Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) & iRAPT Registration

WAWF is now iRAPT

On November 3, 2014 the Department of Defense (DoD) transitioned from the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) to the Invoice, Receipt, Acceptance, Property Transfer (iRAPT) system. iRAPT is an online invoicing system allowing government vendors to submit their federal contracting invoices and receipts. The goal of this system is to create an organized, paperless environment for vendors selling goods and services to the DoD.

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What is iRAPT?

The purpose of iRAPT is to send invoices and receive reports to and from government agencies. Registering for iRAPT will speed up the process of being paid by the federal government once you have completed a contract. This system allows contractors to electronically send and track invoices to contracting officers which permits prompt payment for services rendered.

Government agencies such as the Department of Defense (DoD) use WAWF/iRAPT to ensure they send registered government contractors timely payments when a solicitation has been completed.

If you have an active CAGE code, you can sign up for iRAPT.

Benefits of iRAPT

If you are working with the DoD, you must be registered in iRAPT (as stated in DFAR clause 252.232.7003). If you work on a DoD contract without iRAPT you will not be paid. The benefits of using iRAPT are:

  • Quick and accurate payment processing
  • Document accuracy and organization
  • Global accessibility of documents
  • Immediate feedback when documents are rejected

With WAWF/iRAPT, a government contractor can even correct or resubmit rejected documents, receive email notifications of awaiting actions and view their status history with each federal agency for which they have conducted business.

Getting Registered in iRAPT

Your iRAPT links directly to your CAGE code so if you keep your SAM registration active, you will be able to keep your iRAPT account. If your registration expires, you will need a new CAGE code and have to re-apply for iRAPT access.

Our iRAPT Registration process includes the following:

  • WAWF/iRAPT account activation
  • Invoice method determination
  • Government POC coordination
  • Invoice tracking application creation
  • CPU guideline set up

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