experience has been delightful!
– Sandra Heater, Tuclas, LLC
Kristen and Robert were lifesavers!! They got the re-cert done in less that 48hrs!! They are miracle workers!
– Jennifer Frey, Quammen Health Care Consultants, Inc.
High praise for Kristen Salonia-Scheidell and her company, US Federal Contractor Registration. They helped us through a process that can be complicated, detail-oriented, and multifaceted. We highly recommend them.
– Dan Digre, Oaktron by Misco
I would like to thank Robert Renzella and Kristen Salonia Scheidell on their tremendous help getting TRXS off the ground. Before meeting these guys, I was not knowledgeable at all about federal contracting with the bidding, researching, and talking with the contract officers. After a year working with them, I was about to win one contract within six months and gain experience from that. Thanks again guys. I would recommend US Contractors to anyone looking for help.
– Anthony White, Top Rate Express Service, LLC
Kristen was super helpful with all of our federal registrations. She provided step-by-step instructions and was quick to answer questions. She made everything easy and painless. Would definitely recommend her!
– Nicole Caudill, Alpha Demolition, Inc.
Kristen helped me with my CVE certification for 2017. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and great communication through this process. Keep up the great work!!
– Morgan Gould, MPG1, LLC
Kristen provided terrific service. I had seven telephone calls with SAM before the last agent referred me to Kristen. She finished the process in less than one day. It was great. I was very stressed after the multiple calls, and she solved my problems quickly.
– John Else, Refugee Empowerment Center

The US Federal Contractor Registration process was a pleasure. As a new user, I was completely unsure of what I was doing, but Case Manager Kristen was so organized and professional. She picked up errors immediately and saw me through the process in a professional but friendly way.
– Norman Eaglestone, Eaglestone Consulting, LLC
Kristen was very helpful to get me through the process!
– Ami Martin, Martin’s Sedan Service
I was totally ignorant of the registration process. Kristen Salonia-Scheidell, Case Manager with US Federal Contractor Registration, made this process so easy and comfortable it couldn’t have been better. She was friendly and patient no matter how many times I called or asked the same questions over and over. She literally did all the work for me. Kristen Salonia-Scheidell is a true professional and a real pleasure to work with. I can’t thank her enough.
– Don Yegge, Sierra County Historical Society Incorporated
Kristen Salonia was very professional and active, we are very grateful for the service provided. Their service was everything we could have hoped for, clear, and knowledgeable. We are very satisfied.
– Alexis Soto, Deco Data, LLC
Kristen Salonia-Scheidell is FABULOUS! She is highly professional and an expert in her work. She gave very clear guidance and walked us through our entire Registration Process. She kept in constant communication with us. Kristen’s streamlined process and structure lead our Registration to be a success in a very short amount of time and flawlessly! Thank you!
– Rebecca Uyleman, Devil Dog Installations, LLC
Kristen S. is very helpful and efficient.
— Gaby Bontea, USC Salvation Army
I began my company’s SAM Renewal Registration Monday. At that time I was assigned my Case Manager Kristen S. She was awesome. Her knowledge in the process and her assistance in completing the Registration Renewal was over the top. It took only 3 days to get the SAM Renewal approved. Thank you Kristen!
— Debra M.
Kristin did a wonderful job get our properties set up in She was very professional and easy to work with, and it was a pleasure to work with her.
– Robert Sisson, WNCCHS Marne Road Group Home, Inc.
Kristen Salonia-Scheidell was very helpful, providing awesome service with the renewal of our SAM account. Kristen handled all our questions in a timely and professional manner.
— Ed Ligus, Uniphos Envirotronic, Inc. Global Product Manager
Without Kristen’s thoughtful management and persistence, we would have been in a real mess.
—Fabrice Joubert, Hospital & Medical Supplies S.A.
Kristen Salonia was a very good communicator during the process, because she kept me informed effectively. She also accomplished the job well within the schedule I was given. I recommend her highly.

Kristen S. did the impossible and got us successes where we only had failure attempts. Thank you, Kristen.

I have been working with Kristen with US Federal Contractor Registration, and she helped us get setup with SAM. It was completed in no time. She has been very responsive and answered all my questions. This has been a great experience.

Kristen is awesome and very accommodating. I have never not received a response from her that was delayed, and she has always answered all of my questions. Great person to work with.
– Rosemary V.
Kristen Salonia’s help and assistance with our SAM Registration was invaluable. Kristen was very responsive, kept us informed, and exhibited the highest degree of professionalism. USFCR should be proud to have Kristen as part of the team.
– Will D.
I was very fortunate to work with Kristen Salonia. She was very professional, efficient, helpful, and patient. It was a pleasure working with her.
– Barb P.
Kristen was awesome and really helped us through the process.
– Craig H.
Our case worker Kristen was extremely professional and courteous. Typically, in the government registration processing, it can be a burdensome lengthy task; she had the ability to make the process simple and relaxing with a quick turnaround with our response. She resolved issues in an expedient timeframe.
– Ed H.
Kristen was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and a breeze to work with. She made all steps involved extremely easy.
– Christian P.
This is the first time I had my company’s SAM registration renewed. Kristen S. of US Federal Contractor Registration helped me throughout the whole process. She is very supportive, responsive and informative. With her support, I got the registration completed quickly since of my customers was waiting for my SAM re-activation to place order. I highly appreciate Kristen’s service and support and enjoyed working with her during the process. Kristen, thank you very much!
– James P., Optoplex Corporation
I cannot say enough nice things about Kristen S. and the excellent help she provided me with my SAM recertification. She is a true professional with follow-up and patience. Her customer service skills are top notch. Her dedication to her job was apparent through the whole recertification process. She is definitely an asset to your organization.
– Jennifer C.
Kristen is awesome and very accommodating. I have never not received a response from her that was delayed and she has always answered all of my questions. Great person to work with.
– Rosemary V.
Kristen S. was the person assigned to our case when we were trying to sign up for the FBO/Government bids. At first we were quite intimated by the entire process, working the maze of Federal Government could be overwhelming and we didn’t quite understand it. Then we were assigned Kristen from the US Federal Contractor Registration as our Case Manager. Right from the first interaction, we knew we were dealing with someone extraordinary. Kristen has exceptional customer service, she provides very clear directions, in a very timely manner. She is extremely helpful, friendly and put you right at ease. We were dreading this registration process but Kristen made it very easy and simple for us, she took care of it all for us. The Federal Government/UD Federal Contractor Registration is extremely lucky to have such a competent person for them! Thanks for everything Kristen, keep on the good work!
– Marie-Christine C.
It is with great pleasure that I inform you how satisfied Amzco Surgical Devices is with the services provided by USFCR. Beginning with Specialist John L., who is extremely knowledgeable about acquiring government contracts and how to apply their services to obtain government business. He certainly projects a clear understanding of what to do, we just followed his instructions. We also received excellent service from Kristen Salonia, as she guided us through the registration process; she answered all questions and conducted herself in a very friendly and professional manner. The assistance we received from Web Designer, Kamron N. was just superb! He designed our website to the level of expectation with great efficiency and professionalism. It was truly a great experience working with USFCR!
– Norman W., VP of Sales & Marketing Amzco Surgical Devices
Kristen was very attentive and patient while walking our company through the SAM registration process. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Kristen will be in good hands. Debra J. H., Compassionate Care, Inc.

Kristen Salonia is very attentive and helpful!
– Hannah G.
With the help of my Case Manager, Kristen S., the entire process was extremely easy and surprisingly fast. Ms. S. was prompt in replying to my request for help, very detailed and concise so that instructions were easy to follow, and made the registration happen. Thank you!
– Jeanne P.
I found Kristen to be very responsive, timely, and always willing to help.
– Peter F.
I was very happy with the help I received from Kristen. All the documents and forms were processed in a timely fashion.
– Gabriel
We worked with Kristen at the US Federal Contractor Registration, and without her assistance, could not have done this registration process ourselves. She always answered emails and phone calls quickly. We will definitely use their service again in the future because it takes the burden of a cumbersome process and makes it manageable.
– Pam S.
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating, my experience with Kristen Salonia at US Federal Contractor Registration, was by far a 10. She was courteous, very experienced, and competent with the processes and information needed, and worked closely with our firm in getting our CAGE number assigned. She followed up with checking the status of our registration and kept me advised of any problems that were causing a delay with our registration. The customer service was exceptional and I would highly recommend this firm to others.
– Susan K.
Kristen made the process very easy and helped me complete the registration process without any issues.
– Kristie H.
Kristen Salonia was great. She is very helpful and responded to my questions quickly and efficiently. Great working with her.
– Desanka H.
Kristen S. was one of the most helpful agents I have ever worked with, walking me through a confusing bureaucratic process step by step.
– Rick G.
Kristen S. did an outstanding job in assisting me with obtaining all the proper numbers necessary for entities to compete for Federal contracts. She was absolutely accessible to answer any questions and made the process smooth and trouble free for me. I would return to her and her group for any further business of this type.
– Anonymous
In all ways, Kristen Salonia is excellent and professional.
– Stephen M.
Kristen was a great help in getting our business set up for government contracts.
– Robert
Kristen Salonia is very professional and knows what she is doing. She has a pleasant and pleasing personality, and explains what you need to know so that you can easily understand it.
– Vince K.
Kristen S. helped us numerous times, was professional and sympathetic to our problems, and found a solution and kept us informed throughout the whole process. Her friendly and knowledgeable performance is a credit to US Federal Contractor Registration, and she should be commended. I am looking forward to working with her closely in the years to come.
– Jeffrey L.
I found Kristen S. to be very helpful in navigating through a very difficult and confusing process. Kristen was very responsive when I needed her expertise and assistance and I would highly recommend her to others who might be going through this process.
– Jim B.
Kristen S. did an outstanding job assisting me with all my paperwork to complete my SAM registration. She was on top of everything, and made calls for me that were needed to make sure everything was completed satisfactory. She was very patient, and I am very appreciative of all her assistance. Please let her know how appreciative I am for her help.
– Yolanda K.
Kristen S. was very professional and helpful.
– Dave G.
The team members with whom I interacted to obtain registration for my company were extremely helpful and responsive. Our Case Manager, Kristen S., was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process.
– Alan S.
I had the absolute best professional and customer service experience with Kristen S. at US Federal Contractor Registration. She expedited our registration process under stressful circumstances for my firm. She was highly communicative, informed, and results oriented. Without Kristen’s expertise we would not have met a very tight deadline and would have lost out on a significant opportunity to bid on services we have been the subcontractor on for seven years. I give her the highest ratings one could give. She truly exceeded all of my expectations.
– Robert M.
I recently had the pleasure of being assisted by Kristen Salonia regarding my employer’s registration and update. She was very helpful and asked open-ended questions in assisting me to get the answers needed for qualification. Her suggestions were very helpful and any part of the registration process that I wasn’t sure of – she ensured that repeated questions to her were easily explained. My company thanks her also for a tremendous and profound job so to that I say “Great Job” I am sure you are a great asset to your company.
– Jacquelyn C.
Kristen was very helpful and got everything processed very quickly. I could not have gotten this accomplished with out her.
– Joseph F.
Kristen is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and clearly loves her job. She made the process of renewing my SAM Registration easy and stress free. She also provided good advice about seeking out new opportunities.
– Carol G.
Kristen Salonia was super helpful and went above and beyond what I was expecting. Instead of pushing everything back onto me, she took on some things that made this first time experience for me a very smooth one.
– Marcus S.
Kristen was extremely professional and courteous. Typically, in the government registration process, it can be a burdensome lengthy task; she made the process simple and relaxing with a quick turnaround with our response, resolving issues in an expedient timeframe.
– Ed H.
Kristen was awesome, and she really helped us through the process.
– Craig H.
I was very fortunate to work with Kristen Salonia, who was very professional and personal as well as efficient, helpful, and had a lot of patience. It was a pleasure working with Kristen.
– Barb P.
Kristen Salonia help with our SAM Registration was invaluable. Kristen was very responsive, kept us informed, and exhibited the highest degree of professionalism. USFCR should be proud to have Kristen part of the team!
– Will D.
Kristen was very helpful throughout the application process. The process may be a little confusing to some people, but her help made it a lot easier.
– Jae K.
USFCR is very helpful and friendly. I would recommend everyone speak to them directly if they need any help, especially with Kristen. She went above and beyond to help us get things done with our application. I would work with her again in the future.
– Dana C.
Kristen S. was very patient and helpful.
– Marvin M.
I had the absolute best professional and customer service experience with Kristen S.-S. at the Federal Contractors Registration. She expedited our registration process under stressful circumstances for my firm. She was highly communicative, informed and results oriented. Without Kristen’s expertise we would not have met a very tight deadline and would have lost out on a significant opportunity to bid on services we have been the subcontractor on for seven years. I give her the highest ratings one could give. She truly exceeded all of my expectorations.
– Robert M., from Mines and Associates, Inc.
I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance with the vendor who choose your services in assisting with their SAM registration. I was able to process the Purchase Order yesterday, and knowing how our system works, I will say it was indeed a lot sooner than if they would of done the registration themselves.
– Rita Mills, Purchasing Agent, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Thank you so much for your help getting Fargo Colonial, LLC registered in SAM with a CAGE Code so quickly! I understand it’s a super busy time of year with probably lots of requests coming in, but you were able to get them added very quickly, [saving] us a lot of time. I know that Leo Lopez at the Grande Colonial is also very appreciative of your hard work and professionalism. Thanks again
– Patrick Curry, Contract Specialists, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
I’ve been working with Kristen Salonia and Brian Lewis at USFCR in the Simplified Acquisition Program for two years. They are very professional and personable, and will make the daunting world of federal contracting a smooth and seamless process. Kristen and Brian go the extra mile to make sure you understand everything involved in working with the federal government, and work tirelessly to give you and your company the opportunity to succeed. It is an honor and a privilege to work with such high caliber professionals.
– Belinda Bentley, Emergency Preparedness Solutions & Consulting LLC
I would like to say that Kristen Salonia was a great help with the transferring of our cage code. She new how much of a rush we had and work every hard to make sure it was done in time. Thank you Kristen.
– David Cochrane, Stratotech, LLC
The company that I work for Alphatec Spine we had to renew our SAM registration within the last week. As this is my first year being involved with this system and the processes. Kristen Salonia-Scheidell & Nicole Smith. Were very helpful, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that I understood the process and explained the various fees and amounts. They are both available when you call (not saying that aren’t working with other customers). But each time I have called I have actually had an opportunity to speak with them. They are both very responsive to any questions that I have asked. They both have made this entire process bearable and I feel more confident than I initially was when I received the notice that our SAM registration was about to expire. Thank you both so very much for your awesome customer service.
– Nakia Williams, Alphatec Spine, Inc.
Kristen Salonia was very helpful in explaining everything to me during the SAM Registration process. She even took the time to explain to me the step by step process after the registration is complete. As a novice to this process I do appreciate all the help she provided thus far.
– Naim Reza, Sparta Luxe, LLC
I have had the pleasure of working with Kristen Salonia-Scheidell for the last four weeks. She is efficient, professional and highly organized. I found her to be responsive, thoughtful and most helpful. She made this very onerous process easy for me. For that, I am extremely grateful! I highly recommend Kristen and the rest of her colleagues at USFCR. They are a practical, professional and highly skilled resource team working on behalf of my small business, giving me the confidence I need to succeed. I am very happy to have them as an extension of my team.
– Mari Anne Snow, Sophaya, Inc.
I had the pleasure of working with Kristen Salonia-Scheidell while renewing our registration. Kristen was extremely helpful during the entire process!
– Chelsea Sewell, Kent Manor Inn, LLC
I worked with Kristen Salonia-Scheidell over the course of 2 months to setup my DUNS Number, Cage code and WOSB. She was very knowledgeable, professional, responsive and efficient in my dealing with her.
– Tricia Shauger, TriBar Technologies, Inc.
Kristen was very helpful and very kind during the process of registration! Great service!
– Andrea Liz Reyes, Eco Building Solutions, Inc.
I worked with Kristen Salonia-Scheidell on updating my registration and she was very helpful, knowledgable and fast. Thank you!
– Kimy Durenne, Tri-M Technologies
Great experience Kristen Solonia was awesome and very helpful.
– Scott Reefe, Nutanix, Inc.
Kristen Salonia was very helpful, professional and responsive.
– Phlezette Watt, Cecil Green dba Y&G Contractors