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USFCR Verified Vendor SealImportant Notice to Registered Vendors: When posted to a website, email or other internet based application the US Federal Contractor Registration Verified Vendor seal must be linked to the website in order to be considered valid. Use of the seal on a website, email or other internet based application without linking to this website is not authorized. If your seal is not properly linked, call (877) 252-2700 ext 2 for help correctly linking your seal.

The US Federal Contractor Registration Verified Vendor seal is presented to vendors after a case manager has helped them prepare their SAM Registration or Renewal. The seal notifies contracting officers and other clients that the vendor’s registration is complete and free from errors.

The Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center estimates that “as many as 20 percent of the over 600,000 firms presently registered in CCR have mistakes in their records.” These mistakes include such errors as misspellings, omitted information or incorrect information and all have the potential of disqualifying a vendor from being awarded a contract. Many mistakes are the result of a rushed and poorly prepared registration by an inexperienced business owner trying to meet deadlines to bid on contracts or receive payments.

Registration with a US Federal Contractor Registration case manager helps businesses avoid these problems. The Verified Vendor seal assists government contractors by setting them apart from other businesses whose registration may or may not be valid.

When added to the vendor’s website, email signature or other web based applications, contracting officers can click the image to verify the vendor’s eligibility for federal contracts. The appropriate code for linking the seal is only provided to properly registered vendors; therefore only linked seals are recognized as valid.

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