Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith - USFCR

Nicole Smith

Senior Acquisition Specialist

Nicole Smith is a skilled Acquisition Specialist with US Federal Contractor Registration. Known for her amazing customer service and expert knowledge in the field of government acquisition, Nicole is dedicated to her clients and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are successful. Before working with a client Nicole Smith conducts technical assistance meetings to assess a business’s federal presence along with chances for success. She will find out if a business qualifies for any federal set-asides, which marketing programs would best suite their business model and discover agency-spending trends among Federal buyers. Nicole Smith has a rapid expanding client base due to her love for Federal acquisition and helping small businesses thrive in the federal marketplace. She has managed to help her clients win millions of dollars in new revenue thanks to her customized government marketing campaigns. She is a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a degree in Psychology, which has helped her connect with business owners when developing brand awareness campaigns to partner with federal officials. She is an expert in simplified acquisition contracts, micro-purchases, sealed bidding, and procurement outreach marketing. Some of her accolades include multiple Client Retention Awards along with Customer Service Awards.

Nicole is also approved by US Federal Contractor Registration to train, mentor and enroll businesses in the Simplified Acquisition Program, as seen at

Client Success Stories

Sandhills Utility Services LLC was awarded in October 2018 a contract worth $1,038,127 by the Army for equipment repair and maintenance.
Organizational Strategies, Inc. was awarded in July 2018 a contract worth $5,136,689 by U.S. Customs for general management consulting services.
West-Com & TV Inc was awarded in September 2017 a contract worth $508,098 by the VA for nurse call system upgrades.
Darling Ingredients Inc was awarded in January 2018 a contract worth $34,800 by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for BSE sample collections.
Vrable III Inc was awarded in January 2018 a contract worth $176,169 by the VA for home care nursing services.
Interlife Industries Inc was awarded in April 2017 a contract worth $232,200 by the VA for elevator maintenance.
Systems Kinetics Integration Inc was awarded in January 2018 a contract worth $80,950 by the VA for educational software.
Air Training Support Inc was awarded in May 2017 a contract worth $155,000 by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for simulator bay leasing, operations, and maintenance services.
Certified Air Contractors Inc was awarded in September 2016 a contract worth $63,707 by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for natural gas meter installations.
Vidoori Inc was awarded in September 2017 a contract worth $999,917 by the Navy for a risk management framework validator.
Aviation Power & Marine LLC was awarded in October 2017 a contract worth $83,349 by the DLA for a temperature indicator device. was awarded in December 2018 a contract worth $33,272 by the US Marshals Service for motor vehicle safety equipment.
Inter – State Oil Co was awarded in September 2016 a contract worth $100,000 by the Department of Energy for fuel support.
Biopsy Consultants LLC was awarded in February 2017 a contract worth $78,750 by the Indian Health Service for mobile biopsy services.
Formations Inc was awarded in September 2017 a contract worth $114, 938 and $86,011 by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to design indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Key Clients


I highly recommend SAM, we were a little skeptical because of the price but after finally deciding to go with it my agent is very helpful. I love her response time. Great move for Integrative Health!!!!
- Billing IH
I deal with two companies that now have used US Federal Contracting Registration, Inc. for quite a few years and want to say they are great to work with. Christine Jackson, Nicole Smith and Audrey MacBeth have all been there for everything I need. They make everything so easy and they get things accomplished promptly.
- Tryn H
Nicole, I just wanted to say a thank you for helping with our business needs. It was the very best move that I made when I was able to start working with you.
- Vicki F
Christie and Nicole are easy to work with, helpful and responsive. Always a pleasure to work with this ladies!
- Sara J
Bay Metals & Fabrication has worked with Nicole Smith for many years with our SAMS account. She has always been professional and knows exactly what to do and how to help you if you have any problems during the process. She is always pleasant and goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is a great asset and I plan to do more business in the future with her.
- Margaret M
Appreciate the great and prompt help from Kristen Salonia-Scheidell and Nicole for the renewal of our Very helpful and prompt. Torax Medical, Inc.
- LeAnn B
Both Nicole and Kristin answered all of my questions, processed my app and were able to come up with custom subscription solutions that best serve my business needs.
- Carley H
Great Job!
- Cathy P
Very supportive and helpful and give clear information for any inquiry also the response is on time thanks to all team specially Ms. Christie and Ms. Nicole really appreciate your support at each step with any new rules to be followed.
- Suraa A
I am writing to commend Ms. Nicole Smith who went above and beyond to assist me in a SAM renewal matter. She was highly professional, extremely competent, and was outstanding in all aspects. She represents her agency in the best possible way. Just today (June 9) I had occasion to interact with Ms. Smith. She was again immediately responsive, professional, and an outstanding problem solver. She is really great at what she does. Furthermore, I omitted praising Kristen Salonia, who is awesome! Kristen provided answers to all my questions, did so amazingly fast, and created the most positive and reassuring experience. She was fantastic. I have worked with Kristen the past two years intermittently and each time the experience has been delightful!
- Sandra H
Everything went smooth. Nicole Smith was very helpful.
- Gilad L
I have been dealing with this company for over three years. Every year it just gets easier. They are very helpful, especially year one, when we were without any knowledge.
- Kate A
I have had great success changing our company name this year in the SAM database, with excellent help and assistance from Nicole Smith. She has always gone above and beyond to always satisfy and help the customer.
- Margaret M
[We received] excellent results with good response, and they made the work flow easy.
- Suraa A
I would really like to thank Melissa B. and Nicole S. for your assistance in this matter. You both made the process very easy and understandable.
- Marraya B
I am writing to commend the assistance of Nicole Smith in the matter of my renewing a SAM registration. In the past, Ms. Smith has been of the utmost assistance in walking me through the initial process. This year when the renewal was due, Ms. Smith was again highly professional and helpful. Because of an error I made, my account was charged for a five-year renewal. This was extremely distressing to me, because of my partners’ reactions. Ultimately, Ms. Smith was significantly helpful in remediating the situation and alleviating my concerns. Her response in all circumstances was extremely fast and entirely helpful. I want to commend her highly professional demeanor and willingness to go above and beyond to assist a client. I anticipate many future renewals with her.
- Sandra H
I want to express my deep gratitude for your assistance earlier today with the process of getting our organization on its way to being registered with and You were patient, thorough, knowledgeable, and able to help me and my colleague at the International Foundation for Science (based in Stockholm) make progress on our efforts to respond to a notice of funding opportunity with the US Government.
- William S
The company that I work for Alphatec Spine we had to renew our SAM registration within the last week. As this is my first year being involved with this system and the processes. Kristen Salonia-Scheidell & Nicole Smith. Were very helpful, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that I understood the process and explained the various fees and amounts. They are both available when you call (not saying that aren’t working with other customers). But each time I have called I have actually had an opportunity to speak with them. They are both very responsive to any questions that I have asked. They both have made this entire process bearable and I feel more confident than I initially was when I received the notice that our SAM registration was about to expire. Thank you both so very much for your awesome customer service.
- Nakia W
Nicole Smith handled my federal contractor registration and did an excellent job for me. She is hard-working and very knowledgeable in her field, and still advises me from time to time.
- Cephas E
I would really like to thank Nicole S. for [making] the process very easy and understandable.
- Marrya B
Nicole has been very helpful in the advancement and presentation of my company. Ms. S. has shown exemplary and profound understanding in being able to advice and assist the marketability of my company.
- Manuel V