Robert Renzella

Robert Renzella - USFCR

Robert Renzella

Acquisition Specialist

Robert combines traditional marketing and branding processes with outside-of-the-box strategies. With this approach, he is able to form the long-term business relationships necessary for his clients to succeed. As a former business owner with over 20 years of customer service experience along with 16 years in sales and marketing, Robert understands the pressure his clients face each and every day to succeed.

A former restaurateur, Robert's modus operandi focuses on the importance of building brand recognition through a clear, concise, and consistent presentation of his clients’ core competencies and differentiators. By blending his experience with a proven and concise methodology, Robert consistently delivers results for his clients.

A proud father and coal miner's son, Robert learned the value of hard work at an early age, working in the fields of his family's farm in the mountains of West Virginia. He attended West Virginia University along with Saint Petersburg College. To him, family is everything. He enjoys spending his free time with them along with playing guitar and singing at various music venues. One of his favorite hobbies is hunting for vintage and antique items to collect as well as resell. When it comes to motivation, his favorite quote is from Steve Jobs with, “If you really look closely, most overnight success took a long time.”

Client Success Stories

The Grounds Guys of Mt. Lebanon Wins $116K Army Contract

The Grounds Guys of Mt. Lebanon, a woman-owned small business servicing Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, announced this week that it received a contract worth $116,226 from the U.S. Army Engineer District, Pittsburgh.

Top Rate Express Services, LLC Wins First Contract

Top Rate Express Services, LLC primarily services clients in Atlanta and Cobb County, Georgia, but is able to provide services anywhere in the United States. It helps its clients identify and address freight issues, problems, and opportunities, and, drawing information from several sources, helps clients develop appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

Scam Alert: Fraud Procurement Officer Almost Scams Maryland-Based Business Out of $22,000

When business owner Maryjoe Phillips of Paratus Unlimited, Inc entered the federal marketplace at no point did she think she would encounter a cyber scam. Most companies fail to take into account that there are scams that pose as Procurement Officers and Government Buyers in an effort to steal from innocent federal contractors. Government contracting can be a difficult field for businesses that are completely brand new to the topic. Experienced government contractors know that winning your first government contract can mean all the world to a business. Once the first contact is awarded and past performance is established businesses have an easier time winning more contacts in the future. Which made this possible contract deal for Paratus Unlimited, Inc much more tempting.