Rania Farah

Rania Farah - USFCR

Rania Farah

Acquisition Specialist

Throughout her career, Farah has been dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. That’s why she makes a great fit at US Federal Contractor Registration as an Acquisition Specialist. In the past, she has worked as a banker and mortgage loan officer.

Just as she has helped plenty of prospective homeowners navigate the process of obtaining a mortgage, she is now helping business navigate the government contracting sector. Results-driven and a great listener, she wants to help you reach your desired results as conveniently and seamlesslyas possible.

Farah holds a bachelor degree in business management. She enjoys spending her free time with her three children. All three of them are currently in school and her daughter was accepted into law school. She alsoenjoys snow skiing and jet skiing. Her favorite motto for success is simply, “Live and let live.”