Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith - US Federal Contractor Registration

Nicole Smith

Acquisition Specialist

Nicole Smith is a skilled Acquisition Specialist with US Federal Contractor Registration. Known for her amazing customer service and expert knowledge in the field of government acquisition, Nicole is dedicated to her clients and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are successful. Before working with a client Nicole Smith conducts technical assistance meetings to assess a business’s federal presence along with chances for success. She will find out if a business qualifies for any federal set-asides, which marketing programs would best suite their business model and discover agency-spending trends among Federal buyers. Nicole Smith has a rapid expanding client base due to her love for Federal acquisition and helping small businesses thrive in the federal marketplace. She has managed to help her clients win millions of dollars in new revenue thanks to her customized government marketing campaigns. She is a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a degree in Psychology, which has helped her connect with business owners when developing brand awareness campaigns to partner with federal officials. She is an expert in simplified acquisition contracts, micro-purchases, sealed bidding, and procurement outreach marketing. Some of her accolades include multiple Client Retention Awards along with Customer Service Awards.

Nicole is also approved by US Federal Contractor Registration to train, mentor and enroll businesses in the Simplified Acquisition Program, as seen at


  • 2016 – President’s Award
  • 2016 – Third Place Technology Sales Award (Most Website Clients)
  • 2016 – First Place Customer Service Award (Lowest Cancels)
  • 2016 – First Place Client Retention Award (Most Renewals)
  • 2015 – The Client Retention Award


The company that I work for Alphatec Spine we had to renew our SAM registration within the last week. As this is my first year being involved with this system and the processes. Kristen Salonia-Scheidell & Nicole Smith. Were very helpful, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that I understood the process and explained the various fees and amounts. They are both available when you call (not saying that aren’t working with other customers). But each time I have called I have actually had an opportunity to speak with them. They are both very responsive to any questions that I have asked. They both have made this entire process bearable and I feel more confident than I initially was when I received the notice that our SAM registration was about to expire. Thank you both so very much for your awesome customer service.– Nakia Williams, Alphatec Spine, Inc.

Nicole Smith handled my federal contractor registration and did an excellent job for me. She is hard-working and very knowledgeable in her field, and still advises me from time to time. — Cephas Edwin Banrard, Jr., LACE Independent Travel President and Owner

I would really like to thank Nicole S. for [making] the process very easy and understandable. — Marrya B., National Consortium of TASC, Inc. dba National TSAC

Nicole has been very helpful in the advancement and presentation of my company. Ms. S. has shown exemplary and profound understanding in being able to advice and assist the marketability of my company. — Manuel V., Vee Enterprise