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Marianne Swager

Acquisition Specialist

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Marianne Swager is a US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist and Small Business Development Expert that has made an enormous impact in world of government contracting. As one of the top Government qualifiers and Licensed Public Notary in the state of Florida, Marianne brings her vast knowledge of government documents to the table in every, single council session she conducts. She has over 25 years of bank experience as a Vice President, with a concentration in small business loans, retirement planning, marketing and strategic business planning. Marianne specializes in not only the System for Award Management (SAM) registration, VetBiz, and WOSB, but also more intricate federal registrations like 8(a), HUBZone, DAPA, WAWF and GSA Schedules. Her list of media accolades includes Colleges/Universities, Fortune 500 companies and Mom & Pop shops. Marianne has been awarded multiple Customer Service Awards and a Client Retention Award.

Swager is also verified to conduct the necessary training, certifying and in-depth enrollment into the Simplified Acquisition Program. Greater details of the Simplified Acquisition Program can be viewed at


  • 2016 – Third Place 2016 – New Business Development Award (Most New Clients)
  • 2016 – Major Account Sales Award
  • 2015 – The Customer Service Award
  • 2015 – The Technology Sales Award
  • 2015 – The Major Account Sales Award (GSA and GSAP)

Key Clients






Media Accolades

Marianne Swager’s Client Holland LP Received Federal Contract

Turn Key Solutions of Louisiana, Inc. Wins $18k DOC Contract

Eamon Chase, Inc. Receives $86,000 Contract from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Convenient Lifestyles Moving, Inc Secures a Federal Contract While Enrolled in the Simplified Acquisition Program

KAT Industries, Inc. Receives US Army Corps of Engineers Contract


“Our acquisition team, Marianne Swager and Wendy Coutinho, have been very inspirational and a big part of our success in completing in the federal marketplace,” said owner Eddie R. Fentry. “Without their assistance and support, we’d still be spinning our wheels searching for federal contracts and trying to understand the contracting process.”

– Eddie R. Fentry, Owner, E Cyber 7 Technologies, LLC

“US Federal Contractor Registration and Marianne have helped review my proposals prior to my submitting them, and are a big part of why Eamon Chase has been awarded several federal contracts.”

– Brett Sanborn, Owner, Eamon Chase, Inc.

“We didn’t know what we were doing until I started working with Marianne Swager of US Federal Contractor Registration. She taught me how to put together an aggressive bid, and she also reviewed my bid before I submitted it.”

– Andrew Brewer, President, Turn Key Services of Louisiana, LLC

“Marianne was very informative and available when we needed to speak with her directly. She was very helpful.”

– Jeremy Ice, Controller, KAT Industries, Inc.

“My local USDA told me I could easily complete my SAM Registration on my own, but they didn’t tell me how to do it. I tried several times, but it was clear that I needed help. Marianne was as helpful as she could be, and handled my registration. Thanks to her, my registration is complete.”

– Morris Taylor

“I contacted Marianne Swager of US Federal Contractor Registration for assistance in finding an approved vendor to use for a luncheon at the VA. Marianne was very helpful in assisting me, and even pulled up the qualified vendors list and sent it to me via email. I would recommend Marianne as a helpful source in working with vendors and procurement officers, in navigating the federal contracting system.”

– Laurie Arnold M. S., CRC, Vocational Specialist, ASPIRE Center VA San Diego Healthcare System

“Marianne, thank you for your assistance with locating CAGE Code information I will be able to continue to use the websites you provided to me.”

– Sharon Sanders, NAVSEA PHDNSWC Infrastructure Support Branch, United States Navy