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Melissa Baum

Senior Case Manager

Melissa Baum, a case manager with US Federal Contractor Registration since April 2015, works closely with our clients, making sure their registrations are current, correct, and updated. Contractors with registrations that are not current, correct, and updated risk missing out on payments for contracts and grants, “because there is a lot of information and questions in the DFAR and FAR clauses that have to be answered correctly, and a lot of people don’t know where to start with the process and can get very frustrated because there is no assistance from the government in terms of registering in the System for Award Management.”

Her advice for new contractors or even contractors who are looking to grow their government business? Use the tools and guidance available to you, such as from your case manager and acquisition specialist, to make sure you know when opportunities are available, how to correctly bid, and how to make sure contracting officers know about you and your business.

Melissa received her Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies in December 2013 from Harrison College in Indiana.

“I am always available to my clients and follow-up with them to make sure their questions are answered quickly and efficiently,” Melissa says. “I enjoy helping others and use my legal experience to make sure all legal information is provided and answered correctly.”


I am writing this review in to show how efficient Melissa Baum of USFCR was in supporting Imaginetics LLC north to get signed back up with our SAM registration. She was a very professional individual to work and was able to answer all of my questions off of the top of her head, She stayed on task and once our registration was submitted it was hours, not days before she informed me that our company was complete and registered for another year. Surveys and registration can be very painful and time consuming and working with Melissa was just the opposite. I believe if other companies exerted the effort shown by Melissa surveys and registrations would be looked upon in a entirely new light.
- Mark Bentley
Overall experience has been very positive, walked us thru the SAM registration process as needed.
- Cheuk Shian, ThinkLite LLC
A big thanks to Melissa Baum for helping with the SAM registration process. Melissa was incredibly efficient, patient, and highly professional. The entire process only took a few days from submitting our information to the activation of our SAM Registration. Definitely recommended!
- Tanya Nascimento, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Melissa Baum was incredibly helpful with our registration, as we are a new contractor and really needed the support.
- Heather Lusk, Community Health Outreach Work to Prevent AIDS
The service I received was fantastic. Very quick to help with any questions I had and get me through the process.
- Mary Fruit, PLF Total Tree Care, LLC
Our company was treated very well during the entire registration process. I am already referring friends and other associates. Thanks, Melissa Baum.
- Gerald Fisher
Melissa Baum followed through on our registration process efficiently, after a phone appointment. She was professional and business like, and a please to work with. US Federal Contractor Registration’s process is efficient and less cumbersome than dealing directly with most governments sites.
- Roger Harned, Firstlight Homecare Franchising, LLC
This is a very dynamic group with highly efficient processes employed to achieve client goals. Highly recommended.
- Ruth Ibanez, Black Gold Technologies
My questions and concerns were answered in a courteous and timely manner.
- Linda Main, Lackey Grading Co., Inc.
Great support via e-mail on submitting requests and helping us through the registration process.
- Chris Hill, Diamondback Mechanical Group Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration, LLC
I was very pleased with the service of this company and how they expedited our file. We recommended them to several other professionals.
- Sam Mawardi, Restore Dry, LLC
USFCR has been a very good company to work with, very helpful with teaching me things I need to know, and helpful in helping me get my business started.
- Daniel Chavez, DLC Tree Cutters
I had a very good experience with my rep, Melissa, and the process of renewing for SAM. She was responsive and resourceful. We had an issue from an old registration that had to be resolved, and she worked through it in a timely fashion. I was very pleased, and I would use them again.
- Steve Brilex, Brilex Industries, Inc.
Melissa was excellent in her communication and follow-up.
- Deb Moeller, Focal Therapeutics, Inc.
We worked with Melissa Baum to set up our SAM registration. She also answered all questions that we had in an efficient and timely manner. She went above and beyond to make sure we were registered and all of our questions were met. She made the process much easier and we were thankful to work with her.
- Jenny Kent, Veriforce, LLC
US Federal Contractor Registration provided expert, responsive, and reliable service in setting up my business in the System for Award Management (SAM). All work was done efficiently and effectively, and communications were clear and concise.
- Gerard Giudici, Barden Brook Capital, LLC
US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. was very easy and friendly. They were very helpful and made all steps easy for set up.
- Ruben Urbina, Automatic Access Solutions, LLC
Melissa Baum at US Federal Contractor Registration was my case manager. This process can be confusing, and she was very helpful. Ms. Baum simplified things for me to understand, guided me through the steps, and always answered every question that I had. She was a valuable asset in getting our business registered.
- Jill Lerille, Velvet Pines Developers, LLC
We just completed the process of registration with US Federal Contractor Registration. Case Manager Melissa Baum has been helpful throughout the process, and, in my opinion, went above and beyond in the assistance provided. Furthermore, the use of their website was an additional positive addition to the experience.
- Marc Clark, Federal Express Corporation
I have been very pleased with Ms. Baum’s professional, timely, and accurate performance in handling our school’s renewal each year. No complaints - just a satisfied customer.
- Russell Marino, Hosanna Christian Academy
Melissa Baum did a great job for me!
- John Whitney, Whitney Appraisal Associates, Inc.
So far so good. They have been most helpful, experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. I thought to pursue government contracts on my own, but after I started the process, I realized it would benefit me greatly to get an expert in the subject, processes, and procedures. They are friendly, patient, and speak to you at your level.
- Wanda Parham, JPS Garage, Inc.
Superb. The representative, Melissa Baum, was thoughtful, knowledgeable, patient, and very gracious.
- C. A. Pool
Was given assistance in getting our company re-registered, and she was fantastic. Stayed in touch through the process. Provided updates and confirmed when it was done. Didn’t take very long, and really appreciated having someone who knows what they’re doing to take the burden off of our company. Highly recommend using them!
- Nancy Marks, Starnet Data Design, Inc.
Very professional and helpful. Would definitely recommend. Experience very good.
- James Whelehan, Innovative Technology, Inc.
Melissa Baum, Case Manager with US Federal Contractor Registration made the process painless! She was quick, efficient, patient and VERY helpful. Without her managing our renewal process I would have been lost and frustrated. THANKS MELISSA, your help was fabulous!
- Kortni Grett, Grand Mesa Motorsport, LLC
If it wasn’t for the help from this company I would have been lost. A special thanks to Melissa Baum.
- Vicente Montano
Submitted a SAM registration and it was the best experience I have had. I was assigned a Case Manager (Melissa) who was incredibly helpful and responsive.
- Michelle Tomberlin, Joint Integrity Solutions, LLC
Melissa Baum, an employee with US Federal Contractor Registration, was very professional and quick returning emails and phone calls. She made my experience with US Federal Contractor a joy. I would refer Melissa to all family and friends looking to start a business in contracting. Thanks, Melissa, you rock!!!
- Andrew Fulbright, Dirt Boys Excavation
Very helpful, replied in a timely manner, and they were able to work through all our problems for us.
- Lisa Foster Jacks, County of Ashley
They have been very helpful and responded quickly to any requests.
- Dale Hirokowa, Medical Consultants Network, Inc. dba MCN Healthcare
Easy to work with and very helpful.
- Morgan Whalen-Fabber, Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Residence Inn dba Residence Inn
Melissa Baum did a great job of assisting me in getting through the required paperwork, which was the first time I had filled these forms out and found myself confused.
- Kirk Rottschafer, 3765 Broadmoor, LLC
Melissa Baum was our case manager, and she always responded promptly to my “muddy water” emails. I so appreciate having someone like this to work with.
- Billye Smith, Nueces Canyon School District
Melissa Baum and Jessica Summers are to be commended. They were exemplary examples of Case Management at it’s finest. They worked as a team to assist me in setting the right channels in motion. Navigating the process can be daunting, especially as we had a turnover in staff and no one knew that anyone had started this process at a earlier time. Thanks for the professional and prompt assistance!
- Brenda Johnson, Aase Haugen Homes, Inc.
[Working with US Federal Contractor Registration] was a positive and easy way to become registered as a federal contractor.
- Robert Kern, Little River Tree Farm, LLC
Melissa Baum was exceptional in assisting me with the fish food bid. She explained and walked me through what I encountered as an extremely difficult process. I may not be able to complete the bid as I wait 10 days for acceptance of my registration, however Melissa made it a more palatable experience.
- George Demos, Nelson & Sons, Inc.
The process to register with USFCR was easy, especially with the assistance of Melissa Baum, Case Manager.
- Emile Young, Drs. Combs and Lutz, LLC
It was a very simple process dealing with Melissa.
- Tammy Glawson, Tim Baker Auto Repair
I worked with Melissa Baum, a case manager at US Federal Contract Registration, recently. Our organization needed to expedite the process of receiving a SAM number. She was wonderful. She understood the time sensitivity of our need and worked with us to acquire a SAM number with professionalism and urgency. I am pleased with her professionalism, timeliness and courtesy to me!
- Lauren Brooks, Rocketown of Middle Tennessee
Very helpful and responsive!
- Chris Chapman, Hasten Energy Solutions LLC
Melissa Baum,my case manager at US Federal Contractor Registration, took the worry and additional work out of my day, so I can focus on making my business successful.
- Rich Hanlin, Heritage Facilities Maintenance Company
Melissa Baum from USFCR was very helpful with the registration process. I would recommend her to help you with your registration. Great service.
- Ruth Castro, Rocha Plumbing, Incorporated
USFCR has amazing customer service and is very helpful with any questions or concerns.
- Cristal Perez, HEP Pharmacy, Inc.
Melissa Baum was a great help in getting the paperwork done for our company and helping me through the process. Now with the renewal this year, she has come to my aid again. Very nice to have them on our side.
- Art Wawrzyniak, KAH2O 2nd Avenue, LLC
I worked with Melissa Baum as my case manager at US Federal Contractor Registration, When I recently changed the company name, she was incredible to work with! The first registration went smoothly, but when I attempted to change the company name in SAM without help, I quickly realized I should have reached out to Melissa. After emailing Melissa for help, the change was effortless on my end. She walked me through everything and made the process tremendously easy.
- Scott Ingram, Intrinsic, LLC
Melissa Baum made this process seamless. Once we completed the necessary beginning paperwork, she took it from there and only forwarded us the progress as she completed everything.
- Jess Camera, Shippers Highway Express, Inc.
Melissa Baum, Case Manager with US Federal Contractor Registration, has been very knowledgeable, and helpful.
- Rebecca Rose, Marine Magnetics, Inc.
Melissa Baum provided excellent and very timely service to get Innu-Science USA registered. It was a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend this professional service.
- Desmond Parker, Innu-Science USA
I found them to be highly responsive and easy to work with. Melissa Baum’s experience in the process make a big difference in us getting our registration completed quickly.
- Jim Moore, Trustpoint Translations, Inc.
We recently renewed our Federal Contractor Registration utilizing US Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. Our Case Manager, Melissa Baum, was extremely helpful and timely. The whole process was painless, and we are very pleased with the outcome.
- Kathryn Pikosky, EAO Switch Corporation
Melissa and her team are terrific. They take care of all of the details and make the experience an easy one. I appreciate their efforts because, without their assistance, I would have likely let this fall through the cracks for lack of time. Definitely a blessing.
- Rob Stark, Bluechip Technologies, LLC
Love working with Melissa at US Federal Contractor. She makes keeping track of our account easy and quick!
- Antionette Gonzales, Aries Charter Transportation, Inc. dba Aries Travel
Melissa Baum performed an outstanding performance with helping RSM Geospatial, Inc. register into the System for Awards Management. Great, precise, and professional. Great job, Thank You Melissa!
- Darin Ray, RSM Geospatial, Inc.
Pleasant and quick to respond.
- Brenda Hines, Sheehy Ford of Springfield, Inc. dba Sheehy Ford of Springfield
Melissa Baum did a fine job of assisting me to work through registering in SAM.
- Tom Evert, Washington State Hospital Association
The service was very fast! Melissa Baum is very knowledgeable and professional! I would highly recommend her!
- Larry Green, The Elevation Foundation
It was a pleasure updating and having USFCR assist me in taking care of getting everything submitted correctly. I didn’t have to take the time out of my busy schedule.
- Sandy West, Puritas Metal Products, Inc.
Worked with Melissa Baum, and everything went extremely well and simple. She was attentive to all the steps, and that is exactly what we hoped to get.
- James Egarian, MedVantage, Inc.
Melissa Baum was extremely helpful in completing what I needed to do to renew my SAM registration. She answered all of my questions, and explained things in a manner that was easy to understand. She is awesome, and I hope that I get to continue to work with her in the future.
- Kerry Prine, Certified Medical Systems II, Inc.
Very efficient and friendly response.
- John Slater, Slater Endoscopy
Melissa was very helpful to guide us through the Federal Registration Process and help to maintain our SAM registration
- Gary Chimkin, Springshare, LLC
Case Manager Melissa Baum was a life saver in registering us in the System for Award Management. Our non-profit was required to complete this process for a grant, and I had never heard of SAM before. Melissa answered all of my questions and handled the entire process for me in no time at all, allowing our company to submit the needed paperwork for our grant. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have been assigned this case manager to help me for the next year, and I highly recommend doing business with US Federal Contractor Registration as a result of my positive experience with Melissa!
- Jessica Wilson Epps, Augusta Stepping Stones to Recovery
I found this service to be useful, and the service by Melissa Baum to be quick and helpful.
- Thomas Vehe, WaterRock Environmental, Inc.
Ms. Melissa B. helped me obtain my SAM number. She pleasantly walked me through the process. Without her help, I would have been hopelessly lost. If all employees were as easy to work with, life would be much more pleasant.
- Henry D.
Melissa helped me obtain my SAM Registration. She pleasantly walked me through the process. Without her help, I would have been hopelessly lost. If all employees were as easy to work with, life would be much more pleasant.
- Henry D.
They always answer my questions.
- Victoria Marr, Make a Difference Landscaping
I want to thank you for all of your help and assistance. I could have never completed this on my own. You were kind and patient. You did a fantastic job. Thank you so much.
- Henry E. Dunigan, Mayor, Black Oak, Arkansas.
“I would really like to thank Melissa B. and Nicole S. for your assistance in this matter. You both made the process very easy and understandable.”
- Marraya B., National Consortium of TASC, Inc., dba National TASC
“Melissa Baum was a godsend for our woman-owed agency. She helped us fix a big mistake on our end, led us carefully through the process, and kept us informed every step of the way. We are grateful to have worked with her, and look forward to keeping in touch with her as well!”
- Jennifer Deare, DMI Holdings, Inc.