Wendy Coutinho

Wendy Coutinho - US Federal Contractor Registration

Wendy Coutinho

Acquisition Assistant


For more than one year, Wendy Coutinho has enjoyed building relationships with the clients she serves. From helping them complete their initial System for Award Management (SAM) Registration and then renew the Registration, to helping them put in place methods of getting access to no-bid contracts and GSA Schedules, Wendy’s clients often tout their friendly rapport and cite it for why they work with USFCR. She says that making sure her clients know there’s a real person on the other end of the phone who actually cares, and not someone out to meet a quota, is why she is excited each day at work. “If they succeed, then we’ve succeeded,” says Wendy. “It’s as simple as that.”


Thank you for the awesome “love” that you showed us today during the conference call. I have worked many years with professionals from all walks of life, and you made us feel very welcomed in the USFCR family. Looking forward to a long and prosperous future together.
— Trent Stevens, Greer Consulting, Inc.

“Our acquisition team, Marianne Swager and Wendy Coutinho, have been very inspirational and a big part of our success in completing in the federal marketplace,” said owner Eddie R. Fentry. “Without their assistance and support, we’d still be spinning our wheels searching for federal contracts and trying to understand the contracting process.”

– Eddie R. Fentry, Owner, E Cyber 7 Technologies, LLC